Sunday, April 21, 2019

Will Solidarity Become The Dominant Opposition Caucus?

As expected, the Unity caucus swept all the positions as the opposition caucuses could not agree with each other to form a united front.  The biggest loser was MORE, who lost their moderate supporters and 58% of their vote as they moved to the extreme left.  While the biggest winner is Solidarity which is becoming less of a one man show and more of a legitimate opposition.  Retirees made up 46.6% of the total UFT vote.

For Solidarity to evolve into the primary opposition caucus,  they must get better candidates for the mid level positions and to reach out to the retiree community.  Otherwise, Solidarity will continue to spit into the wind when it comes to winning seats in the next election.

The table below are the election numbers for your information.

2019 UFT Election

New Action...1,382

Read the JD2718 blog for a complete breakdown of the votes. 


Anonymous said...

Solidarity are hands down the ONLY caucus who are dedicated 100% to teacher working conditions. Nothing else should matter for any caucus. Screw "social justice" nonsense and screw "having a seat at the table" nonsense as well. The teachers of NYC want nothing more but to be treated fairly for the hard work that we do.

Anonymous said...

The UFT has only one caucus. The others don’t matter, they suit a purpose. Don’t fool yourself - the UFT isn’t a real union. Ask for help sometime and find out.

Jonathan Halabi said...

Unions are in theory organized for the protection of the "little guy" - us. It gets complicated, especially where the union gets powerful and the leaders become disconnected from the membership - but there is still an element of "standing up for the little guy" in any movement that's going to go anywhere.

That's why, for instance, E4E can have a handful of followers, but will never be a substantial current. It's also why oppositions through the years have also carried progressive politics beyond regular school issues - agree or disagree with them, they should not be surprising to us. New Action against apartheid, GEM against high stakes testing, MORE against suspensions. It also should not be surprising that the leadership's caucus is susceptible to being moved on these David vs Goliath issues as well: Dream Act, Stop and Frisk, etc, etc.

And it is also why the non-progressive caucus probably has a low ceiling on its potential vote. Not sure how close they came, but they won't go much further. it's also why they showed no particular strength in the high schools, where opposition usually arises, but instead among retirees.


Anonymous said...

What is the big fight over? Yeah they dominate the handful of people they got to vote. MORE had a chance to do something here. They started something. Then they decided to be selfish, stupid and push the movement back a good ten years. Solidarity needs better people if they're ever gonna do anything. There's a good reason they're alone.

Anonymous said...

I am curious- how many active and how many retired were eligible to vote?

Anonymous said...

I am glad unity won. I was a teacher for 30 years. Would tell them not to vote for unity. Vote for someone else. But now that I am retired I vote Unity. Why? Because I want to see the abuse of teachers continue. And under the Michael Mulgrew regime it will continue.Good luck all you fools. I am retired.

Anonymous said...

UNITY, UNITY I told you 3 weeks ago Mulgrew all the way. Now if we can just get rid of all those ATR's!

Pete Zucker said...

Solidarity will never go forward as long as the narcissistic sociopath Portelos is affiliated.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:03 I am an ATR. Would never want to go back to the classroom.
No skedula, no parents, and best of all the department of education is offering me 50000 dollars to retire. Where is your offer.

Anonymous said...

@Peter Zucker sounds like you met or spoke to Portelos! I think you were a little too kind.

Anonymous said...

hey 513
as an atr -- love your attitude-
just worried that next year we( atrs) will all be placed for a year at a time- was basically that this year.
then schools will be pressured to put us in classrooms- via team teching or other schengians
then comes danielson
and goodby good times!1

ed notes online said...

Jonathan - oppositions through the years have also carried progressive politics beyond regular school issues - of course High stakes testing and suspension are school issues.