Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Summer Plans - Relax And Enjoy Myself.

I will be leaving my chaotic high school which will have the same students with the same academic and discipline problems, regardless if the school becomes a "Turnaround school" or not.  In fact the school is expecting a greater influx of ELL and special education students which means more CTT classes and more academic and behavioral issues for the school.  However, that is now behind me, I will be looking forward to my summer with a sense of calm and relaxation knowing I will not be part of this disaster in the making in my old school.

I do not expect any job offers this summer, despite the shortage in my subject area because of my salary, age, and the DOE discipline flag in my file, Remember, the DOE is encouraging the schools to hire the cheap, untenured, and young teachers since, for the principals it is not about what is best for their students but what is best for their budget. Yes, I will go to the customary job fair where I will have a reunion of the over 50 set and listen as we tell each other stories of our frustration in landing a position.  I have already applied for twelve open positions and received no responses and I don't expect to receive an interview.  I will not work summer school since I consider it "blood money", with no breaks from 8am to 1pm and Therefore, here is what I plan for my summer vacation.

  • Relax, and enjoy the summer in my backyard hammock.
  • Work on my garden and take bicycle rides in my neighborhood.
  • Visit friends and go with my daughter to look at wedding gowns
  • Go to the beach and swim in the water.
  • Take a cruise to Bermuda with my wife.
While many of my colleagues are worried about  their school positions, I intend to relax and  enjoy myself as I bide my time for the right position to appear that is a "good fit" for me.


Pissedoffteacher said...

Enjoy your summer. You deserve it. I never did summer school while working. It is slave labor.

Congrats on daughter's wedding.

Thec DOE doesn't care about kids because if they did a great teacher like you would be in a classroom.

NYC Educator said...

I second everything POd said, particularly the congratulations on your daughter's wedding!

veteran teacher said...

Enjoy your daughter's wedding, chaz! i too am getting married after the school year ends and am doing my best not to let the 'stigma' of being an atr ruin my summer which it will not.

I 'earned' an S rating from my supervisor, so that is a load off my chest.

does anyone know if a lot of atrs received a U?

zulma said...

This is wonderful news to hear about your daughter's wedding. Congrats to your daughter. May she have a wonderful, blessed event.

I stopped working summer school in 2002 and I never went back. Each summer gets more and more enjoyable.

The school with the "right fit" will come soon.

Enjoy your summer.