Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another Disgusting Example Of DOE's Double Standard When Disciplining Administartors.

Here we go again.  The Daily News reported that a Bronx  junior high school "Leadership Academy Principal" Emmanuel Polanco used his alter ego as "El Siki" to produce a smut video that borders on "porn" and the DOE's response was to tell the newspaper that they will "investigate the accusation".  Yes, the Principal of the school was exposed as a champagne drinking, girl chasing, dirty dancing, sex machine in his music video,  Yet the DOE has left this Principal to run the school despite many of the students who have seen the video and chant "El Siki" as he roams the hallways.  It was reported that Emmanuel Polanco was investigated previously by SCI and OSI but it did not stop the DOE from making him a Principal.

The parents of students in the school are appalled by the video and want Emmanuel Polanco removed as he is a poor role model for the children.  One parent said the following:

Someone has to hold this guy accountable,” said Cecilia Donovan, whose daughter Ciara, 12, is a seventh-grader at the school. “It’s ridiculous what he’s doing there.”

Here is a 30 year old Principal that has limited teaching experience who has shown that he is a terrible role model and yet the DOE chooses to leave him in his position as a school leader.  Unbelievable but true.  By contrast the DOE saw no problem in terminating this guidance counselor for doing a lingerie photo shoot a decade ago when she was nineteen here..

This is just the latest example of the DOE "double standard" when disciplining staff and administrators.  Here are so many other examples of the DOE failing to discipline administrators and managers who committed misconduct.  Here, here, here, herehere, here, and here.

These examples clearly show the "double standard" at its worst.  However, nothing compares to this outrageous issue of this DOE non-action.  Yes, this Administrator was canned from a Catholic school for sexual misconduct, yet the DOE still hired him and refuses to remove him when confronted with the sexual misconduct issue at his previous school.

The DOE's "double standard" continues and until they treat administrators and managers the same as staff, their complaints about terminating staff for alleged misconduct must be taken with a grain of salt.  The DOE are hypocrites and do not use the same standards for disciplining their administrators and managers.


I noticed that... said...

He used to work at International School of Liberal Arts (ISLA) inside the Walton HS Complex (Bx).

Here's how corrupt our system is when cronyism goes unchecked. Karen Maldonado, then principal of ISLA, approved his leave of absence for several weeks (sp'08 or sp'09) so he can videotaped a "reggaeton" video in DR. Several teachers at the school blew the whistle by reporting this to OSI and SCI.

The whistbleblowers showed the video to them and they gave them details of the special "relationship" that Polanco and Maldonado had and the many "arrangements" she made for him by making him a coach, where he has an elementary school level license to mentor the high school teachers at ISLA, and to have the run of the school.

Till this day those whistleblowers are wondering what bureacratic power did Maldonado had that Polanco can get an unqualified leave of absence and then for him to become principal.

Let's get him fired! I plan to speak to those whistleblowers if they want to go to the press about the ISLA cronyism incident.

I noticed that... said...

Description Effective Begin Date Effective End Date Status
Bilingual Education Extension Permanent Extension 09/01/2009 Issued
Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 Permanent Certificate 09/01/2009 Issued
School Building Leader Initial Certificate 09/01/2010 08/31/2015 Issued
Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 Provisional Certificate 02/01/2004 01/31/2010 Expired
Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6 Transitional B Certificate 02/01/2004 01/31/2007 Expired
Bilingual Education Extension Provisional Extension 02/01/2008 01/31/2010 Expired

bookworm said...

The double standard applies to discipline as well. Last, year, a teacher in my building was run down in the classroom by two overage, adult-sized students who were fighting and running in the classroom at full speed. He left school on a backboard, had two surgeries, and, even after a fairly lengthy LODI leave, still has permanent back injuries and is still getting treatment.

The kids' punishment for this? A ten day suspension, to which neither ever showed up. Apparently,their punishment was to sleep late and watch TV at home for 2 weeks.

Fast forward a few months where a student punches an administrator in the face. The administrator suffered no long term injuries and was out for one or two days.

The kids' punishment for this (and don't interpret this as thinking it's ok to punch ANY adult, because it obviously is not)? Sixty days out of school, and their attendance was monitored.

Apparently, you can hospitalize a teacher and leave permanent injuries and that's just "horseplay", but punching an ADMINISTRATOR, well, that's a serious offense!

Principals are Bullies, too! said...

and Chaz...don't forget this,

Anonymous said...

Wow! You just can't make this stuff up. Let's see if the DOE takes action.

Assailed Teacher said...

Oh my, imagine if this was a teacher. Imagine the sanctimonious drivel spewing forth from Puritan Walcot's pursed lips. Imagine the indignation of "our children" being exposed to such a vile, unsavory creature!

Imagine if this principal had stolen 500 dollars from the petty cash drawer. The DOE would hang him by his thumbs. That is the only time the DOE has ever disciplined a principal. Oh, don't take any of that DOE money. You can do anything else as a principal but that.

No surprise that this piece of work is from the Leadership Academy. I made it to the last round of the LA process and the people I saw there, almost as a rule, were scary. They didn't accept me because, on the final interview, I refused to say that I would start firing teachers if they gave me a failing school to turn around.

This man should at least be demoted if not totally terminated.

Anonymous said...

The DOE are true hypocrites. They persecute teachers on the most flimsy of excuses but ignore administrator misconduct.

Why doesn't the union make an issue about this double standard"?

Anonymous said...

This is a response to what Assailed Teacher said..."That is the only time the DOE has ever disciplined a principal. Oh, don't take any of that DOE money."

Andrea Belcher, former principal of PS181Q is this kind of principal. She played around with NYCDOE $$$. MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS.

alisa said...

tbh that school is trash,thats why i lef tht school