Friday, October 27, 2006

The UFT Proposed Contract - Where Are The Takebacks?

The negotiations between the UFT and the Bloomberg administration is on the fast track and it appears that the takebacks are being left behind. Why? Well, let's investigate.

First, lets look at the contract that the UFT is negotiating with the Bloomberg administration. On the surface it looks pretty good with a 13% increase for 32 months which averages 4.88% per year, almost the rate of inflation with no identifiable givebacks! However, I am confused why the Bloomberg administration is willing to give us an almost 7% increase for the last 14 months of the contract? Remember the DC37 pattern is 6% for the first 18 months (20 months if the UFT needs it's welfare fund replenished). Hopefully, this is not UFT wishful thinking and that part of the contract looks like a real winner, if it is true.

Unfortuantely, the proposed contract does not include the takebacks that devastated the soul of many classroom teachers for a salary increase less than the "cost of living" . While all the takebacks are important, the following takebacks are a priority in the proposed contract.

Prority #1: The bringing back the seniority transfer system that required that all excessed teachers to be placed in their specialty area before DOE can hire new teachers. Thanks to our union's poor understanding of the consequences of their actions we now have a 1000+ ATR's without a classroom while inexperienced teachers are given a classroom. Talking about children last!

Priority #2: Giving back the two days before Labor Day. I don't know of any school-based teacher who thinks this was a wise move by our union. If it wasn't for the ATR disaster, this would be the top priority of the union. What possessed our union to do this to us is unbelievable and shows a serious disconnect with the classroom teachers.

Priority #3: The reinstatement of the grievance process. No matter how our union spins it, the lack of a grievance procedure has empowered the principals to write more and more Letters-To-The-File (LIF) without the teacher challenging it through the grievance procedure system.

Priority #4: The revision of circular six to eliminate many of the distasteful administrative duties such as cafeteria patrol, hallway policing, and bathroom supervision.

Priority #5: The elimination of the 90-day unpaid suspension based upon an OSI acceptance of a student accusation due to sexual abuse, harassment, and physical corporal punishment (the OSI almost always find the teacher guilty until proven innocent) and except for Leo Casey and his lap dog, this unfair part of the contract has already caused much anguish to the classroom teacher.

There are, of course, many other takebacks but these are the ones we must demand if we are to regain our soul and self-respect. Failure by the union to fight for these takebacks brings into question their dedication to the very people they claim they represent, the classroom teacher.

Negotiators, just a reminder, make sure retention not recruitment is emphasised in the contract negotiations.

I will most certainly try to get more details on the contract negotiations and will report on what our final contract should include.


NYC Educator said...

I read some Unity hack somewhere saying that we couldn't negotiate takebacks with this administration,and that asking for them would just cause the Bloombergians to ask for more givebacks. They're going to wait to be screwed by a Democratic administration, I suppose.

Almost the cost of living. Wow, here's an opportunity to make marginally less money each year, and I don't even have to give back anything for the privilege.

Chaz said...

I have heard the same thing. However, that type of thinking is defeatest in nature and is not an excuse for not asking for the "takebacks".

NYC Educator said...

I agree with you 100%, if not more.

Pissedoffteacher said...

The only thing I have to say is that I am happy I will not be around to suffer the abuses of the new contract

Anonymous said...

The end of involuntary hall and cafeteria patrols has to be near the top of the list of takebacks.

Chaz said...


I agree with you about the administrative duties. However, I believe that the first four are more important. At least to me and my school.

Anonymous said...

I don't support Unity in any way shape or form however I think we should respect President Weingarten's wishes and not put these specific numbers out on the internet.

Chapter leaders were asked by the President not to distribute the demands in writing for that reason and are just discussing them at Chapter meetings. While I respect your blog and freedom of speech, I think this post should be edited so as not to reflect specific numbers.

Anonymous said...

Chaz you obviously are not having food thrown at you in the cafeteria of your school. If you were, you would want an end to administrative dutiesas a top priority.

Chaz said...

anon #1:

I should not tip our hand? Really? After the disaster of the contract Randi and her lawyer friends dumped on us? A pro-active approach is a most appropriate response. I still find the numbers amusing since I still don't see the Bloomberg administration accepting 7% for 14 months. Unless there are more of Randi's wonderful givebacks.

This country is a democracy and once I hear some information I will publish it. This is not the Soviet Union and Randi is not the chairman! This is not Edwize where silence is golden and dissent is not tolerated. Why aren't the takebacks on the table? These takebacks I listed should be a priority in any contract negotiation.

By the way, I believe that you are a Unity supporter since only Unity buys into the censorship that is practiced by Randi and her gang.

Anon #2: I am having second thoughts on the priority list and after talking to the middle-school teachers, I deciced to add it as a priority item.

NYC Educator said...

The notion of revealing information to 80,000 teachers and asking no one to write about it is absurd and idiotic.

As is the notion of an "opposition party" that's just another arm of the patronage mill that brought us this awful contract. Hopefully, rank-and-file will see through this cynical and reprehensible scam.

Anonymous said...

Who said this...

My vote is an 18 month contract with a 6% raise and "no givebacks"! If we can get it.

The same who is now whining about no takebacks, now that he has decided that the UFT might actually get the contract he talked about.

Boy some people think that NYC teachers are gullible...

Chaz said...


Maybe if you read more carefully that I limited it to 18 months and not a more comprehensive 32-36 month contract.

A more comprehensive contract would include the takebacks that your lord and master Randi doesn't want to do.

Anonymous said...
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