Friday, March 27, 2009

A Message To Chancellor Klein

I have a friend and every time he goes to do his business in the toilet he announces that he is sending a "message to the Chancellor". In other words after being pissed and shitted on by the Chancellor and his Tweed flunkies, this teacher responds in kind when he has a bowel movement. While I might find my friend's action amusing I have my own "message to the Chancellor".

My "message to the Chancellor" is that your disrespect for parents, students, and teachers is hurting the morale of the New York City Public Schools and the lack of transparency at Tweed makes real reform nearly impossible. Furthermore, your failure to honor negotiated agreements with the UFT has resulted in overcrowded "rubber rooms" and an ever increasing ATR population. Moreover, your destruction of the neighborhood schools at the expense of small/charter schools has resulted in high teacher turnover and instability in the schools. Finally, your misguided priorities in allocating funds to Tweed's pet projects at the expense of the schools is starving the schools of precious funds and reducing student services.

I could add much more but it would take me too long to list all of them. Now I must end this article as nature calls. Come to think of it, my friend is right and I really need to send a "message to the Chancellor". Children Last continues.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

We must do all we can do to get these people out of office. Their
incompetence and viciousness will destroy public education for all.
They are powerful and influential but we have the people on our side.
We, people of good will, must act and now!!!

Chaz said...


I can't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. we need new administrators. the same message should go to my principal

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