Thursday, April 18, 2019

For Experienced Teachers The Open Market Transfer System Is A Joke

The Open Market Transfer System (OMTS) is now open.  However, if you are a veteran teacher, the OMTS is simply a joke since principals are only looking for cheap and "newbie" teachers.  This is because the DOE inspired Fair Student Funding penalizes principals who hire veteran teachers.

While the DOE and UFT will not admit it, the OMTS is only successfully used by untenured teachers.  Few veteran teachers can use the OMTS to transfer to another school.

Ask any veteran teacher if they were able to transfer to another school, using the OMTS  if they have ten or more years of teaching experience and you will find out that the numbers are few.  Many veteran teachers can't even get a simple interview least a job offer!.

The OTMS is only useful for inexperienced and untenured teachers, experienced teachers need not apply.


Anonymous said...

Would someone with ten or more years in the DOE please detail their experience if they were able to transfer schools WITHOUT a hook? I would really like to know if it is possible. This is crucial information that needs to be shared. There are a few veteran teachers at my school looking to transfer but are worried that it will be impossible.

Anonymous said...

I was able to transfer however, it was difficult. What I did was use the OMTS to find open spots and then would go to the school to meet with the principal/AP directly. This led to being hired at a different school but it required a lot of legwork.

Anonymous said...

I have been renewing my open market transfer acct every year because the system requires us to re-register every year. I have been in the atr pool for five years now and have applied to dozens of schools every year.

I am a social worker and I can attest that every year is the same story. What is the same story you ask? I Have not received an invitation for an interview ever and my resume is superior with much experience in social emotional well being for our students. In a system of students who may be the highest needy students in the world to have social workers sitting around is actually a crime if you think about it. And to to add on but I know dozens of atrs whether they are teachers, social workers or guidance counselors the story of each is the same as mine.

However this is what the infamous NYCDOE chooses! Peace.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying FOR YEARS to get a permanent position as an ATR for the past 7 years with the rare bite for an interview via the open market and have been wholly unsuccessful. Most of my interviews have been from ATR mandatory interviews and those have been unsuccessful as well. It sucks cause I am already interviewing with a strike against me as an ATR and a strike against me because of fair student funding.

Anonymous said...

Transferring and getting appointed are two different things.

Anonymous said...

Are the ATR's who are commenting here in the ATR pool due to excessing or for misconduct? Those who are ATR's who are in the pool for misconduct have a "red flag" on their files and it must be close to impossible to land a successful transfer.

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot would transfer without an appointment if you as me.

Anonymous said...

I got an open market transfer 5 years ago on top salary! Principal valued veteran leadership! He did his leg work also by calling my former schools who all gave me raving reviews. It helps that in 25 years I have never been late and rarely call in absent.

Chaz said...


I don't believe you. What school? Who's the Principal?

Failing to answer proves your lying.

Anonymous said...

Yes 4:44PM. Provide your name, the principal's name and school. Let Chaz verify.

Anonymous said...

My wife spent years as an ATR and never got one interview. She retired last year and a week latter she sent out the same resume she used with the DOE and got an 3 separate interviews and job offer in Long Island. No one can say the ATR pool, Fair Student Funding and the Open Market is anything but age discrimination. Something needs to be done, but I believe the UFT is involved. I don’t mind telling everyone I’m withholding dues this June until the UFT fixes this.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that you are not allowed to work with a cask on your own. A teacher was hurt by a student in the building.

Please informed. Thanks.

waitingforsupport said...

I believe @4:44pm...the history ATR @ my school was hired by my principal. He too respects veteran teachers. I know it's not open market but the concept of a principal appreciating a vet is real.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone hating on 4:44Pm?
while i never had success using the open market duing the summer
i did get hired mid year for a position i wanted through the ATR incentive
yes mine was a unusual case
but to say no-one gets hired is a bit short sighted.

Anonymous said...

I was an atr for 6 years. I was a veteran teacher who was promised many positions over the years but when those positions were posted administrations turned a blind eye. Two years ago during my 15 year of teaching, I decided to go on the open market and applied for a position in a non-traditional school in the alternative school district. This place couldnt get a content area teacher because of the location of the program. Many appliciants just made it to the front door and left when they saw what kind of place this is. I went to my interview and did a demo lesson. I was immediately offered a position and it has pumped new life into my teaching bones. I feel for my atr brothers and sisters. It is a terrible and inhuman situation that the doe has put you in. However, dont give up hope. You need to apply to jobs and programs in the non-traditional school disricts and programs. These programs may seem challenging because of the nature of the students that you will be teaching, but it may be a chance also for you to get a new chance at actually getting a real permanent position.

Anon said...


I always worked with a cask on my own! My St. Bernard took attendance, AND saved me from that same dangerous student!
Alas, he is now an ATR in the Bronx.

waitingforsupport said...

Maybe 4:44pm doesn't want to say the name of the school/principal because they don't want nonsense to mess up their good thing. I certainly wouldn't tell. The only reason to tell is to please folks on a blog. I'll pass. Let's just take 4:44 PM at their word. True or not. Just my 2.5 cents

Anonymous said...

Remember, there is no such title as ATR. You're a teacher in the ATR. Anyone who calls you ATR is wrong. We're all still teachers.

Anonymous said...

Chaz may have been a little harsh with you but what you wrote is true, you are the exception and not the rule.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason for 4:44 to reveal who they are to a bunch of random strangers on the internet.

Anonymous said...


Stop talking about ATR. Some of us like being ATR. I have been an ATR for 2 years. Believe me I never want to go back to regular classroom teacher. I look at my colleaques and all I see is stress, complaints and a lack of respect.

Anonymous said...

Why is the UFT allowing age discrimination based on experience and salary?

Anonymous said...

The UFT is siding with all the vindictive Leadership Principals like Dwarka who is dragging the school to the ground by purging the school of experienced teachers.

Anonymous said...

The DOE will rather target older teachers than use them to train younger teachers.

mkrstic said...

That is extremely rare. Also, why are you talking about absences? We have the RIGHT to sick days. If you report to work sick you are endangering everyone around you, not to mention, being a fool! How dare to perpetuate the DOEs attempt to enslave us!

Anonymous said...

What is often not discussed or known is how much hiring by principals directly vs. the central Board of Ed sending teachers to schools, like they used to, is that human foibles are now part of the process.

If you are good looking - more points for getting hired.
If you are young and untenured - double points!
If you are slim of figure and appear energetic - more points.
If you are all of the above, and your principal is attracted to you, you're in!
If you have tenure, are older or were ever excessed - minus half the points you might have had based on education and experience!

Experience does not matter to most of these 'new' principals, who are gassed up by the DOE and told they are managers (one step below God) in their domains and can do as they please.

I work in a place that is filled with really good looking teachers. Many of the staff have commented on this out loud over the years: "We have a really good looking staff!"

I can tell you this is no accident. The admins hired comely looking people. I'm older now and am no longer in that millennial crowd, but I can see clearly how inequality of looks can really hurt a person's chances. If I wanted to use Open Market now, I doubt I would be able to move due to age, tenure and not being a spring chicken anymore!

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I think very telling. Do Carranza's kids attend a NYC Public school? Bill DiB got one kid into Bkyln Tech (specialized) and the other into Beacon (100% screened) but what about the current Chancellor? Where does he send his own kids--cannot find anything in local media about him at all

Jonathan Halabi said...

If we could undo one aspect of the 2005 Contract, I would argue that Open Market transfers be that one. They have provided a tool for principals to systematically discriminate against experienced teachers - while Bloomberg was guaranteeing through school-closures that large numbers were being forced to try to transfer. It is a bad sign that de Blasio has maintained this system.


Anonymous said...

As a current principal I would like to share my 2 cents:

I disagree with the sentiment that my colleagues and I choose cheap over knowlegable (noticed I didn't say experienced). In fact when it comes to FSF the size of your school greatly impacts you avg teacher salary.

For instance, in my rather large school (roughly 60-70 teachers), if I added on a teacher with the top salary, the avg teacher salary does not go up that much. However, in a smaller school with less teachers, the expensive teacher can greatly raise this average.

In general, I have gotten most of my teachers through the open market. Most of these hires came as referrals from my top teachers (how most principals hire).

What do I look for when hiring?

1- Love of children
2- Content and Pedalogical understanding
3- Team player
4- Fit for what the school currently needs.

I can't say this is everyone's practice but I value ensuring my kids have a good teacher and if it cost me 10k more in my budget, it will probably save 50k in training and/or man hours

Chaz said...

Obviously, you are the exception and not the rule, if what you say is true in your case.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your integrity .
As a 29 yr vet teacher I now understand the cost savings that my principal was after by attacking me a year ago .I survived and will retire in 8 weeks as planned .I am in a small program with under 15 teachers and underenrollment.

This dastardly principal and his henchwoman didn't realise that I've been a reader of chaz and other blogs .I was ready for defense and offensives too .

I recommend portelos site too .

Human rights
Contact SCI and OSI
Counter their false accusations
Hire a lawyer Bryan
Don't talk to anyone in school other than union if trusted

Have the admins feel what it's like to have your livelihood threatened. Hit em up. Hit em hard

Good luck .
Summer is almost here

Anonymous said...

This blog teaches senior and mid level teachers what to do if threatened by the new admins .What a valuable tool.
Thanks chaz and all who understand .

jojo said...

what do you mean FOIL?