Sunday, December 21, 2008

How The UFT Is Abadoning Their Teachers To The Abusive DOE Termination Process

I have previously commented on how the UFT has allowed their teachers to be subject to ridiculous misconduct and incompetence charges by sleazy administrators . Further, the union has allowed the DOE to initiate biased and unfair investigations by calling on OSI or SCI investigators that presume teacher guilt (Here). The result is teacher fines, suspension, resignation, and termination. What follows are two stories about how the UFT abandoned their duties to protect these two teachers. Obviously, the names of the two teachers and the individuals involved are not named.

Case #1: Untenured Chapter Leader Targeted By Her Principal:

This untenured teacher reluctantly had taken the Chapter Leader's position after no other teacher in her school would take it. The previous two Chapter Leaders were targeted by the school's "Leadership Academy Principal" and were no longer in the school (they lasted one year each). The only reason this untenured teacher took the position was that the union rep told her that they would protect her from any Principal actions. How hollow that assurance was. The teacher had worked with a group of her students as an advisor, as is common in small schools and was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. The Principal called in SCI and as usual they found that 2 + 2 = 6 and substantiated the accusation without any witnesses and despite the accusation being denied by all parties involved. At this point you would expect our union to come to her rescue and point out to the DOE the absurdity of the investigation and that the teacher should be given a chance to prove herself in another school, away from this vindictive Principal. However, despite Randi's assurances the union allowed the teacher to be terminated and did not file a PERB complaint of improper practice.

Case #2: Teacher Resigns After Union Tells Him To Resign:

A 20-year teacher with satisfactory ratings was in a school when a new Principal arrived. The Principal did not like the teacher and "U" rated him for the year. After taking PIP and found to be a good teacher, he was still "U" rated for his second year. At the beginning of this school year he was forced to take the DOE supported and fraudulent PIP+ and was given a "U" observation. The Principal of the school with the support of the Chapter Leader and District Rep urged the teacher to resign. If the teacher would resign, the teacher would have his "U" ratings changed to "S" and he could get paid until the end of the school year. Otherwise, they would file 3020-a charges for incompetence and go after both his City and State license. Without getting proper advice from the union and pressured to take the deal he signed the resignation papers under duress. Only a week later when he talked to a knowledgeable teacher did he realize that he was railroaded by both the DOE and the UFT in resigning when he should have fought the incompetence charges at the 3020-a hearing.

Shame on the UFT for not only abandoning their teachers but aiding and abetting the DOE in terminating teachers.


Anonymous said...

The uft does not inform teachers of their rights, it is actually up to the teacher to figure out questions to ask the uft ahead of time. My uft representative knew I was being abused and did NOTHING. then she was a witness against me in the 3020a hearing when she was never a witness to any incident. The principal treats her very well. No surprise.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

This makes soooo mad!!
I say fight to your dying breath!

On that note greetings and salutations from sunny and very hot Rio de Janeiro. Having a good time is the best revenge!

Chaz said...


The DOE has been informed that as a "rubberized" teacher you cannot have fun and they will proceed with procedures that will make you feel sorry for being reassigned.

Have a good time on your sabbatical.

FidgetyTeach said...

spelling error= abandoning....just wanting to point out...

FidgetyTeach said...

In my experience, the UFT tells a reassigned teacher nothing of their rights because they don't really care what happens to them. Do we really have any rights to speak of anyway?

Anonymous said...

How dare you use a photgraph from the Holocaust to dramatize your particular political point of view about the UFT. You're an anti-Semite and I hope you're 'terminated.'

Spouse Walker said...

Then you agree with this assessment in the article?