Friday, November 26, 2010

The DOE Will Go To Any Length To Keep A Teacher They Don't Like Out Of The Classroom - The Saga Of Melissa Petro Continues.

The New York Post reported that the ex-sex worker turned teacher, Melissa Petro complained about the accusations against her on her Twitter account and was interviewed by the Office of Special Investigations, (OSI). Believe it or not it appears that OSI is investigating her for the following horrible (sarcasm) abuses she did as a teacher. You might ask what did she do? Hurt the children? Steal school funds? Supplied phony doctor's notes? Took time off to work another job? Noooooooo. It appears Melissa's terrible charges are for using the school computers, fax, and photocopying machine for non-DOE purposes. This routine use of school equipment, which most, if not all teachers do, is now subject to an OSI investigation. How unreal is that?. I am sure what the OSI outcome will be since Ms. Petro has already been targeted and it will be substantiated no matter how frivolous the accusation is.

Melissa Petro is subject to disparate treatment by the DOE only because the Mayor4Life Michael Bloomberg ordered her out of the classroom due to her publicizing her escort services she supplied before becoming a teacher. This is consistent with the DOE 'double standard" when it comes to going after teachers and Administrators. The DOE ignores previous and even present misconduct by administrators while leaving no stone left unturned when they target teacher and the case against Melissa Petro is just the latest example of this "double standard" where teachers are presumed guilty while administrators are presumed innocent.

While I may not agree with Ms. Petro's lifestyle choices before becoming a teacher, she should be given the same consideration as others and if she wasn't arrested or harmed a child, she should be sent back to the classroom.


reality-based educator said...

The Murdoch Post keeps harping on this case while they have a jailed pedophile still on the payroll:,+Background+Checks,+Foul-Play,+Fraud+And+Investigations/articles/ym1qfYcAftR/Fox+5+Reporter+Charles+Leaf+Charged+Child

Moriah Untamed said...

The rules should be applied equally to all. That's what " All men are created equal" means. We are all equal under the law.

Bloomberg stands for the complete opposite: classism, rankism, cronyism, corruption, tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Once again the DOE shows how limited and uncreative they are in the handling of this case. I am sure that if the new chancellor Ms Black was in charge she would put this employee to good use. She has wonderful qualifications to be a dance instructor and could probably help graduates to earn necessary dollars to pay for rising tuition costs. Ah these mindless bureaucrats.

Moriah Untamed said...

Anon 12:31's comment is amusing (lol). However, now that we are on the subject of Cathie Black and how our previous employment and life style impact on our right to work for the DOE, I wonder about Black's role in and knowledge of crimes against humanity that have been alleged against Coca Cola. Until recently she was a member of the Board of Directors.