Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Welcome To Trumpland.

In a shocking upset, thanks to the "deplorables", Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by capturing nearly all the important battleground States (Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Arizona) worth 79 electoral votes, only losing Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Nevada worth 32 electoral votes.  Had that been the only changes Hillary Clinton would have still won.  However, Trump's "rust belt strategy" broke the blue wall and he captured the rust belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. worth 46 electoral votes Now  that Donald Trump is President and the Republicans control Congress what will Trump's priorities be?

First, look for Obamacare to be replaced by a more modest health care program that will not dump the cost on the middle class, or so we all hope.

Second, all President Obama's executive orders will be allowed to lapse, especially when it comes to immigration.

Third, a more draconian immigration policy and more deportations of criminal illegals.  While I don't think a wall will be a priority, I could be wrong,  I also suspect he will also target sanctuary cities who protect criminal illegals with punitive financial penalties.

Fourth, a conservative justice for the Supreme Court.

Fifth, a pro business friendly tax code with low corporate and personal taxes,

Sixth, a  more sympathetic policy toward Israel and a more hard line against Iran.

Seventh, forcing our NATO allies to foot their fair share of the cost.

Eighth, More large scale infrastructure projects to generate jobs.

Ninth, A renegotiation of existing trade agreements.

Tenth, Have States determine their own education policy, not the Federal Government.

Whether you like it or not its "Welcome to Trumpland".


Anonymous said...

Have states determine their own policy. Chaz, you think here in NY common core is finished? If so, when? What about Danielson? Charter schools will prob explode and vouchers, etc. Not the best time for public ed coming up I'd assume. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Danielson is the DOE's baby. The UFT/DOE are about to drop a brand new evaluation system on NYC teachers in the next 6 weeks. As always, the UFT/DOE are hashing out the details behind closed doors. Rank and file wont have a say in it till it gets dumped on our heads. This is the EXACT TIME where DeBlasio can man up and give us a bone in the form of a fair and decent evaluation. The election has no effect on this but whatever the new evaluation system is like but it will be a part of us for years to come. Praying that the UFT and DeBlasio do us right.

Anonymous said...

public ed is going to get bitch slapped on a national level.

Charters will take over.

Sucking of public monies by the private sector....AKA fascism.


Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to the confused millennials currently marching in protest (this time it is against Trump, apparently) that one can be on the winning or losing side of an election? That is what happens in an election. One can protest and one can whine but the adult thing is to move on and work towards winning the next election.

Seems to be an oddball coalition of disaffected Black Lives Matter, liberal no-Trumpers, Occupiers, pro-Bernie, pro-Hillary and other special snowflakes who are a bit confused about things. A sorry and counterproductive spectacle.

Somehow the disaffected (and adult) conservatives keep forgetting to march.

And Chaz I believe you are perfectly correct in your predictions of what to expect under Trump and it looks to be a refreshingly productive agenda.

Anonymous said...

Great post Chaz but you forget to mention and discuss the issue that Trump wants to divert 20 billion dollars of federal money to the states for charter, voucher and private schools. Is this a problem for our NYC schools? How much funding for NYC public schools actually comes from the federal dept of education?? Hopefully here in NYC Trump will be familiar with the school systems here and realize we have the UFT because he works with many unions in the building industry. Truly, I am trying to convince myself and others that the system for us in NYC will actually get better for us as Obama really was the devil behind the curtain when it came to NYC public schools. Any thoughts?

retired teacher said...

I think we'll hear the end of Common Core since the republicans, who favor charter schools, probably won't keep up funding. The common core funding would need to come from the states.

As for Trump - people are acting like we've had a Beer Hall Putsch. We still live in a republic. I survived Jimmy Carter and Mayor Abe Beame. After those two I can survive anything.

Anonymous said...

Looks like doomsday for UFT people as the supreme court will take away our tenure and destroy the lives of so many hard working professionals in the nyc schools. For years we complained about the ATR situation to no avail and it certainly appears as though now it will never ever be fixed and the ATR nightmare will live in everyones mind forever without ever a resolution except for now when our tenure is taken away. The amazing part of the ATR saga is now everyone will be on the chopping block as tenure is taken away so all the goons who looked at ATR colleagues with a crooked Hillary face now will face the same destiny unfortunately even the jerk off in moms basement. Hey it was great while it lasted folks but the people who deserve it most will be getting it (UFt, DOe and all the simple minded asst principals and principals who thought they were Gods gift to the earth.

Anonymous said...

To 2:28.

It will take years for any changes like that to occur. The trend everywhere is decline. You have a heads up and a few years of extra retro pay and per session gravy.

Don't mope! Prepare! Buy rental properties. Invest. Dividends. Whatever.

We're teachers. We're a literal brain trust. There's nothing we can do for the clueless millennials who have drank the kool aid about social justice and all that. Protect you and yours. You have been forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Kwait at john Bowne in the paper again!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm? Hate Trump all you want but he is not taking tenure away from NYC teachers anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Problem is that the left has jumped was overboard and gone insane, hence the backlash. Restorative justice with a native american talking stick? Federal control of the curriculum? There is a reason Trump one, and its because he won moderates.

Anonymous said...

Mitch McConnell gave me some hope the other day when he responded to a reporters question about GOP control of the House and Senate along with a GOP president-(if that's what Trump really is). He said, "Nothing lasts forever." The elitist Dems screwed up with Obama being around for 8 years--so I expect the GOP to probably go to war with Trump and screw up too. Hopefully,screw ups with the GOP start right away-- that can lead to at least a more favorable 2018 midterm election--assuming the Dems get their act together and finally know how to take advantage of GOP dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Do yoi have further info om this nee eval system??