Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just Imagine If Mayor Michael Bloomberg Had The Same Power As Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker Had To Change Public Employee Rights.

I shudder to think if for some reason the Emperor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had the authority to change public employee protections and rights as did Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has?  Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin's public employee unions lost many rights none more important than the  "collective bargaining  rights" for unions.  Under Governor Walker's Administration  the following erosion of employee benefits and rights have occurred.

  • Loss of collective bargaining rights by unions except for salaries.
  • Union dues and membership are no longer mandatory.
  • Health benefit premiums have doubled.
  • Pension contributions have increased to over 7%.
  • Teachers are required to abide by new working conditions like a sixth classroom period instead of a preparation period for example.
  • Elimination or restricting teacher tenure and adding more time.
The question is what would the Emperor, Michael Bloomberg do if he obtained such powers?   This is easy to predict based upon his past actions.

  • Elimination of the Tribourough Amendment  that keeps an old contract in place.
  • End collective bargaining rights.
  • Replacing the defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan (401K).
  • No seniority rights  or step increases.
  • Raises based upon merit.
  • Drastically increasing health care premiums and co-payments to employees.
As for teachers, his favorite scapegoats.  Here is what one can expect.

  • Doubling of class sizes
  • A temporary and replaceable teaching force.
  • Terminate all ATRs and teachers who have discipline charges.
  • A sixth teaching period and more time in the classroom.
  • Eliminate the 7% fixed income fund in the TDA.
  • Eliminate teacher due process rights.
  • Unlimited Charter schools.
 It is a good thing we are not Wisconsin because if the Emperor, Mayor Bloomberg had his way, the experienced teacher who lasts long enough for a pension and retiree health benefits would be a  rare event indeed.

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