Saturday, September 14, 2019

Repost: Teachers, Not Administrators Dictate The Lesson Plan Format

The Lesson Plan

It has come to my attention that many principals are telling teachers what must be in their lesson plan.  Let me clarify what the school administrators can demand from the teacher.

 The administrators can RECOMMEND not tell the teacher what should be in his or her lesson plan.  Moreover, the lesson plan must be made available to the administrators when being observed.  That means a hard copy on the teacher's desk or a digital copy in the teacher's open laptop.  Finally, the administrators can make sure the lesson plan represents the lesson observed, as long as it complies to the unit and topic being taught.  Under no circumstances can an administrator dictate to the teacher what format the teacher's lesson plan should be.

Remember, the administrator can only evaluate the teacher, based on the actual lesson and not the lesson plan.  The lesson plan is the teacher's guide to the lesson and not part of the administrator's observation.

A simple one page lesson plan that uses bullet points of the lesson being taught, with a introduction, body, and conclusion, with an exit slip should be sufficient to cover any one lesson.


Anonymous said...

I thought that "U" rated teachers or those rated "I" can have their lesson plan format dictated by an admin. I am correct?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chaz.

Anonymous said...

What do I do if my union rep just tells me to do what the administrators want because it is worse in other schools?

My lesson plans are pages long and I have to write unit plans for the entire year and submit.

Chaz said...

contact the district rep.

Anonymous said...

On another occasion, the district rep was contacted and he contacted the principal.

Anonymous said...

12:32 mentioned something many of us suffer from. We have to write these really long unit plans, then have meeting after meeting with 'coaches' and admins to edit them this way or that, depending on the 'strategy' of the month. It is really quite tiresome.

Then we have a lesson plan format we must follow. Sure you can do what you want technically, but the admins will use Danielson's ratings to low rate you to get back at you. It happens in my school all the time.