Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ATRs Do Not Even Need To Respond To Job Interviews Outside Their Borough.

Over the last two weeks I have received 8 job interviews for Earth Science positions.  They are from the Bronx (ugh), Brooklyn (scary), and Manhattan (no parking).  No job offer, mind you, just an interview.  Even if it was a job offer, I wouldn't take it out of Borough.  In addition, I received a job interview at William Cullen Bryant High School and since it occurs before the school year and the terrible reputation the school has, thanks to the Principal targeting veteran teachers, I also ignored that invitation as well.

There is a severe shortage of Earth Science teachers throughout the New York City school system and quite a few schools use uncertified teachers to teach the Regents course, unless the Superintendent requires the Principal to have all certified teachers for their Regents courses.  For years, when principals did as they pleased under the useless and money sucking Children First Networks,  the majority of schools had uncertified teachers teaching Regents courses. 

Unfortunately, many of us in the ATR pool will be "forced placed" by the DOE during the school year and if you have a license in Special Education, ESL, and Science, you are in danger of getting a "developing"  (if your lucky) or an :ineffective", so that the Principal is not stuck with your salary and seniority for years to come.

Remember, when the school year starts and out of Borough schools request your attendance at an interview, you can ignore their request, even if the District Representative encourages you to go to it.  Just say no, unless you really want the position..


Anonymous said...

Had an ATR friend from the Bronx who took a position in Queens, was excessed again after a couple of years and is now an ATR in Queens. Same thing happened to an ATR from Queens that now rotates in the Bronx. What's the deal with parking permits for ATRs? Anyone have any info?

Anonymous said...

To my understanding you don't have to interview at all.

I went on 3 this summer and didn't get a call back.

So now that it's the last week of August I will do the same to principals and not respond.

A uft rep recently told me it's 'not professional' to not respond. When I mentioned why do principals do it I got no answer

chris said...

Can you give a prediction of the uft teacher shortage in 5 years? Since a 1/3 of all uft teachers can retire in 5 yrs . That is insane number.

Chaz said...


If there is no recession, look for the teacher shortage to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Principals and many times assistant principals don't respond to emails from ATRs. It seems they are royalty or it's an evil plan to make ATRs feel inferior. Not working!

Anonymous said...

Chaz, please explain what you wrote about rating ESL,SpEd and Science.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the teacher shortage.

Anonymous said...

There is no teacher shortage.

This fake news comes from college presidents upset about their lower enrollment in teacher programs.

The doe hires 8000 teachers every year.