Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally, Even The Non-Educators At Tweed Admit That The Leadership Academy Is A Costly Failure.

The City's Independent Budget Office (IBO) found that there has been a drastic decline in "Leadership Academy Principals" in the New York City School System.  It was only a couple years age that 17% of the Principals came from the "Leadership Academy" with little or no classroom experience and populated the UFT's list of "Principals In Need Of Improvement".   Now the DOE admits that "fast tracking" prospective principals with little or no classroom experience resulted in little academic achievement and high teacher turnover and only 30 principal wannabees are now in the "Leadership Academy"program.

While the DOE has not publicly discussed the reduction of "Leadership Academy Principals" in the New York City School system, at a principals conference in January of this year, Deputy Chancellor David Wiener said the following.

The department has “not done a great job” of recruiting principals, He added, “Starting at the end of the process might not be the best place.”

Now if the DOE will only eliminate the program entirely as the majority of  "Leadership Academy Principals" have not helped our student's academic achievement or proven worthy of working collaboratively with their teaching staff.  Too many of these Principals have found themselves in trouble  and then there is this!  Now many of the "Leadership Academy principals" find themselves under  fire by parents, teachers, and even the DOE!

It's time to eliminate this Joel Klein inspired program that is bad for students, bad for teachers, and bad for the New York City Public Schools.

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Francesco Portelos said...

How can we get a list of the graduates from Leadership? Mine was a graduate. I tried FOIL, but was denied.