Monday, March 30, 2009

The DOE Double Standard Continues As Tweed Allows An Accused Sexual Molester Assistant Principal To Be Around Students

In the bizarre world of Kleinberg's DOE once again the double standard between Administrators and teachers rears its ugly head. The New York Post reported that the DOE refuses to remove an Assistant Principal, Michael O'Herliiy, from Night and Day Comprehensive High School who was accused of sexually molesting two male students at Cardinal Hayes High School. After an investigation by the Catholic Church, Mr. O'Herliny was not only fired from the school but was defrocked as a Priest in 1993 an extremely rare action. The only reason the DA did not prosecute the case was the statute of limitations expired when the Catholic Church didn't give the list of Priests who were accused of sexually molesting children until 2002. Despite DOE being aware of the very serious accusations, they have decided not to reassign the Assistant Principal away from students.

This is the same DOE that will quickly reassign a teacher for using a word in a sentence that a student misunderstands or for touching an arm or shoulder. To the DOE that is sexual but when it comes to an Assistant Principal that was fired as a teacher and Priest because of sexual molestation charges, that is not. Bizarre is hardly the word. This is perverted when an accused sexual molester is allowed to be around students while quality teachers are in the "rubber rooms" for simply making a student uncomfortable.

I can only say that Tweed has taken the statement that "Administrators are assumed innocent while teachers are assumed guilty" to the extreme in this case and endangers the very students they are sworn to protect. "Children Last" continues.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

A question that I have: In the rare instance that an adminstrator is reassigned he or she is put where?

Not in the general population of teacher rubber room inmates! Too dangerous in terms of the bitterness I have heard from teachers who have been victmized by them. Do these APs ask for "protective custody"?

The DOE has created a prison-like culture both the reassingment centers and in "the failing schools" where abusive principals lord over their subjects.

Chaz said...

They are sent to the borough administrative offices to do work and are not observed by a site supervisor.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There's always the New York State Commission of Investigation! Does anyone ever bother filing a complaint with them?