Saturday, August 03, 2019

Is The DOE Discriminating Against Jewish Teachers?

Chancellor Carranza and his DOE administrators are being accused of being anti-White and while I believe he and his top administrators are misguided, I don't believe they are anti-White.  Read my previous post Here.  However, there seems to be a disturbing trend that many school administrators are trying to force senior teachers to retire and many of them are Jewish.

Because of tight school budgets and school based Fair Student Funding, principals are targeting senior teachers who are eligible to retire by filing or threaten to file 3020-a termination charges.  The senior teachers are the "baby boomers" and generation X, the last cohort that had a significant amount of Jewish teachers.

While I don't believe the principals are anti-Semitic, I do believe the Bloomberg era policies that the DOE still employs encourage the principals to target their senior teachers and replace them with far cheaper and untenured "newbies".  The principals can then use the salary differential between the departing senior teacher and the entering newbie teacher for their own use in the school budget.

Included is a letter from one teacher who wrote her experience about being forced to retire after being put through a 3020-a hearing in an Israeli newspaper.  Here.. 

Is the DOE discriminating against Jewish teachers?  The answer is no but they are targeting senior teachers and many of them are Jewish.


Anonymous said...

Chaz, what data do you have to prove that Baby Boomers and Generation X are the "the last large cohort of Jewish teachers"? My school in the South Bronx is composed of primarily millenials and many of them are in fact Jewish. However, I do agree that the DOE is targeting veteran teachers due to their high salaries.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a logical fallacy to say they are discriminating against white/jewish teachers, but they are not anti white/jewish.

I believe you want to believe the best of people, even in the DOE, but many, many of us who are either Caucasian or jewish are feeling the heat of racism against us based on who we are.

The "all-white-people-are-bad" 'trainings' we get all the time should be proof enough. Identity politics is a technique used by modern Marxists to bring about the societal discord and collapse they desire so they can implement "pure" socialism here.

This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy. You can read their writings all over the internet. Men and women on the Democrat Debate stages openly talk about 'racial justice,' 'open borders' and 'socialism' which is all code for "vanquish whitey and take his stuff for us!"

AOC and her squad and the entire leftist movement BLM, Kaepernick, Brown Berets (Latino supremacists), third wave, man-hating feminism ("Ban white men!") They are all out in the open now.

Heck, many of us work in schools with anti-white, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Western and especially anti-white male activists on staff, indoctrinating students every single day into hating us and everything we stand for.

It is so bad at my school, at our graduation one of these Latina supremacists told the graduating students not to study the works of dead white men, but to look to their latino culture for truth. Another one, who is in my department, is going to be teaching AP US Hist and she declared she will not be teaching 'about white men' but about 'marginalized voices.' Okay. Once I asked her why she believes in socialism for America if it has failed everywhere it was tried, and she said, "Those were poor and undeveloped countries. If we can bring socialism to America it will work because the society is more advanced."

This is what we are dealing with. You need to take the next step and recognize that sometimes a hate machine on the march is exactly that: a hate machine.

Batman said...

I was a target who survived by targeting them. I blew the whistles. FOILed the principal and school.human rights violations. OSI. SCI. Etc

They backed the fuck off.

I am jewish and male and was in my 29th year.

All false accusations by new admins.

Are they antisemitic? I didn't sense it but they were certainly bias. My last year was smooth.

Now everyday is like Sunday

Hang in there baby boomers. There is no justice. If they come for you pull out all your guns. Hit em up..Hit em hard. Something will send them the message.

*FOIL. Everyone needs to learn to do it. Principals past work history, OORS reports, school credit card expenditures, state certifications

Last resort go to NY Post and City Council.


The caped one.

Anonymous said...

All white are evil trainings are being held by Ruby Ababio Fernandez. She is racist as hell. As far as DOE targeting Jewish teachers that is nonsense. The DOE is just targeting older teachers. Lots of blacks are brought up on 3020 a.

Anonymous said...

@11:56 and 1:45 I worked at a school that had about a 15% teaching staff that was Jewish. truth is most of them were lazy busy bodies who wanted maximum credit for little effort! When they were called to the carpet the anti Jewish train departed. The same can be said for the blacks. Why not try this, STOP your complaining and crying and do a better job. Because you fail to reach your students doesn't mean your hated it means you just suck at your job. Try harder. Go to workshops, put more effort in, produce more content, make it more exciting and interesting. If that doesn't work LEAVE teaching. But please stop whining and complaining "its because im a Jew" " its because im black"!!! NOW GET TO WORK.

DOEvet said...

Batman 1:45

Besides FOIL, did you file any specific discrimination suits, such as age discrimination etc. Did you get a non-uft lawyer? I am trying to develop a rainy day strategy in case this ever happens to me, as I am also a white male near retirement.

Anon2323 said...

Thanks for this article. I do agree that senior teachers are being targeted thats a fact. I might not fully agree they are targeting Jewish teachers, but I appreciate a light being shined on this.

I have been in the same school in South Bronx for 17 years and I am worried once my school closes I won't be hired and will be in the ATR pool or placed at a school where I will be targeted especially since i am maxed out and god forbid make over 100K just for base. The implicit Bias trainings wont stop meanwhile the students do not have any implicit bias towards teachers.

ed notes online said...

Many older black teachers were also targets. That is why the number of black teachers in the system began to fall under Bloomberg - the DOE wanted young white TFA types.

Anonymous said...

Anon 715

most of the Jews were lazy busy bodies. Can you tell us if you are a Christian, catholic, or Muslim?

Anonymous said...

Disability claim. Bryan was my lawyer. Bryan Glass best lawyer. Visit Portellos site for war chest strategies. Always be vigilant. I read horror stories for years and was prepared. Be aware of exclusion in the workplace and bullying. Hispanic Principal. Good luck. Never ever resign

Anonymous said...

I am close to my 30th year in the DOE,and I know we are living in a different era. But, maybe some of the vets can chime in here - I seem to remember when I was a newer teacher that once someone had 20, or maybe 25 yrs in the system, it was understood that the UFT would defend them as they were close to retirement. In fact, it used to be a truism that the UFT "mostly" defended members like this, who were near retirement, partially because the retirees are such an important voting bloc. I wonder at this point, does the UFT protect its veterans?

I have been rated effective or highly effective, or S, my whole career. I have never been brought up on disciplinary charges. I wonder, in my last 2-3 years, would I get the support I need from UFT if something occurred, even something minor? We all know the DOE will not help us, even though we are valuable employees, we are still seen as the "enemy" and "expensive," the legacy of the Bloomberg years has continued.

But, will the UFT fight for us? I respect the ATR issues, but, for the moment, am asking us to focus on this. What about us veterans who are not ATRS, who have consistent and solid records?

I keep thinking, if I had a real problem, that I will need to get a non-UFT lawyer. But I am open to hearing some positive news about the UFT still being willing and able to defend veteran members. Will they go to bat for us?

Anonymous said...

@2:49pm im an atheist... swear to god I am!

Anonymous said...

I got a bogus letter to file this year from a Latina supremacist. She literally made something up and threatened she would 'kick it upstairs' if I opposed her giving me the letter. For what? I forgot to cross off the name on my sign in sheet of a kid who left my afterschool program early. That's it. She then said of the students who were there that they were not doing any work, even though she never came to my afterschool, and the kids were working.

Thankfully she is moving to another school, but the bogus letters to file are flying all around. Our UFT floor rep, who is pretty good, has been so busy this year helping so many. It really sucks when you have an administration that not only openly touts 'Orgullo Latino" (Latin Pride) but who targets older white teachers just because.

Anonymous said...


While I'm not sure what the UFT is doing, the attacks on older teachers has become a very big issue in many schools. The UFT should start collecting the data and make this "priority number 1" for the upcoming school year. Protecting members' livlihoods has to be the main focus for any labor union.

Anonymous said...

I had a union rep who was excellent. It depends on their effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:28
You are correct, the Uft used to cater to older teachers, especially as they neared retirement. It was a real union. Teachers and the union that purportedly represents them have changed drastically. Teachers won’t help other teachers. That mentality has flooded into the UFT. You now have veteran teachers intentionally targeted solely on their salaries. (I don’t believe race plays a factor, as many ATRs I know are Black or Hispanic. Bloomberg’s regime was overtly racist and rewarded young White females and effeminate White males.) I know of several teachers who were recently set up by their principals on charges of touching students. These teachers were loved by the students and would frequently get hugs and handshakes on doing well on a test. The respective principals went in and got statements from the kids and those teachers ended up in the rubber room. The teachers were given a reprimand and small fine. They will now be ATRs for the rest of their careers and the financially strapped principal is free of them and their high salaries. I believe this is happening all over the city. The UFT hides all data concerning ATRs and their creation. Principals are now out right lying and making up charges in order to balance their budgets. This is all due to Fear (Fair) Student Funding, which the Uft agreed to and hasn’t done anything to fight. As an ATR I walked into many classrooms where the new teachers and the TFA/ fellows didn’t have a basic base knowledge on the subjects they were teaching - all while the experienced and licensed teacher subs as an ATR. Again the UFT knows about this and does nothing. I know many ATRs and teachers that are mental wrecks because the summer is slipping away and they can’t face another year in hell. It’s a sad state of affairs when a vet of 25 years can’t keep his breakfast down because it’s early August. Remember one very important thing - the UFT does not have your back. Folks have to start going public with their stories and putting some pressure on the UFT. Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...


As a semi regular reader, and an orthodox jew who wears a yarmulke and fringed out everyday, and a 10 year teacher, I think your title is misleading. You ask is the doe targeting Jewish teachers, then say no... just veterans, and veterans are jewish... I agree with much if your content, but think your headline was a bit over board

Anonymous said...

Years ago principals feared the UFT and the older teachers were respected by the doe. My suggestion, on your school survey put strongly disagree for all the questions related to the doe so they get the message. When the question came up "Do you feel respected by the doe?" I wanted to write my own comment "Hell No!"

Bronx ATR said...

As long as you have a pulse, and are at starting salary, you’ll get hired in the Bronx - you can be Jewish or a member of the Man / Boy Love Association - it doesn’t matter. Once you start making decent money, you can be an Nobel laureate or an MD, it doesn’t matter - you’re as good as gone.

ed notes online said...

It's a myth that the UFT always defended teachers at a higher level than they do today. Principals just didn't bother going after people as much - most of them came from teacher ranks. And you could get a UFT transfer. It was more that the UFT was viewed as a stronger force in its first decade and a half - there was fear due to the strikes. That faded after the 1975 lost strike. Under local school boards the UFT was able to gain a lot of influence in each district and could use its support for some candidates to influence the Supt. Once that was gone they lost that control.

Batman said...

When I began 30 years ago the senior teachers like my dad were respected. They did transfer if admin and teachers didn't get along. This saga began with Danielson and the gotcha squads trained by city's leadership academy. Their curriculum focuses on 3020a process and micromanagement. Fact

DOEvet said...

Yes, it was really unheard of for a teacher with over 20 years to be targeted. I remember as a new teacher that even the most obviously incompetent were left alone [which is not really a good thing] and when I asked admin, they said it would be next to impossible and would take years of effort, "because of the UFT." I think the change started with Bloomberg and Klein, and the 2005 Contract.

Now, it seems that competency doesn't matter. Age, salary level, and perhaps race/gender matter. After this last generation of teachers retires I really wonder what happens to the profession. It could become a temp job, 1-5 yrs and out.

Shady said...

As a teacher who has been sent to the rubber room 3 times and had been to two 3020a - I can honestly tell you nobody cared if I am white, black, Jewish or hispanic. I was u-rated, humiliated, berated and removed. However, I am still standing. Standing tall. A couple of years ago I was an ATR that nobody wanted. Two years ago I was given a dean position in Manhattan by a younger cute principal.

Admins mess with me and I mess with them. We battle. I always say never walk away from a battle.

This year I received my 23rd file letter of my career. At the end of that day I complained to my principal the 1st floor bathroom was out of toilet paper again and I had to use my file letter to wipe. I could have hurt myself and if she could she give me a copy of my 23rd career file letter again? She was livid. This is the same principal who has been sexually harassing me for the last 2 years. Grabbing my penis and twisting it in front of a young millennial dean who thinks this is funny. Calling me into her office and asking me to show it her is sometimes humiliating and degrading but I still show it to her. I spoke to the UFT district rep who said "Why you complaining? 1. She's cute and 2. she leaves you alone."

There are days that I wish I was 25 again. I wish I can bend her over in her high heels in her office one last time before I retire. BUT I am too old, too tired and not that the man I was. The idea of going back into the classroom and teaching 5 periods has me scared.

On this upcoming Tuesday, the same principal who gave me a file letter wants me to take 4 regents exams for students we need to graduate by August in order to hit our graduation target. I won't even take a regents exam for my own son, DeShawn. Some idiot racists call my son DuhShawn. It is DeShawn please.

retired teacher said...

to 9 am - I worked in the craphole district 9 in the Bronx for 17 years. I was active with the union and was even a member of Unity for a while. Several times I sat on panels interviewing candidates for the local school board for UFT endorsement. Sad to say but in several instances we supported the worst possible candidate just to shut their mouths and prevent them from doing things like standing in a hallway with a portable tape recorder. Because I was the chapter leader I was targeted with stupid stuff but I knew then that the UFT had my back and the principal was the Bronx CSA rep. Today I wouldn't trust them.

One year the selections were very contentious because the UFT powers that be at 260 (UFT headquarters) wanted a certain candidate that they could manipulate but the teachers on the committee all had stories to tell about this one crazy woman. They shut her up by getting her hired her as a school aide even though there was supposedly a freeze on hiring.

The local school board corruption was widespread and, even though there were decent people on the LSBs every one had one or two rotten apples who were politically connected.

Bringing back the LSBS might be a good thing. They'd be so busy stabbing each other in the back that they'd have little time to go after teachers!

Anonymous said...

@shady Just want to clear the air about Duhhhhshawn. Im not a racist, I just don't like Duhhhshawn. He is very hard to teach using current Danielson methods, as I stated before he doesn't know a circle from a square and occasionally will pee himself. He is a distraction to the other 1st graders because he is constantly on his phone trying to sell weed. He also is tries to pick up the other students single mothers which in NYC is 98% of them. Please speak with Duhhhshawn and remind him the "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"

mkrstic said...

I had a 3020 hearing and my UFT lawyer was amazing!

Chaz said...

You had a NYSUT lawyer, not a UFT lawyer.