Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Principal Linda Hill, Just Another Bad Principal That The DOE Refuses to Remove Despite Accusations Of Financial Mismanagement.

If you are familiar with the Franscesco Portelos saga, you know that this teacher was removed from his school, IS 49 in Staten Island after he made accusations about financial mismanagement at the school.  According to Mr Portelos the Principal didn't produce a time card, digitally clocked but filled in the per session times by hand.  According to Mr, Portelos the NYC Auditor General in 2011 found $40,000 in financial deficiencies under Principal's Hill watch and questions about "double dipping".  This is the same principal who called a student who was seriously hurt in a book throwing incident that damaged his spleen and cause him to get an operation to remove it, "Spleen boy" and was not even reprimanded by the DOE.

To tell you how disrespected Principal Linda Hill is the staff voted in a "rubberized" teacher she railroaded out of the school as the "Chapter Leader".  Right Franscesco Portelos!  No other school has done this and you must conclude that the school teaching staff harbor such deep disrespect for the Principal that they elkected a "rubber room" teacher as "Chapter Leader".

The question is how can the DOE keep a Principal in charge of a school that the staff disrespects to the point of electing a teacher not in the school as "Chapter Leader"?  Furthermore, shouldn't the DOE remove the Principal for the  alleged $40,000 financial irregularity found by the City?  How about the alleged "double dipping" can one Principal be at two places at once?  Even Houdini can't  wiggle out of that box. Yet the DOE closes their collective eyes when it comes to the investigation of Principal Linda Hill while percecuting teacher Francesco Portelos.

Just another case of the DOE "double standard" in protecting a "bad Principal" at the expense of the school's students and staff in their ever continuing program of "children last".


zulma said...

Here's some info on how the longest sitting principal was removed because of impropries with per session.

"Robert Leder was the school's second principal and had remained principal for most of its 37 year existence. After a New York City Department of Education investigation of two assistant principals and abuse of overtime funds, Mr. Leder was given the choice to resign his post as principal at the end of the year, or be immediately removed and reassigned. His decision, amid a great deal of student and parent protest, was to resign effective June 30, 2008."

If the SCI and the DoE were able to remove Leder, why is Linda Hill still there?

Francesco Portelos said...

Chaz, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are allegations of accepting kickbacks from outside vendors. Not to mention using school credit card for personal items. You also need a whole other post about the assistant principal.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Andrea Belcher from PS181Q. Lenon M. tried to leave the public with the impression that she is a decent person. However, misappropriation of funds is... MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS.