Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bloomberg Cries & Lies As Cuomo Passes A Budget With No Changes TO LIFO Or Pensions

The Emperor, Mayor4Life, Michael Bloomberg was in his crying mode after Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature tentatively agreed to a budget that keeps "last in, first out", (LIFO) for New York City teachers and keeps pensions as is. Despite the City receiving up to $200 million more education dollars, Bloomberg whined that he will still have teacher layoffs. In response, the Governor's Office pointed out that the DOE has a projected $300 million dollar surplus and should be using it to stop teacher layoffs since it would cost $257 million to keep the teachers. However, the spoiled brat Mayor4Life acts like there is no surplus and he still intends to layoff the 4,666 teachers. Furthermore, he ignores the projected 10% increase in the Administrative Bureaucracy and increases in Computer and Consultant services in the 2011-12 DOE budget. Interestingly, the media also seems to deliberately ignore the Bloomberg hypocrisy as the DOE proposes to increases the budget while the City wants to get rid of over 6,000 teachers and drastically raise class size. The question is why is the press giving Bloomberg a free ride on this obvious hypocrisy?

With the Mayor's favorable rating is at a eight year low of 39% and dropping, it would seem that whatever influence Bloomberg had with the Governor is virtually nonexistent with his attacks on the budget. Even the Governor's Office seem annoyed by Bloomberg's whining and their response can be found in the New York Daily News.

This is the time for the Teachers' Union to trot out the next commercial that would show the Mayor's hypocrisy and the poor allocations the DOE is proposing for the next school year. Tweed grows while the children suffer in their "children last" program.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Mayor Scumberg a despicable piece of garbage...?

a. Destroying the concept of democracy in a town that was always hailed as the center of democracy in this nation-The Melting Pot. He's pissed ALL OVER New York City's history and legacy for imposing his oligarchy on this city. He's a dangerous sociopath, an should be treated as such.

b. For destroying whatever was left of New York City's free press. He's ALSO pissed all over another integral part of the democratic process-a free press. How many journalists/columnsists has he bribed in his reign of terror?
This man is a piece of shit.

c. ALL the above.