Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Real Legacy Of Ex Chancellor Joel Klein.

According to Politico, the Columbia University's Double Discovery Center will be giving Ex Chancellor Joel Klein their highest award, the James Shenton AwardOne would think that such an award would be given to only those who made a difference for public education of underprivileged students.  However, the truth is under Chancellor Joel Klein, the income/racial academic income gap actually widened.  His claims of academic excellence was all "smoke and mirrors: and even Mayor Bloomberg canned him when the truth was picked up by the media. Far from being a top educator, Joel Klein did more harm and little good when it came to really serving underprivileged students.

Under Chancellor Joel Klein, class sizes increased, highly experienced teachers were cast aside for clueless "newbies" and school budgets were siphoned to feed the ever growing Central Bureaucracy at the DOE.  Worse, was the destruction of the large neighborhood high schools by dumping "high needs" students into the schools to force them to fail and close  Read the New Yorker article at what Joel Klein did to Jamaica High School.  Moreover, his disrespect for teachers and ignoring community concerns are legendary.    Finally, his support of Charter schools and co-locating them in public schools were both morally and economically wrong for the public school students, especially the disadvantaged.

To remind people of the destructive Klein policies read his legacy Here.


Anonymous said...

He was a walking joke with all. I'm talking about the people very close to the mayor. He had a nickname that is too vulgar to write. What's funny is that he's advertised as an education expert by the media. I recently saw a horrible interview in which Diana Williams interviewed him as a top education guru. It was simply sickening. He has failed at every attempted improvement in education. The company he was handed was also a dismal failure. The only one I can think of who has no education background, the same background as a lawyer and failed at everything is Randi Weingarten. Two sides of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what those in power and control can do when they want to push their beliefs. Joel Klein has been a proven failure in the field of public education, while serving his bosses successfully to both undermine and destroy public education. This man should be put in solitary confinement and kept away from civilized society, and even farther away from children.

The evil policies pushed forth under Bloomberg's Department of Education could only receive the admiration and praise of someone like a Rupert Murdoch; his resume of hostility and undermining democracy and public education we're golden bullets that caught the eye of his new master.

The heaping of praise and presentation of awards to those who are unworthy and undeserving symbolize the wrongs that we face today. What we are witnessing is the world turned upside down...that which is good is perceived to be evil, and that which is evil is perceived to be good. Thus, the closing of Jamaica High School and other public schools, and the faux awards and faux recognition to Klein.

Only in America can a monster so evil, be rewarded and praised.

We have seen the praising of Hurricane Katrina and the Stock Market Crash...and the bashing of students and their families of being failures, and our teachers and unions being blamed for the ills of society.

We must bring sanity and ethical values back to our neighborhoods and communities...and correct what those such as Bloomberg, Klein, and Murdoch have deformed...and call them out for what they are.

They deserve to be stripped of their wealth and power, and thrown into prison for their trespasses against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Columbia must have received a very nice donation.

Anonymous said...

I almost fainted when I read that Klein was getting this award. As a Columbia alumnus and NYC teacher it is the height of hypocrisy. Look at the Grant Wood painting, "American Gothic "; you know the one. Klein and Weingarten are side by side; if Hillary is elected look for her to be to no avail. My diploma has been devalued.