Thursday, July 13, 2017

Here's How The DOE Policy Changed On ATR Hiring.

I have received and digested  Randy Asher's webinar and I believe this is how the DOE policy on ATRs changed. According to the webinar, there will be no ATR incentive for the 2017-18 school year.  In fact, principals and ATRs will be "forced placed", starting October 15, 2017.  Both the ATR and Principal will not have any say in the selection and placement of the ATR.  Moreover, once placed, the school will be responsible for the ATR's salary.  Only DOE Central can removed an ATR from the school and not the Principal.

Any provisionally placed ATR covering a vacancy, who receives an "effective" or higher rating, by observation, will automatically be permanently hired the next year, despite the wishes of the Principal or the ATR for that matter.  The school is responsible for the full salary of the ATR going forward.

The DOE will continue to retain separate lists for ATRs who were simply excessed and those who won their 3020-a termination hearing or received an "Unsatisfactory" rating.  The DOE will only select from the excessed list when possible and only from the other list when there is no available ATR from the excessed list.

Rotations will be limited and probably to the ATRs who are from the disciplinary list or who had issues in their assigned school.

According to the webinar, the last incentive saw 372 ATRs hired.  While I cannot prove it. since both the DOE and UFT keep their motives and methods secret.   I bet Mr. Asher is including the hiring of newly excessed young teachers in the second semester and the beginning of the summer hiring season as Principals were told well in advance of their reduced budgets and that they would be responsible for veteran ATR salaries, imposed on the school without any incentive..  Therefore, best to take the ATR incentive while obtaining a young and untenured ATR teacher rather than be stuck with a $108,000 veteran ATR..

The bottom line, no Principal will be giving a veteran ATR an "effective" or higher rating, unless the school is a high teacher turnover hellhole that no veteran ATR wants.  The best most of us can expect in the observation portion will be "developing".


Anonymous said...

There will be less than 50 vacancies city wide by 10/15, and most of those will be for maternity, sabbaticals and medical leaves. No principal wants to be saddled with our high salaries.

Anonymous said...

There will be very few ATRs placed because of our salaries and individual school budgets. I don't understand all the fear - take the 50 K if you're that afraid. (You will regret it, unless you're retiring anyway.) That's what the UFT/DOE hope you will do.

Anonymous said...

That webinar leads to many more questions. #1 Why wouldn't principals have a say in which ATR they are assigned? #2 If a school has to pay the mystery ATRS salary, if the school is operating on a deficit, where is the money coming from? #3 Why is there not a hiring freeze until all ATRS have a placement?

Anonymous said...

It's a scary scenario because this unwelcoming environment towards veteran staff lingers.

Anonymous said...

The NYShitty board of monkey turds is a mockery of what a decent professional organization should act like. I'm sorry I let myself become employed and hope for a quick and painless death. Our new ATR chief can kiss my ASSHER!!!