Sunday, May 26, 2013

Will The Next Mayor Grant Retroactive Raises? Yes...But.

One of the major questions that City workers have is whomever wins the Mayoral election will the new City Administration negotiate a deal that includes "retroactive raises"?   The short answer is yes but it will be more complicated than simply granting the "retroactive raises" and it depends on the union.

For the teachers union and a couple of others like CSA, who Mayor Bloomberg refused to follow the "City pattern", the new mayor will "bite the bullet" and give these unions the previous  "City pattern" that the Bloomberg Administration failed to do.  There may be some "face saving" cosmetic changes, especially when the non-binding Arbitrator report comes out with their recommendations.  However, with an improving economic climate and an Arbitrator report in hand, it will provide cover for the new City Administration to give to the few unions who were excluded from the previous "City pattern" to receive their "retroactive raises" with some modifications.

However, the new "City pattern" will not be as generous as the previous 8% two year contract since the inflation rate is only running at 2% and while the economic conditions in the City have improved, it's certainly not robust.  Therefore, look for a contract that hovers around the inflation rate which is half of what was offered in the last one, 4% annually for two years, and may be back loading the raises to the last year to save money for the City. It's possible that the "retroactive raises" may be negotiated in this contract to pay for health care or other benefits since most of these unions will be willing to give them up if they get better benefits as a tradeoff.

It's also possible that the new "City pattern" may be more generous than I am predicting but it will mean that the City and unions struck a deal for City workers to pay a share of their health care costs which will face stiff resistance from the older members and retirees and I am not expecting that to happen.  Therefore, look for the new Mayor to negotiate contracts with all the City unions that will include back loading most of the raises to the end of the contract while allowing for the "retroactive raises". 

In conclusion look for about a 2% annual raise with most of the first year raise payable toward the end of the contract and the "retroactive raises" being either back loaded or used for enhanced benefits.


NYC Educator said...

I'm not at all sure it's that simple. As far as a new city pattern, you may well be correct. But the fact is, we are not one but rather two contracts behind. We were, in fact, left out of the last round of bargaining by Emperor Bloomberg. If we don't get the last pattern in addition to the next, something is seriously inequitable here.

Anonymous said...

what happens to teachers that get "u" out of the system with the new evualtions coming?

NYC Educator said...

It's my understanding that if you get a U this year, assuming you aren't brought up on charges, it will take them another two years to bring you to 3020a. Your first bad junk science rating will require another before they can get rid of you. During your second year, there will have to be an improvement plan and a "validator." If the validator thinks you're OK, DOE will have to establish your incompetence as they do now. If the validator says thumbs down, you will have to establish you are not incompetent, and I have no idea how anyone will be able to do that.

Anonymous said...

We will get nothing. If you account for inflation and increased contributions to healthcare premiums. Couple inflation with the three piece wearing parasites in the union giving it to us without lubrication, you can expect more givebacks and increased hours. If anything we will actually be making less. If one can survive the culling of the new evaluation system then expect to pay a 40 percent excise tax on your healthcare benefits under the Orwellian Affordable Care Act..
Angry Nog

Chaz said...

Anon 12:13

I agree with NYC Educator, that is why many principals are trying to file 3020-a charges for incompetence before the end of the school year.

burntoutteacher said...

Over the past two years, principals have ALREADY started 3020a hearings on teachers with U ratings, even after a single U. I know this for a fact. In one school alone, 3 teachers retired one step ahead of the 3020a hearings, in one case after a single U and in the other two after 2 years of U's. So just because a contract, old or new, gives teachers the right to a course of "remediation", don't count on it. The principals have all the power and the union none.

Anonymous said...

Can we rid these people from students first?? WHo are these people and cant they find something else to do or to bother someone else. It seems as though they are like nats or flies that you cant seem to rid away