Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Carmen Farina's Flunky, Amiee Horowitz, Gets A New Job.

Amiee Horowitz a close colleague of Chancellor Carmen Farina was rewarded by the outgoing Chancellor by being appointed to lead an initiative to help schools who share buildings.  To me it appears the Chancellor, in trying to protect her close frined, and decided to have Amiee Horowitz work on the initiative that Ms. Farina will be involved in after she is no longer Chancellor.  You can read the Chalkbeat article Here.

Why do I think as I do?  Let's look at all the negative issues associated with Amiee Horowitz.

First,  as the District 76 Superintendent she tried to railroad an untenured teacher who reported Regents cheating.  Instead of simply discontinuing the teacher, Amiee Horowitz tried to file a C-31, a license revocation.  You can read the teacher's story in my article on cronyism over competence.

Second, under Amiee Horowitz, a Renewal School, Flushing High School was caught in a massive Regents cheating scandal.  What did Ms. Horowitz do?  Nothing, nothing at all.  you can read the sickening details Here.

Third,  as the supervising Superintendent of the Renewal Schools she put many of her friends in administrative positions, many of them failed principals and administrators. In fact, the Renewal program was top heavy with administrators while the schools continued to struggle academically,  You can read it here,

Finally under Amiee Horowitz, the Renewal Schools ended up hiring "newbie" teachers, rather than experience educators and the academic results were predictably poor.  The post is Here.

Just like a "bad penny" Amiee Horowitz continues to show up in high level DOE positions at the expense of real education experts.   Here are more stories about Amiee Horowitz.  Here and Here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can give the incoming chancellor a heads up on her ill-gotten undeserved position so he can yank it out from under her feet.

Anonymous said...

I hear Amy Horowitz goes away on weekends with Bryant Principal Namita Dwarka. Anyone else hear that?

Anonymous said...

She wasn't Supt of dist 20. It was BASIS HS Dist 76. HS districts overlap community districts, but are separate.

Anonymous said...

Back in July of 2015 you had published my letter to Aimee Horowitz on your blog Chaz which I was/am extremely grateful to you for. Basically just to recant my story, I had solid effective ratings for my first three years when I was with the DOE. In my fourth year the ratings went completely south in the extreme opposite direction. What really bothered me about the whole situation that I had been in that same building for more than four years with a "history" of positive pedagogy. "IF" it had only been one year or less than one year, then I would of had a much weaker argument. The principal and his puppet selected me and somebody else (a young woman who was also discontinued with me) to be sacrificial lambs for whatever agenda they had. It was obvious that they were coming after us and our ratings were completely fraudulent and bogus. My Heidi score decreased by over 40 points within one year. I mentioned all these things in several letters I wrote to Aimee Horowitz along with numerous artifacts and other sources of evidence exonerating me. The only correspondence I received from Aimee was an email stating that she would "absolutely read anything that I sent her." I'm surprised that I even received that from her. It is clear to me that Aimee didn't care in the least. It was foolish of me to even think that there was a chance that she would. This is when I was still relatively naive and did not see some of these people for who or what they really were.

My colleague (the other discontinued teacher) was retaliated against for being a whistle blower. In the beginning of the year she reached out to Aimee Horowitz for support when she saw that her observations "suddenly" went from effective to ineffective overnight after she had filed a complaint with the UFT. Aimee Horowitz (according to my colleague) informed her that she would look into the matter. Of course nothing was done, and my former principal and former AP continued to abuse this woman without any repercussions as Aimee deliberately looked the other way. Finally she was discontinued (denied completion of probation) as Aimee rubber-stamped the principal's recommendation without giving the matter a second thought. Just like me, Aimee completely ignored all subsequent communication from my former colleague which included emails sent by parents). What it all comes down to was that we were just one of the many thousands of teachers that were invisible and disposable to Aimee. This woman had no conscious and no morals. On her Facebook page she constantly touts of her accomplishments and positive things her renewal program is doing such as higher graduation rates. The feeble minded idiots (her friends) praise her but it's obvious they don't know "the facts." I just shake my head and laugh to myself because this goes to show how truly stupid some people are..

*Interestingly my colleague against all odds won her article 78 and was able to get back into the DOE.

Anonymous said...

Chaz please do a post regarding Betsy Devos who went to the Parkland HS in Florida where the shooting occurred. Funny thing, just about every student there wanted her to leave and the students there posted on twitter some of the most hysterical comments regarding the secretary of education Ms. Betsy Devos.

Betsy Devos seems to screw up everywhere she goes as people are calling for her to resign as she never should have had the job in the first place

Anonymous said...

They are best friends.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:55 A.M.:

Did you and your colleague ever file Part 83 complaints with the NYS Education Department against Aimee Horowitz, the principal, and the AP?

In my opinion, school and district administrators who falsify or condone the falsification of paperwork relating to teacher ratings, discontinuances of probationary service, and denials of tenure do not have sufficient moral character to retain their State certifications.

Let the NYS Education Department conduct appropriate investigations based on actual events which transpired.

Teachers should keep the NYS Assembly Education Committee and NYS Senate Education Committee apprised of the status of such complaints from filing to ultimate decision.

Chaz said...

Anon 4:55

I asdded your letter to the post.

TJL said...

8:37, Chaz does a great job covering issues that affect us in the rank-and-file.

Exactly what does DeVos have to do with any of our day-to-day concerns? As for her Parkland visit, she was accosted by the left-wing media who hate firearms and want to shred the 2nd Amendment. The only students complaining are the ones who have already been brainwashed by the Left.

None of these people boycotted Home Depot or called for the banning of motor vehicles after the Islamic terrorist killed 8 people outside Stuy.

Anonymous said...

To Chaz: Thanks

To 3:46. Yes we both did file part 83 complaints, but I am assuming that the complaints that we filed went nowhere. The state never contacted me for further information. It wasn't a frivolous complaint, I submitted irrefutable evidence that they falsified and fabricated information.

To add insult to injury, at the time of our discontinuances, I received a C-31 discontinuance letter, but yet my colleague received just a plain regular discontinuance letter. They were both from Horowitz of course and were both sent to us at the exact same time. The motive of the principal for coming after the two of us was different, but the circumstances surrounding our discontinuances were identical. I don't understand how Horowitz could justify her actions for doing such an absurd and arbitrary thing (not that she would ever be in a position where she would have to).

She knows that she can get away with such a thing because nobody is holding her accountable. This was just like the teacher who Horowitz came after for reporting the Regents cheating and had their NYC teaching license threatened.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:55 A.M.:

When a Part 83 submission is not responded to, there should be strong follow-up.

You ought to write a detailed email of complaint to Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia, Chancellor of the Board of Regents Betty A. Rosa, Secretary to the Board of Regents Anthony Lofrumento, General Counsel to the Commissioner of Education and Board of Regents Alison Bianchi, Esq., and send copies to Senator Carl L. Marcellino (the Chair of the NYS Senate Education Committee), and Assemblywoman Catherine T. Nolan (the Chair of the NYS Assembly Education Committee), as well as your own local State Assemblyman and State Senator.

Attach a PDF file of the complaint forms and exhibits.

Email Addresses for Other Members of the NYS Senate (as of 8/18/15):

Email Addresses for Other Members of the NYS Assembly (seems current):

Anonymous said...

A lot of these Flunkies will be reapplying for their jobs when the new Chancellor steps in.

That would include Superintendants.

Maybe some will be terminated!

Anonymous said...

Betsy Devos day to day operations will effect us you can count on that. It might not be today or tomorrow but we must watch what this woman is doing as her every move does effect us and our livelihoods. The fact that she is touting how bad public schools are definitely requires a close watch as far as what this woman is doing on a regular basis.

waitingforsupport said...

Wow @4:55 i could've been the author of your story. All i can say is keep your confidence because the demons who attack just because they can will get their just due.

Anonymous said...

Aimee Horowitz is one of the worst things to ever happen to the NYC public school system. It's leeches like her that make being a teacher hell, attribute to the expansion of failing schools with her incompetence, and embody what it means to be a useless bureaucratic crony. And she has the nerve to pat herself on the back because she "started off" as a teacher at E.R. Murrow H.S.

There are far too many garbage people in this field and then we wonder why change never comes. Throw them all out.

Anonymous said...

What is your email? I am the female who won the article 78, I won’t state who I am here but I will email people who may want me to!

Anonymous said...

As the female who won her article 78, I emailed everyone including meeting with local politicians in person. Making legal complaints to the state, City, about whistleblower protections, reported illegal grade changes to the post and he state etc