Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Best And Worst States To Be A Teacher

A study was done using various factors, to determine the best and worst states to be a teacher.  The lists are as follows:

Best States To Be A Teacher:

  1. New   York
  2. Connecticut
  3. Minnesota
  4. Illinois
  5. North Dakota
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Wyoming
  8. New Jersey
  9. Maryland
  10. Ohio

Worst States To Be A Teacher:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Arizona
  3. North Carolina
  4. Louisiana
  5. Florida
  6. Mississippi
  7. South Carolina
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Washington D.C.
  10. West Virginia
Best vs, Worst

  • Wyoming had the highest annual average salary for all teachers,,public and private (adjusted for the cost of living) at $47,288.  While Hawaii had the lowest $24,409).
  • Michigan has the average annual salary for public school teachers (adjusted for the cost of living) at $69,439.  While Hawaii had the lowest at $30,086.
  • Vermont has the lowest pupil to teacher ratio at 10.54.  California had the highest at 23.63.
  • Washington D.C. had the highest public school spending per pupil at $25,323.  While Indiana had the lowest at $6,673.
  • New Jersey had the best work environment.  While Arizona came in dead last. 
  • Massachusetts had the best school systems.  While New Mexico had the worst. 
The study was based on using 22 metrics and if one was to look at the geographical representation, the Southern States rated the worst for teachers while the Northeast rated the best,


Anonymous said...

I love my salary, TDA, pension, banked sick days, 25/55 and tenure. I hate Danielson and crazy ass administrators.

Anonymous said...

If N.Y. is the best, the worst must be the seventh circle of HELL - no wait that’s my school!

Anonymous said...

Where would NYC be on the list if you extrapolate it from the rest of NY state?

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting article, I have been looking for something like this for a while. I am a tier 4 27/55 teacher with 6 years who doesn't like their school and hasn't been able to transfer. I am interested in moving to another state, but I know I can't get as good of a financial deal as here, however I am more interested in happiness if I can find it. I always thought that could be in northern New England, the upper midwest, or pacific northwest. This articles gives some good information, but not a lot of details, what about:

1. Retirement age, if tier 6 NYC is now 62, what is it in other states, are there partial pensions after 10 or 15 years?
2. Tenure, which states have it and which don't?
3. Health care, which states offer the best options?
4. Which states allow teachers to collect social security, I know chaz had an article about this, why wouldn't something like that be included in this article?
5. Do any of these states have mandates for non academic subjects like NY? Imagine moving to another state and then they cut PE or art hours.
6. What about enrollment projections?
7. Do all states even offer pensions, what about anything similar to a TDA or 403b?
8. What about Charter Schools, how can Washington state be ranked so low if they banned Charter Schools, how can a state like New Hampshire have so many Charter Schools?
9. How hard is it to find a job in other states, which states that are good to teach in are looking for teachers?
10. Which states are most lenient with the transfer of certification from other states, what about pension credit, I heard NJ excepts NY pension transfer?
11. Which states have equal pay for all teachers, how can Texas be ranked so high when they don't have tenure, pay high school teachers more than elementary school teachers and football coaches more than all teachers?
12. Which states have real unions?

Anonymous said...

The highest score was 64.55 which means they still didn’t pass.

Anonymous said...

If the last comment wasn’t anonymous, please make it anonymous or don’t post. Thanks.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

6:32 PM. That’s not what extrapolate means

If Michigan has such a high salary why isn’t it on the 10 best list?

Johnny Change said...

NY as a state and NY city are not identical. Tenured teachers on LI are better off.

retired teacher said...

South Carolina has a new system in place for teachers. A license is only valid for five years. To renew it a teacher has to take a number of courses and training sessions - 120 hours if I remember correctly.

I don't know much about licensing or salaries. I am sure that salaries are very low.

Anonymous said...

Do they target older teachers in other places?

Anonymous said...

Are they targeting you?

Anonymous said...

Amen 4:29PM. But just like administrators are crazy asses, they can kiss it too. The TDA should increase though and it would be nice to see more of a percentage at the retirement rate.

Anonymous said...

what is the % at retirement age?
is it 7% on the whole?

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

% on TDA Does not change at retirement. 7% is the return on anything you have in the fixed account of TDA