Sunday, August 13, 2017

New York Post Continues Their Anti-Teacher Crusade.

In Today's New York Post, columnist Ben Kochman  penned an article claiming that the teacher choice of $250 was an election year ploy.  This is the very same newspaper who objected to the 2014 contract as being too generous, that saw the DeBlasio administration give the retro payments that the Bloomberg administration withheld from educators, while approving them for most everybody else.  It mattered little to the newspaper that due to "pattern bargaining" arbitrators would have ruled that the City broke this agreement and the City would have to payout within two weeks close to 3 billion dollars.   Let's not forget how the newspaper opposed the parking permits to teachers when it was the Principal's union that won the lawsuit.

When back in 2007 the Bloomberg administration gave City school teachers $250 for the year, the New York Post saw no problem then.  Yet in 2017, with the City budget surplus ranging from 3 to 6 billion dollars and the recession a distant memory, the New York Post bashes Bill de Blasio for giving teachers the same $250 dollars that Bloomberg did a decade earlier.

Instead of making a media issue of teacher choice money that is used by the teacher to buy classroom supplies for their students, a worthy use of funds.  The New York Post should be exposing the administrative bloat at Tweed that funds questionable consultant contracts, lack of transparency at the DOE on how money is allocated, and the under funding of the schools.  Maybe the newspaper could investigate the large class sizes and school overcrowding that the DOE not only allows but encourages, or the DOE policies that incentivizes principals to "hire the cheapest and not the best teachers" for their schools that hurt student academic achievement.  Finally, the newspaper could do an expose on the many principals like Steve Dorcely who had little or no teaching experience and are running their schools into the ground.

This is the same newspaper that complained loudly about the City putting 400 certified and experienced ATR teachers back into the classroom while supporting SUNY's attempt to place uncertified college graduates, with no education experience into a classroom.  What a bunch of hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Umm, I do not think that DeBlasio is going to be getting a ton of teacher votes due to an increase in Teachers Choice money. Also, the fact that he "gave" us our parking permits back only happened because the CSA (Principals union) sued to get them back and they won. DeBlasio knew that the UFT would probably sue in the near future and win so he "gave" us the permits back. I am very happy for this but that does not mean I am going to vote for him.

Bronx ATR said...

Did any ATRs get parking permits? I got lots of tickets but no permit.

Anonymous said...

Our whole building (at least 90 teachers, has to share a handful of such permits. The rotation is so long, no one even bothers anymore. We just put our DOE IDs on our dash. Seems to work fine.

Anonymous said...

There has always been a crusade against teachers... when has it stopped? '

Indee One