Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hypocrisy Of The DOE’s Office Of Legal Services Knows No Bounds As They Allow The “Worst Of The Worst” Teachers To Go Back Into The Classroom

How many times have we read in the newspapers how Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein only want “great teachers” in the NYC school system? Now we all know their definition of a “great teacher” is young , cheap, and disposable that is consistent with their “education on the cheap” program. However, the DOE’s Office Of Legal Services do not even bother to determine who are “great teachers” when looking into the allegations charged against the teacher. To these lawyers and their supervisor if the teacher is willing to make a deal and plead guilty, they will settle with the teacher and make them an ATR, and send them to a school.

Now, the great majority of teachers who take a settlement are probably hard working and good with the students who may have committed some form of minor misconduct that was embellished and twisted due to a Principal who just wanted them out of the school. Therefore, they decided that it was in their best interests to settle their case and get on with their lives. To these teachers it is worth the DOE extortion that results from settlements ($5,000 to $15,000 and worthless courses)and are no longer a “threat to the children”. However, there were a select few known as the “worst of the worst”. This group of teachers was taken out of the classroom for a myriad of issues but they all had one thing in common. These teachers were true screw-ups, knuckleheads, and in some cases, downright dangerous to themselves and others. Incredibly, the DOE’s Office Of Legal Services after filing 3020-a charges against this select group of teachers made a settlement with them, even when they had a “slam duck” termination case against these teachers. By contrast some of the best teachers I have known refused to submit to the DOE’s extortion request and were forced to defend themselves in the 3020-a termination hearings.

Let’s look at some of these “worst of the worst” teachers who have been sent back to the schools. Previously, I wrote about two of them, Ebony & Ivory, and nothing more needs to be said about them. Now to promote gender equality I now bring you “Mutt & Jeff”. The two teachers are not only a danger to the classroom but to themselves as well. Mutt, was removed for erratic behavior as well as time and attendance issues from his school. Reliability was a problem for “Mutt” while at his school. Once “Mutt” was reassigned and received his 3020-a charges his erratic behavior and attendance problem persisted to the point that “Mutt” was given numerous disciplinary letters to his file and two consecutive “U” ratings during his reassignment. His eyes seemed bloodshot and there were allegations of improper behaviors exhibited by him and noted by the Site supervisor in his disciplinary hearings. Suspicions of drug use, drinking, insubordination, and sexual harassment were only some of the accusations associated with “Mutt”. However, the DOE’s “Office Of Legal Services” does not care whether “Mutt” is incapable of teaching children or that he is a threat to himself and others. As long as “Mutt” is willing to pay a fine and take a course, back he went to another unsuspecting school who’s children will be exposed to this unstable character.

As for “Jeff” . This teacher is a total screwup. He was taken out of classroom for a myrid of issues. He had separate SCI and OSI investigations and before his removal, even the State of New York came from Albany to evaluate his teaching ability, he failed. His charges were so many that I could not even list them in this post. This teacher was one of the laziest individuals I knew. The students called him “Mr. Ditto” because he never taught only gave photocopies of work sheets. Had he not been taken out for misconduct when he was, he would have been taken out for incompetence by the end of that year of his reassignment. His behavior did not improve while reassigned. He used a phony handicap parking permit to park in handicapped spots and when caught he just shrugged his shoulders and continued to do it anyway. He had time and attendance issues both at his school and during the reassignment, and would sneak up to different floors to steal food from workshops given at the building he was reassigned to. “Jeff” was a real screwup and yet the DOE’s Office Of Legal Services” did not care about his lack of teaching ability and his ability to screwup, the only thing they cared about was the money.

I can only laugh when I hear how Mayor Mike and Chancellor Joel claim they want only “great teachers” in the system while closing their collective eyes to the hypocrites at the “Office Of Legal Services” who see no problem in putting the “worst of the worst” teachers back into the classroom and endanger the academic welfare of the unfortunate students who have them.


Anonymous said...

There was a teacher at Staten island TRC who had been in and out of the rubber room 3 times since early 90s for the total of 7 or 8 years. His most recent trip lasted close to 4 years.

DOE settled with him for a small fine and one class. He is back teaching in a school.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised at DOE antics? The Rubber Rooms never were about dismissing the incompetent and the misbehaving.

Chaz said...

The point is hoe hypocritical the DOE is. One day they rant on how they want great teachers while quietly putting in the worst back to the classroom. Talking about "children last"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When Bloomberg and Klein hear the rustle of dollars, or the ka-ching of coins, their brains explode in orgasmic rapture. No big surprise there . . .this town is absolutely FILLED with identical types.

Chaz said...

It really is extortion of frightened teachers. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

THE STATE OF NEW YORK, et al., Defendants.

No. 1:09-cv-05314 (RJH)(FM).
United States District Court, S.D. New York.

September 29, 2010.

RICHARD J. HOLWELL, District Judge.

Plaintiff Elizabeth Combier brings this action pursuant to the First, Fifth, Seventh, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution; 42 U.S.C. § 1983; and a number of other federal and state statutes. She alleges a wide-ranging conspiracy to deny probate of her late mother's will in order to steal her mother's estate assets. The defendants include not only her twin sister, her church, its pastor, and its insurance company, but several of the attorneys, court staff, and judges involved with the litigation surrounding her late mother's estate, all of whom she alleges conspired to fabricate a probate case against her, harass her, and ultimately deprive her of property rightfully bequeathed to her in her mother's will. Several defendants have moved to dismiss ([41], [43], [45], [47], [56], [57], [95]), and plaintiff has moved for a default judgment [77], for sanctions [81], for recusal [31], and to vacate this Court's denial of reconsideration on her prior motion for recusal [79]. This opinion disposes with each of these motions.

On August 25, 2010, Magistrate Judge Frank Maas issued a Report and Recommendation (the "Report") recommending that the motions to dismiss be granted and that plaintiff's motions for default judgment, for sanctions, for recusal, and to vacate the denial of reconsideration be denied. After receiving the Report, plaintiff requested more time in which to file objections, and the Court granted an extension of time to file objections until September 20, 2010. Within that period plaintiff timely filed her objections to the Report [100].[1] For the reasons set forth below, the Court adopts the Report and dismisses the complaint in its entirety.


Moriah Untamed said...

Just look to the Salem Witch Trials and the Inquisition. Who were the people most likely to survive? The ones who admitted guilt and promised to atone. Also the ones who informed on others and promised to continue to be informants.

People who refused to lie were killed.

It is about "The Benjamins" but it's more than that. It's about power beyond money. Power and control over people's minds.

Chaz said...


What has your comment have to do with my post?

Your problem is with Ms. Combier and you should not comment on my blog unless you have relevant information about the article.