Sunday, January 09, 2011

Breaking News! I Will Disclose Why The Tweed Taliban Has Incarcerated Me For The Last 1531 Days!

As many of you have suspected and some of you know, I have been incarcerated by the Tweed Taliban, based upon false and frivolous charges for an astounding 1531 days and counting. Hear what I have to say on the South Bronx School internet radio broadcast on Tuesday at 9pm. Just call 1-917-932-8721. You will not be disappointed.

I will be talking about the following issues:

  1. The 3020-a changes that the union allowed to reduce "teacher due process rights".
  2. The hypocrisy by the DOE legal services in making settlements with "bad teachers".
  3. The union's lack of action to protect reassigned teachers.
  4. My charges and what happened at my 3020-a hearing.
  5. The corrupt investigation process.
I hope this will be an eye-opening experience for teachers who are unaware of how the system works and why it can happen to them.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. You were found guilty and it is unity's fault. (Even though you used a NYSUT provided lawyer). My guess is that you were not fired; otherwise you would not be doing this. Oh and yes, your completely innocent.

Chaz said...

Unity Hack:

I guess you are disappointed. Yes, it is Unity's fault for not aggressively defending their teachers from persecution for innocuous and inconsequential actions.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:29,

No matter how you cut it, UFT and NYSUT, to say the least, opt not to challenge the abuses piled upon the reassigned teachers and not to zealously defend them at 3020a hearings as every lawyer is required to do under the code of legal professional conduct.

Anonymous said...

It is altogether unsurprising to hear that yet another teacher was hit with false, frivolous, and damaging charges. It is similarly unsurprising to learn that NYSUT might be less than zealous in pursuing all avenues of a defense. You were not the first to note that NYSUT needs investigators to counter the faux and biased investigations orchestrated by BOE. You will never know the comfort you gave to many of us who thought we were the only frivolously charged teachers in the bogus 3020a process. I was luckier thatn most but that is another story. I am afraid your pal 'Unity Hack' is precisely the kind of person Stalin referred to as a 'useful idiot': Those Westerners who carried on about how wonderful commmunism really really was under Josef Stalin. At some point during Klein's frenzied six-year 3020a jihad it would have been nice for UFT to have drawn a line in the sand.

Pete Zucker said...

Chaz, here is the link. I omitted it last night in my email.

Anonymous said...

If the charges are so frivolous, why are you and so manner found guilty by arbitrators? Yeah, it's Unity's fault, I know.
It is not fair to "blame the lawyers." They have to do what they can with the resources they have. Now, cases fly and the backlog is over. You were very effective in your criticism of the system. You made your bed and now got to sleep in it.

Chaz said...

Anon 6:36

If you knew how the 3020-a process works for us you would understand that the Arbitrators are appointed to a one-year term that must be renewed by both sides. Therefore, if the Arbitrator wants to stay on the panel they must appease both sides. The result is that even if you are innocent of any misconduct, the Arbitrator will still fine you. It is unfair but that is the way it works.

Anonymous said...

The 3020a is a form of mediation which is an alternative to a speedy and less costly way of settling differences between two parties in dispute. By nature of the forum. the arbitration processes and its awards tend to cluster in the middle. The 3020a process is detrimental to teachers who really did not do much wrong, and on the contrary, beneficial for those who really deserve to be terminated. Arbitrators are inclined to find an excuse to discipline no matter how minor the infractions are, and find the way not to terminate if there are any doubts.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that the 3020-a The arbitration process as run in New York City does not allow for many terminations and even less aquittals. However, this is apparently what both sides want.

The union believes it won a victory when the teacher is not fired and the DOE claims victory when it receives fines and suspensions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 1:29. Your story is the same story everyone always says; "They are out to get me."

Most people in jail claim they are innocent. A judge and/or jury have found them guilty but they still claim they are innocent and that there is some conspiracy to get them between the cops, prosecutor, judge, etc.

You are like one of there prisoners. You will always be innocent and that there is some big conspiracy to get you by the mayor, the chancellor, the principals, the UFT and anyone else you can find to blame.

Sure every detail they say about you might not be completely true but you are also not completely innocent. The fact that you won't admit any guilt or wrong doing just hurts your credibility.

I suggest you step to the plate and admit your wrong doings and stop pretending you are some angel that is being persecuted for no reason. You may not get your job back but at least it will show you have a little self respect.

Anonymous said...

We should just not hold teachers responsible for any of there actions. Please allow 10,000 guilty teachers to continue to teach, before you take away the job of a single innocent teacher.

All teachers are great teachers! They all deserve monster raises and should never be questioned. The education system about the teachers NOT the students!

Anonymous said...

Have you had similar allegations against you in the past? Is this the reason why they found you guilty? Can they find you guilty because of similar allegations in the past? How is that fair/

Sari said...

The DoE, in concert with many other school districts, has become a toy for very wealthy people with an excess of arrogance and the desire to wield power over other people.

Hundreds of real teachers (as opposed to many, many pretend teachers in the schools) have been tormented and nearly destroyed by the behavior of personnel in:

(1) local, state and national politics; (2) the spheres of finance, banking, investment, and real estate; (3) fraudulent "education-based" organizations and entities devoted to making money and exerting domination over their superiors; (4) businesses such as tutoring, text-book production, "staff development" operations, etc., (5) most of the media all over the country.

And, of course, by the administrators in the schools and administrative offices. And . . . too often by their own colleagues.

Nearly NONE of the teachers accused of wrongdoing, and previously tortured and injured for years, did anything at all wrong. Those yanked out of classrooms (and guidance offices, and people such as secretaries, too)and harmed during 3020-a proceedings, false arrests, psychiatric investigations, prolonged unexplained incarcerations, previous months and years of harassment are nearly all innocent people. Period.

The percentage of teachers and other DoE-related folks who committed any kind of crime or offense is tiny, tiny, tiny.

Teachers, long the scapegoat of this society, have now become Hitler's Jews as we descend ever further into a national nightmare.

Wake up, New York City. Wake up, America. This country is moving close to utter destruction. That hell will include anyone not a billionaire, or not identified as necessary for the care and cosseting of the billionaires.

That's just about all of us, including the nasty "anonymous" posters here.

Join together to save all of us. Please.

Chaz said...


You are not teachers, that is obvious. I can only assume you are posting from a DOE Office (Tweed?) or are truly clueless of what goes on in the schools.

proofoflife said...

wow Chaz , I never guessed you were going through all of this shit. I don't know who these people are that are posting all of these negative comments but I for one have always appreciated your posts! You have informed me of many important system abuse in both the UFT and the DOE. I will tune in tomorrow to hear the broadcast. Thank you for all you have written!

Anonymous said...

Incarcerated? Do you know what that means? 4 years of tax payers money paying your salary for doing nothing. You got your weekends, vacation, and probably a nice pension. Incarcerated? I wish I were "incarcerated."

Chaz said...

Anon 8:32:

Incarceration is when you are put in a place against your will. The DOE chose to incarcerate me. I did not choose to be there.

GO CHAZ GO said...

Chaz, We really need you to blow the whistle on these crooks. Your last radio conversation w/SBS was terrific. Start slow by naming names, then use the value-added-blow-them-out-of-the water. There will be plenty to share-out as other assess the current DOE situation. I look forward to a doozy of a radio broadcast!

Anonymous said...

If the number of teachers reassigned can be easily reduced from 800 to 200 in the matter of few months, it is a policy change with nothing to do with the facts on the ground. The majority of the teachers in the rubber room are no more than the collateral damage in BloomKlein's pursuit of busting union and blaming teachers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chaz, send all your information to City Councilman Daniel Dromm. He's a former teacher and Chapter Leader, and is currently a member of the City Council's Education Committee. Whatever you send him, copy it to Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn.