Monday, August 06, 2018

Why Did The DOE Hide The SHSAT Report?

After an over five year wait, the DOE finally released the Metis Associates report on whether the SHSAT is an indicator of student academic achievement in high schools.  The report's conclusion was that there was a strong correlation between passing the SHSAT and academic achievement in high school.  The question is why did the DOE refuse to release the report to the public for five years?

The report was commissioned by the DOE after the NAACP filed a civil rights complaint that the SHSAT was not a valid indicator of student academic achievement.  In the New York Times article the report found that the mean G.P.A. for students who scored high enough on the test to be accepted to one of the specialized high schools was 3.036 in their first year compared with 2.387 for students who were not accepted to the specialized schools. Similarly, the mean scores for accepted students on Regents examinations ranged between 82.59 and 93.41 across various subjects. The mean scores for students not admitted ranged from 68.69 and 79.16.

Obviously, the Metis Associates report did not support the NAACP's claim that the SHSAT was not a valid indicator of student academic achievement in high school and the City administration decided not to release the report.  Why?

The answer to that question needs to be made public.  Was it a racial issue?  How about poverty?   Maybe it was due to political considerations?  Could it be all three?  The public has a right to know why the DOE refused to release the report to the public?  What were they afraid of?


Anonymous said...

I know it’s off topic, but with the owed money we are getting in Oct and with the top salary many of us are hitting the SS cap of $128,700. I assume this will happen for most top salary teachers in December. I’m sure teachers that worked summer school, 6th class, PM school, etc have had this issue, but for many of it is our first time.

Do you know how the DOE handles this on our paycheck?
What if also made some money in per-session?


Blergh said...

My assumption is that they didn't release it because it went against the beliefs and ideas they currently espouse, of course. It's the Leftist version of the editing of the WH Council of Economic Advisers report to remove the parts that acknowledge poverty in the United States.

But this is just saying what we all know, of course.

Anonymous said...

You have to ask why? This progressive jackass of a mayor wants to play the race game. He is the worst mayor since Dinkins.

Anonymous said...

Leftism is an exercise in believing in your hopes, not understanding the world as it is.

Social Justice Warriors have said online (look it up) that any lie is justified to achieve'racial balance,' 'fairness,' etc.

The Left is now like a vast propaganda machine. The media is like Pravda now.

I fear for the future of the republic.

Shady said...

I personally have to agree with Carmen and DiBlasio on this topic. Testing students to get into specialized high schools should be against the law. Anyone who disagrees should be jailed for 6 months. This test is pure racism. Plus, we can't compete with Asians.

I spoke to DeShawn earlier tonight about this and he said, "Get the fuck out of my face. I do not want to talk to you B." Clearly, this exam upsets him just as much as it upsets Carmen, Bill and now Richard.

The MAC (Manhattan ATR Chapter) passed a unanimous resolution for the specialized high school exam. I was the only one against the exam.

We need more blacks in Stuyvesant and Bronx Science. I want to see those teachers face when they have to deal with my DeShawn. I can't wait till DeShawn asks them, "Why the fuck do I need to learn this shit?"

Help me get the word out. Get rid of exam NOW!!! Destroy our better schools. Allow my son, DeShawn, into Stuyvesant and stop suspending blacks and browns. Suspend whitey only.

Shady said...

@4:54 Please have more respect for our progressive jackass of a mayor. He is our jackass of a mayor and we need to show respect. Plus, he is not playing the race game. If you speak to our mayor he will be very honest with you. Like myself, our mayor, has minority children. His children are not Asian and his children can't compete with the Asian communities. He needs to change the playing field. What is wrong with that?

I know you are probably saying to yourself well then why didn't he just marry Asian? It is not that easy. That is not the solution and please do not tell me that maybe our kids need to study more. Clearly, you would be missing the point. Ask Carmen Farina. The exam should be banned. It has math problems that include fractions and decimals. Should I say more? Come protest with me to get rid of this exam. Allow my DeShawn into Stuyvesant. Let them experience DeShawn or Fuckin DeShawn as he calls himself.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the ATR lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

To 3:33

I also wonder what would happen if the Asian privilege to exclude blacks and latinos from their claimed spaces, which is highly stealthed, were to come face to face with the likes of DeShawn and LaShaniqua and Rosa Boroqua.

Asians discriminate so much against blacks and latinos and no one says anything. They need to get called out on this. How about Asian 'gentrification?' They take over whole neighborhoods in the span of a few years and price the non-Asians out of housing real quick.

?J?ust go see Flushing, Bayside, etc. Where is the 'affordable' housing for blacks/latinos there? It is being squeezed out. The top schools are majority Asian now, and still the media says it's whites who are 'discriminating' against black/latino entrants.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, are you saying that the left are the exclusive purveyors of agitprop?

Anonymous said...

A tad racist, no? Under any system, your friend Deshawn would not be accepted. The point is that how can we who almost universally oppose high-stakes testing, agree to a single test for admittance to high school. An alternative method does not mean necessarily that undeserving students will be accepted.

Anonymous said...

i love your comments and look forward to reading them.
However you need to lay down the law on your son deshawn.
you are not helping him by not attempting to correct his behaviors.

Anonymous said...

But his son got into Brooklyn Tech...wonder how??? hmmmm Guess they liked his hair style.

Anonymous said...

Shady! Why should only your DeShawn get in? What about my Queen Shameeka and Little Jose? They be telling me for years that they need to get more learning! They can't understand why they be not allowed in these good schools. Let them in!

Anonymous said...

@ shady by your logic the mayor should also consider drug addicts for the white and asian schools he has one of those too. deshawn sound far to stupid for any formal schools. maybe he should try the military, not ours but a different country that has very low standards.

Anonymous said...

The Shat exam means nothing. It’s past tense for for shit, as in I shat myself when I was sent to Kennedy HS.

Shady said...

@11:03 & 2:47 p.m. I try and try with DeShawn. Pray for us and sign the petition to allow DeShawn into Stuyvesant/Bronx Science.

@3:30 I love the humor @ Shat exam. Spent 3 1/2 years in Kennedy after a 4 year stint at maximum security Clinton. It wasn't till I was transferred to Graphics High School for 5 years which happened to be medium security.

Shady said...

Summer School Regents next week and principals are paying big BUCKS$$$ for proctors and regents graders.

My principal offered me 50 hours of per session to proctor and grade in biker shorts. She has this thing for biker shorts & loves when I ride my bike to school wearing biker shorts. Even though I change into a more professional outfit she is always encouraging me to stay in my biker shorts. Weird is all I could say. Just weird.

Interesting real news: Amy Horrorwitz, failed 4-time renewal director who was switched to 5 different positions at Tweed to hide, can no longer hide at Tweed. She was forced into retirement early yesterday and emailed her retirement announcement before the press publishes her ouster. Carmen & Dorito can no longer hide her. Enough is enough someone at Tweed or mayor's office must have said. I am guessing spending 500 million dollars to fix renewal schools only to then shut them down was not a successful plan? Surprised nobody indicts, arrests and files criminal charges against her, Carmen and Dorito? Whoever forced her into retirement somehow has some common sense and knowledge of the fiasco Horrorwitz has created by getting rid of teachers, APs and principals. Wonder how Carmen is taking this news considering Carmen is currently working with Horrorwitz.

Now, look and help me understand this. Carmen so-called retired and left being Chancellor only to hang on and work 2 to 3 days a week with Horrorwitz. Horrorwitz is now forced out and retires. Does Carmen still not get the hint that the new people at Tweed would want her out? Like how much of a hint can someone give you? Reminds me of a story Klein & Nadelstern used to say...They closed Carmen's teaching and learning dept at Tweed when she was deputy chancellor and yet she would not leave or retire. So they would always laugh and brag on how they finally tricked her into retirement the first time around at age 65.

Shady said...

@10:15 Are you saying my son, DeShawn, should not be accepted at Stuyvesant or Bronx Science? Just because DeShawn can not pass their Shat entrance exam does not mean he should not be accepted. Even if DeShawn can't handle the work, will disrupt classes and attempt to shut down his 3rd school in 4 years - he should be given every opportunity to succeed at Stuyvesant. Ask Carmen & Bill. I am praying DeShawn gets in. I can't wait to see those teachers' faces when they see and meet DeShawn. My only problem is DeShawn prefers the Clintons, the Flushings and the renewal schools. He claims more money and more opportunity to be made in those schools. He swears he could be a captain in a gang by 10th grade. He says no gangs at Stuyvesant, no gambling etc. He is always looking at things short term. Doesn't see the big picture. The book deals and possible movie deals. My DeShawn oh my DeShawn. Still love the kid. Oh shit I hear him - I think he is up smoking Tweed.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, but an important one, it's important to recognize that one cannot draw a valid conclusion from a comparison of means for two different sample populations. There are too many issues with doing that; it would be impossible to name them all. Ignoring these problems essentialy amounts that the person being political and not factual. I totally get that it's really tempting to do that, especially when everyone seems to be doing it, including the NYTs. However, I still believe we can hold ourselves to a higher standard of basing our judgements on valid arguments.

Anonymous said...

@shady deshawn sounds like the stereotypical minority. you should therefore encourage this and get him into a really good prison system. one that gives free education paid for by tax payers. deshawn will thrive in a system like this, he will feel comfortable being around his peers, you will feel like your contributing because its your tax money funding his education and society can feel safer knowing this loser is off the streets. win, win, win for everyone!

Anonymous said...

DeShawn could start his own new gang franchise at Stuyvesant!

He can put all those business classes he excelled in to use!

Those stuffy Asian kids buy their drugs in private, that's why they don't get arrested as much as other groups.

DeShawn could start a multicultural miracle so arrest rates between his group and Asians could get on par!

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Would love to see the pompous pedagogues of Stuyvesant deal with the behavior the rest of us endure on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Shady and his various and detailed postings (and self replies) reminds me very much of that 'mom's basement' 'mega-bucks teacher' troll who used to post here. Very much.

Anonymous said...

Ain't it the truth!

So many teachers in 'good' schools think they are better than the rest of us who have to deal with Rosita Bonita and Deshawn.

Dittos for the new social justice type teachers who come in on very high horses.

I have been in the DOE for less than 14 years, and paid my dues in the South Bronx for several years before escaping to a Queens school with a less violent (read:more immigrant) population.

In that time I have seen many such young firebrands go from haughty to bewildered to resigned/discontinued or transferred. Our tough population chews up and spits out idealism.

Western-style education was created by Westerners to serve the cultural needs of Western populations. Take away the Western student population and bring in non-Western students and there is a mismatch. Their cultures have their own learning styles, and they value different types of knowledge.

Ask the social justice warrior types who are filling up the internet with stuff like: "Punctuality is racist." "Western math is a white man's racist subject." "Homework is racist." "Standards are racist." "Eliminate the Western canon of old dead white male writers because minorities cannot identify with them."

Look them up. They're a thing now. The "Afro-centric" model that was starting to be pushed a decade or so ago is wholly appropriate to our black population. Non-white Latinos also need a Latino model.

Asians seem to do okay in a Western model, but even many Asian activists are starting to jump on the hate whitey and his knowledge bandwagon. Think of the NYT Korean writer who is keeping her job despite years of negative comments about whites.

Shady said...

@8:01 a.m. My feelings were very hurt. I should never remind you of anyone but myself.

Once every 2 weeks and even if off during the year - I always request an hour to go into a school to practice my skills and craft. I do this as a way to show a future 3020-A hearing officer that I even go into the school during vacations, holidays and time off to practice teaching lessons.

There are times that I am denied entry into a building. There are other times I am given permission. Tomorrow my principal gave me permission to practice one of my lessons in an empty classroom.

I hope other people follow my lead and do the same. It shows passion, dedication and insanity. Three things the DOE loves.

Has anyone heard from Carmen Farina? With Amy Horrorwitz resigning what is going on with Carmen & Dorito the Gibson?

Anonymous said...

@Shady your a bit confused, you say SKILL, and CRAFT like what you do requires any. your a babysitter and a educated animal keeper. whats the difference between a nyc classroom full of idiots and an empty one??? the empty one has a higher IQ !!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he needs a wake up call. If you don't put your foot down he will end up in jail or dead. Maybe some jail time is what he needs. You are responsible for your son. If you still need help apply for a PINs petition. You sound like you love your son very much. Good luck.