Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where Did Educators 4 Excellence Get $250,000 To Air A Television Commercial?

I am puzzled how an organization that represents less than 1% of the teachers (a hundred or so) and that has no dues can afford to air a television commercial that cost $250,000?  Of course I m not so naive to think that Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) funded the television commercial themselves.  They probably obtained the funding from their masters and benefactors, the Gates foundation, Democrats for Education Reform, and Education Reform Now. This organization, made up of ex-Teach For America teachers, many who have already fled the classroom to do the bidding of the anti-teacher groups These anti-teacher groups (ed deformers) get their money from corporate hedge fund managers and billionaires who's main goal is to destroy public education as we know it.

The latest rally for E4E was a disappointment with few people showing up and the ones who did, were there for the "freebies".  How many were legitimate teachers who actually attended? Not many, if my sources are correct.  It would have been interesting if E4E participated in a legitimate election for union representatives and see if they could have gained a hundred or more votes.  I guess they were afraid that their lack of support from the rank and file would be exposed and that the media would realize that E4E is a fringe group and do not represent the teachers of New York City. I guess for E4E it was best to continue the fiction that they represent the teachers than having the general public know the truth.

I would really like to know the list of donors to E4E.  However, the organization refuses to show the world who funds them and how much.  They are a cancer to our profession and like all cancers, left ignored, they will kill the body.  These "fifth columnists " must be removed from our teaching profession.


Anonymous said...

The fact that E$E can not/will not form a legitimate caucus within the UFT proves the fact that they are indeed a sham front group for the ed-defromers who are Hell bent on destroying what is left of our union.

Anonymous said...

You got it right chaz! They are a cancer and needs to be exposed and removed from our profession.

ed notes online said...

I met a former E4E at the NYCORE/MORE even the other night. She told me she once ran into me when I gave out leaflets in front of an e4e event and thought I must have been nuts. But she is now NYCORE/MORE and made me feel it wasn't totally a waste going there.

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Anonymous said...

chaz, yoour picture is very funny and true.