Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Citywide ATR Meeting Next Tuesday - Please Attend.

There will be a very important organizing meeting for citywide ATRs on Tuesday, November 11th (Veterans Day).  The organizing meeting will be held at 5pm at a hall at 87-22, 52nd Avenue in Elmhurst Queens.  The hall has a parking lot and the M and R trains stop at Grand Avenue, one block from the meeting hall.  Issues will be the establishment of a functioning ATR Chapter, possible nomination of Borough representatives and a leadership committee for coordinating issues affecting the ATRs.  The ATR organizing meeting invites all UFT caucuses and non-members to participate in its formation.  Please attend!

For members and potential members of the Solidarity caucus there will be a meeting at the same location starting at 2pm  We will be discussing the bylaws and our policy statement, among many other important issues.

Attached is a map showing the location of the building.


Francesco Portelos said...

Just to clarify, the ATR meeting is not associated with any caucus specifically and all caucuses are welcome to submit and share literature. Please email mrportelos@gmail.com to be added to ATR email list.

Organize. Strategize. Mobilize.

Anonymous said...

Need a story on cruz and the other principals that abuse atr's and appointed teachers. This must stop. Where is the outrage my fellow educators!! Teachers are afraid at every school I am assigned. You may be one of them. Its like Eastern Europe during the cold war. People are really afraid. I didn't become a teacher to be afraid but to work together with other teachers and admins to better the opportunities of the students. What a shame!!!!

Francesco Portelos said...

Nominate Cruz and others on the Administrators in Need of Improvement form. Www.DTOE.org/anoi