Friday, April 26, 2019

How Many Votes Did Educators 4 Excellence Receive In The UFT Election?

Micheal Loeb, a Bronx teacher and Chapter Leader is a national board member for the education deformer organization, Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) ran on the UFT integrity line and received a whopping 25 votes!   That's right, only 25 votes and I guess many of those votes came from his Teach For America dominated Bronx school.

This should prove to most educators that Educators 4 Excellence has no support from the rank and file at the UFT.  Moreover, its time for the UFT leadership to stop acting like E4E is a legitimate caucus and  admit that E4E does not represent the union or our interests.  Finally. E4E is simply a front for education reform organizations and are funded by the likes of Bill Gates and other anti-teacher groups.


Anonymous said...

The fact that E$E is allied with Unity simply shows the disgust I have for the current UFT leadership.

Anonymous said...

UNITY=Enemy. E4E=Enemy. Always remember, "The friend of my enemy is my enemy".

Anonymous said...

The UFT legitimizes E4E to the point they let them run on the ballot, but refuse to allow an ATR chapter on the grounds it’s a temporary status. It’s currently 14 years and counting and shows no signs of ending.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me about retirement and taxes.

1) The TDA I know is State and federal but is the tax by city and state.
I was told to TDA was tax-free city and state but
I also was told that the TDA the first 20,000 is not taxed by the city or state.
Which is correct?

2)I also have the city 457 is the same problem as above?

Thank you in advance
A teacher thinking of retiring

Anonymous said...

Grace Zwillenberg must have had weight loss surgery....take a look at her Twitter pic.....wwwhhhhaaaaa!

Anonymous said...


Zwillenberg actually paid money to look like that?

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

11:41 AM. TDA and 457 fully taxed by feds
TDA tax free city and state
First 20,000 of 457 distribution state tax free

Anonymous said...

diblasio new budget over 92 BILLION dollars for NYC. 35 BILLION dollars for education. ATR pool cost 100 million. So 100 million of 35 billion is chump change so the atr pool will never end bloomberg can now relax and get some sleep

Anonymous said...

Eva moskowitch wants to run over public schools with her steam shovel which was donated by the charter association of NY. Eva has dreams of owning NYC schools with other peoples money similar to socialism.

We all know socialism. Socialism in websters says its a good system until you run out of other peoples money

Anonymous said...


You did not describe socialism you described fascism. Get it straight.....fascism privatizes public sector efforts and siphons off the cash into a handful of the chosen few.

waitingforsupport said...

@8:51 PM: You're question is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

To 1:56 A.M
Thank you