Monday, December 01, 2008

Why Doesn't The UFT File PERB Complaints Against Those " Principals From Hell"?

I am truly sick and tired about how the UFT propaganda rag, The New York Teacher, complains about an occasional "Principal from hell" but does little or nothing about them. If a teacher misbehaves, watch how quickly the DOE acts to remove that teacher and dump 3020-a charges on them. However, when it comes to the Principal, nothing is done about it. This double standard must stop and the only way for Tweed to take the union seriously is for the UFT to take action such as filing a complaint with the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) for improper employer practices.

Presently, only a handful (if any) Principals are disciplined for their behavior toward parents, students, and teachers. The reason for Tweed's lack of will in disciplining Principals is that there is no pressure by the union to put the DOE's feet to the fire. In other words there is no consequences to a Principal that abuse students and staff. Therefore, it is time for the UFT to challenge these "Principals from hell"and their DOE masters by filing complaints of improper employer practices with PERB.

While I cannot say how successful this strategy will be. It should be part of a union strategy that will put the DOE on notice that if they fail to clean up their administrative mess by not disciplining Principals, the union will tie up valuable resources as the DOE would have to defend itself and the Principal for their failure to curb abuses.

Remember, a pro-active union is an effective union.


Anonymous said...

You got be joking, UFT is perfectly content when DoE leaves it alone. Why bothers to do anything when the dues keep coming.

NYC Educator said...

Geez, Chaz, don't you know what PERB is for? It's for negotiating terrible contracts for teachers so that Ms. Weingarten and her patronage mill can come to us and say, "See? It was the best we could do."

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I agree with you Chaz and I also agree with the other posters. Part of the problem is our union and don't forget that the Principals have a union too and I am sure they do a better job in advocating for their members than ours does despite the fact that they gave up tenure.

I have always wondered about the CSA and how much power they have.
I have also wondered why the press does not do a story or two on the worst principals in the system. At this point it seems that only the press has the power to have a principal removed. After all the DOE only fears bad press.

Anonymous said...

At Lafayette High School several members came forward and an Article 2 PERB complaint was filed by the UFT against principal Jolanta Rohloff. The charge was her interference with union activities at the school. It was case # U27282 June 2007. Rohloff left(was asked to leave) that March. If the chapter members fight the UFT will go the distance.

Rick Mangone Chapter Leader
Lafayette HS.

Chaz said...


It takes a strong Chapter Leader to fight for staff and the UFT uncaring attitude to do this. Most schools don't have strong CL's.

Anonymous said...

You are right and fewer may exist if this administration has another 4 years.

Rick Mangone Cl Lafayette

proofoflife said...

Let me know if we are accepting nominations for brainless idiots principals.