Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Typical Education4Excellence Member - Clueless

I just laughed when blogger South Bronx School showed a video of an Educators4Excellence (E4E) member at their youth rally holding a sign supporting the "teacher evaluation system" at today's demonstration who was obviously clueless of what he was supporting.  First the interviewer asked this E4E member to explain the  "Value Added Measurement"  part of the "teacher evaluation system".  He seemed befuddled and said he couldn't right now. The second question asked by the interviewer to the increasingly uncomfortable E4E member was what "Value Added Measurement" means.  He mumbled something incomprehensible but did not even attempt to know what it meant.  Finally, the interviewer asked this totally clueless E4E member if he understood the math behind the "Value Added Measurement" , by now he was completely dumbfounded and did not respond at all.

I truly hope this clueless E4E member is not a teacher but simply an E4E non-educator that was looking for some free doughnuts.  However, if he is a teacher, I feel very sorry for the students in his classroom who must be embarrassed that their teacher is in support of a program that he knows nothing about.


NYCDOEnuts said...

I feel really really (really) bad for this guy.


Because if these pseudo demonstrations keep creeping up in the news, he's probably going to be a poster boy for their lack of knowledge of what they're pushing for.

I feel really really bad for this guy.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Love the picture. It goes so well with the idiot being interviewed.

Anonymous said...

I actually met a teacher at my school who got suckered into one of the E$E meetings last week. I told him about the fact that they are a millionaire backed/union busting, group that seeks to charterize education. I also informed him that they are ant-tenure and anti-seniority and they are pushing for value added. He said at the meeting that he went to that the discussion was mainly to get a new contract that has a merit based system. It was great to know that this teacher openly admitted that he did not know the real agenda of E4E but before the meeting but left that meeting feeling "rubbed the wrong way". Lastly, he got the gist that many of the people running the meeting were not actual teachers. In the end, I don't think E4E slugs are going to make any waves inside the UFT but their corporate backed, big buck goons can do a lot of damage in the coming month. It is key to educate all of your fellow teachers about what is going on right now with the flawed evaluation system that might be thrown at us.

Michael Fiorillo said...


While your sympathy for this hapless stooge is understandable, the fact remains that E$E is a very insidious group that should have a should have a stake driven through it's heart.

Manipulating the naïveté of young teachers, for the purpose of destroying the careers of their colleagues, is a really despicable thing.

NYC Educator said...

Indeed, they could be destroying not only the careers of their colleagues, but their own as well. Amazing what free donuts will bring out of some people.