Friday, October 15, 2010

The DOE Has Found Yet Another Way To Increase The Phony High School Graduation Rates. Give The Students “Life Skill Credits”.

In the DOE's never-ending quest to improve the high school graduation rate by any means possible, the non-educators at Tweed has come up with another cockamamie way to give failing students artificial credits and push them out the door, unprepared for the real world.

First, it was the outrageous “credit recovery program” and the abuses that went with it. Then it was the taking of online courses where the most savvy students paid their smart friends to take the course. Now, high school principals have been given the "green light" to give entering students from foreign countries “life skill credits” to jump start them on the way to graduation. How does this work? Let’s look at an example of how these students get the “life skill credits”.

A student enters the United States from, let’s say, El Salvador where Spanish is spoken. The Principal can instruct the guidance department to give the entering student 12 credits for speaking Spanish. These 12 “life skill credits” are then added to the student’s transcripts. If this was not outrageous enough, the student can then take the Spanish classes offered to all students and get additional credits as if he never took Spanish before. Unbelievable but unfortunately true.

Here is another case of the DOE coming up with a phony method to improve the graduation rate while making a mockery of giving students a quality education. Manipulating high school graduation rates by pushing out unprepared students is just another example of Tweed’s “children last “policy.


Pissedoffteacher said...

That is sick.

NY_I said...

Excellent post.

Budd said...

Unfortunately the schmuck that speaks klingon still gets nothing.

Chaz said...


Remember the old Klingon expression "Revenge is a dish served cold". These phony methods will end up biting them in the ass as did the State tests.

nisha said...

This is an excellent thought provoking post.

Anonymous said...

This IS sick, and speaks to the pathology of "scorched earth"-the life philosophy of liliputian punks like Mayor Scumberg and Chancellor Slime. These two repulsive individuals, obviously have over compensated throughout life, for obvious reasons. They have reached a pinacle where they simply refuse to lose at any level-they feel that they are entitled. So, if they're not getting the results their propgandized bullshit reports, they will simply counterfeit entire high school records and lives of teachers,students, and parents. Why, and how? Because they can and WILL. They have destroyed both the democratic process of the nation's greatest city by forcing a third term of this regime. AND they have destroyed another vital arm of a free society, which is the FREE press. AND, there is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY AT STAKE. They have come this far, and their scumbag privileged friends who want to sink their filthy fangs into public education to make billions will be dissapointed if they don't deliver all of our collective careers on a silver platter.

These people are disgusting , disgusting excuses for "leaders."