Friday, June 01, 2012

According To The Chancellor The Truth Is What He Claims It Is, Not What The Evidence Shows As He Fails To Understand What Sexual Misconduct Is.

Over the last few days young female teachers have been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with their male students.  Based upon the selected information presented so far it does certainly look like they committed sexual misconduct  Of course only time and evidence will tell if they really did. However, the Chancellor, when discussing alleged teacher sexual misconduct,  went further, and brought up the cases of the sixteen other teachers (all but one older and male) that he claimed had found to have committed sexual misconduct and should have been terminated.  According to the New York Daily News, he sent the UFT President Michael Mulgrew the following letter.

“From time to time . we hear reports of teachers who engage in inappropriate, and sometimes sexual, misconduct with students,” Walcott wrote in a letter to United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew.   "Unfortunately under current law, when these reports are true, it is left to an arbitrator to decide on the punishment.”.

Notice how the Chancellor assumed that the charges against the sixteen teachers where found to be true?  While I cannot talk about the other cases, I will talk about my own on what is true and why the Chancellor is not capable of understanding the truth.

  • Truth, the most senior and respected Arbitrator on the panel threw out a phony letter to the file back in 2004 as "unfair and inaccurate". Yet the Chancellor did not bother to include it to the media. when he tried to vilify me.
  • Truth, A second Arbitrator found no "probable cause" that I committed sexual misconduct in 2008.Yet the DOE wasted over $500,000  in pursuing charges they knew were frivolous and also failed to include that information to the media..
  • Truth, the 3020-a Arbitrator found no "sexual misconduct" after weighing all the "preponderance of evidence" in 2011.
  • Truth, my Arbitrator told everybody that she was leaving the panel after my case.  Therefore, she did not need to "split the baby" as the Chancellor and Mayor falsely claim
  • Truth, the DOE failed to appeal when the Arbitrator's decision was rendered. If they were so sure that I committed sexual misconduct, why would you not appeal?

Here are some other truths that the Chancellor fails to, or is unable to understand.
  • Truth, that any  teacher that commits sexual misconduct is automatically terminated by the Arbitrator based upon the UFT-DOE contract Article 21G-6 pg 120.  It states the following.
          In 3020-a proceedings, a mandatory  penalty of discharge shall apply to any tenured pedagogue a) found by a hearing officer to have engaged in sexual misconduct or b) who have pleaded guilty to or been found guilty of criminal charges for such conduct.

  • Truth, the Chancellor claims that any SCI or OSI investigation that substantiates the charges, no matter how frivolous, is "proven". 
  • Truth, the independent Arbitrators are jointly appointed to one year terms by the DOE and UFT and can only be reappointed yearly when both sides agree that they are doing a good job.  Therefore, the Bloomberg/Walcott claim that the Arbitrators are influenced by the UFT in determining the penalty is a lie.
  • Truth, the Chancellor practices a "double standard" when it comes to Administrators and teachers, see here and here.
  • Truth, the Chancellor has blindly followed the Mayor's policy without question.
I must conclude that the Chancellor's idea of truth is vastly different than the common person.  In the Chancellor's world the truth is what he and the Mayor claims it is not what is real.



Anonymous said...

Dear Chaz,

Be the first to do a real story that no one wants to break, just yet. Disgraced principal Richard Bost from the Fordham Leadership Academy in the Bronx has gotten his wife, Julie Narriman, her own brand new school that just opened this September with a freshman class. The name of this new school is Language and Innovation High School housed in the Columbus Campus in the Bronx, famous this year for Mr. John Chase's dismantling of the other new school that came into the campus.
Ms. Narriman has no clue as to what she is doing and has hired several staff from her husband's school because they were promised new jobs if they did not protest against him. M.s Narriman does not even know that the entire campus knows her deal and her submissive staff members who Mr. Bost tamed.
This is the kind of crap that is coming in as principals. You have back door deals with SCUM! Two new schools came into the campus, one principal is GONE due to his sick behavior and the other is the wife of another sexual lunatic. The other media sources have yet to be told this information.
She is a nasty _________ who can't even control less than 100 students as she has now. She is the laughing stock and she's next to go. Her students are wild but her staff are mostly foreigners who obeyed Mr. Bost and have now come to her unit.
Do the research, you will see that this is true. The DOE should be so embarrassed! Then again, this is what's out there.

Anonymous said...

The Chancellor knows that the sixteen teachers didn't commit sexual misconduct and he also knows that Arbitrators always terminate teachers who are found to have connected sexual misconduct.

This is about what the Mayor wants.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a line from an old cowboy movie, "First we'll give hime a fair trial, then we'll hang him." Walcott was evidently extremely impressed by the cowboy system of justice .

The Coach said...

It is sad that the 16 teachers had to suffer a large measure of embarrassment because the public can't see that the Chancellor is full of it.