Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How Quiet Bloomberg & Klein Are When The Public Schools Beat Out The Charter Schools

In what must have been a shocking and very disappointing report for the Charter Schools, The City and the DOE with little fanfare released their report card grades for all schools to the general public. It seems that the average Public School report card was a "B". While the average Charter School report card was a measly "C". The always obnoxious New York Post expressed its displeasure with the DOE report card by calling the grading method for Charter schools wrong. I guess it was acceptable for the Public schools only. It must have been downright shocking when the same New York Post reported the results and therefore, the newspaper's false claim that the Charter school report card was wrong.

The massive reduction in Charter school grades put to rest the myth that Charter schools are great. Even in the Charter school propaganda movie "Waiting for Superman", there is a passing reference that "only one out of five Charter schools actually are successful", and as these Charter schools receive more scrutiny, the obvious flaws will be readily apparent. They are:
  • High teacher turnover.
  • Lack of resources for English language learners and special education students.
  • Discipline codes that result in expelling of disruptive and academically challenged students.
  • Limited academic programs and extracurricular activities.
  • Lack of Administrative expertise (see here).
There are much more but you get the point.

It is time to expose the Charter school movement for what it is, just a bunch of elitists and hedge fund managers that steal funds from the neighborhood public schools without improving the long-term academic prospects of their students..

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