Sunday, August 18, 2019

Chancellor Carranza's Cronies Grab Salary Raises As High As 35%

Chancellor Richard Carranza approved raises as high as 35% for his cronies while the teachers negotiated raises of a messily 2% this year.  How can the Chancellor justify such outrageous raises when he shortchanges school budgets by only funding 90% of their fair student funding?

Susan Edelman has an article that tells all and is a must read Here. The only question I have is that quoting Eric Nadelstern is questionable since he, as Deputy Chancellor under the infamous Joel Klein, implemented some of the more anti-teacher policies that still exist

What Chancellor Richard Carranza needs to do is eliminate the bloat at the DOE something which he has failed to do since taking charge.  In fact, he actually added an extra layer of Bureaucracy by appointing executive superintendents to oversee the 31 District superintendents.  Many of then political appointees from the Joel Klein/Carmen Farina days..


Anonymous said...

I guess I will kick it off by saying, what can I say? I think they also get bonuses on top of that, but not sure.

The optics are pretty bad, and not sure anyone cares. The numbers speak for themselves. None of these people have done anything that warrants such a big increase, and they will all cry "austerity" and budget cuts whenever they need to. It is just a flagrant example of how those in control line their pockets. Most of these folks will be gone if Carranza is gone, so they could enjoy it while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Wait. The same Cheryl Watson-Harris who somehow got her children into one of the most selective and desirable public middle schools AFTER the application period had ended also got a 23% pay raise from Carranza with minimal oversight?

Who would have expected it? It being massive graft at the DOE of course.

"Oversees" nine "executive superintendents" SMH. Chaz I thought you said Carranza was going to clean house at the DOE, not turn it into Tammany Hall.

Anon2323 said...

If this doesn't make your blood boil not sure what will. We get the most corrupt, out of touch chancellors coming here with an agenda that is so harmful for the DOE it amazes me. Diblasio, Carranza, and the rest of these cronies can go to hell.

On a side note, WTF do we need 4 snow days for? I mean seriously we will be lucky to get 1 snow day let alone 4!

Least we have 25% coming soon, need that money I have been waiting a decade for.

Anonymous said...

At my school, a school aide who is having an affair with the AP was promoted to a "social worker" position even though she has no qualifications and her salary jumped up over 25k in one year.

It is a local scandal in the school, but only talked about in whispers because, well, you know, Danielson's Rubric, and no one wants the AP to low rate them lower than he already does!

When confronted by one bold staff member, the (married) school aide said, "What can I say, I like him (the married AP)."

This kind of corruption is up and down the NYC government structure. The taxpayers, ordinary workers and students are the ones who lose. No one cares.

Anonymous said...

Every teacher needs to stop complaining and get their asses down to those monthly UFT executive board jack off parties and start screaming at that bald head mother fucker Mulgrew.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Where are the measurable gains or othe indiciaof success that could possibly justify such startling salary surges?

Anonymous said...

The NYC DOE is a joke. Does anyone take it seriously?

Anonymous said...

Most of the people in the pics are non/white or non male.

Hey Carranza! Where is the white privilege?