Thursday, January 27, 2011

There Is No Doubt That Bloomberg Is Marshaling His Forces To Get Rid Of "Last In, First Out". - It Is Time For Michael Mulgrew To Fight Back.

It has become very apparent that Mayor4Life, Emperor Michael Bloomberg is marshaling his forces to attack "Last In, First Out" (LIFO) based upon seniority during layoffs. This attack started with Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City speech where senority protections for teachers was one of his main points. Since that time we have seen the news media publish opinion pieces and editorials blasting seniority-based LIFO. For example the ex-chancellor and #1 hypocrite Joel Klein, along with Michelle Rhee blasted LIFO in a New York Daily News opinion piece yesterday Here. Next we have the "fifth columnists in E4E who are funded by Gates, Sharpton and Klein to advocate against LIFO. The New York Post has jumped on the bandwagon by writing a very favorable article about E4E without mentioning the founders no longer teach full time (they allegedly sub one day a week) and are paid a salary by outside Ed-deformers. The New York Post's very slanted article even insinuated that ICE member Jeff Kaufman supported them. I found that highly unlikely and I hope Jeff demands that the New York Post give him equal time to explain his position on E4E. To further attack LIFO the New York Post allowed the E4E founders to write an opinion piece explaining their position on LIFO, among their other equally objectionable programs.

I must say I support Michael Mulgrew's meeting with the E4E since it is our union's responsibility to hear all sides and remember the old saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Gotham Schools have Michael Mulgrew's speech to E4E here. Furthermore, I believe Michael Mulgrew when he claimed Joel Klein told him he supports E4E to drive a wedge between the younger and older teachers in the union. Remember when Joel Klein showed up to their drinking party?

It is now time for Michael Mulgrew to show how strong our union is by not only bringing all unions together to ensure that seniority-based LIFO is "dead on arrival" when it goes to the State Legislature but that he expose why the Mayor4Life wants to get rid of LIFO and the other civil service protections union workers have. What are they? Let me show you.

Who Evaluates The Teachers?:
Presently, there is no acceptable evaluation method and under New York State's "Race To The Top" such an evaluation method needs to be worked out with the union. Therefore, according to the City, only the Principal will be consulted to determine who should be laid off. Can you imagine that you are an "effective teacher", the students thrive in your classroom but the Principal does not like you because you are.
  • outspoken
  • a school leader (Chapter Leader, School based Leadership, etc).
  • Not the right culture (you get the message).
  • Too expensive
Age Discrimination:
What is left unsaid in the seniority-based LIFO attack is that principals will almost always favor young teachers because they are cheap and less likely to know their rights. To further encourage principals to hire young teachers the DOE has this "fair student funding" formula that actually penalizes principals from hiring older and highly-paid teachers. Take a look at the average age of teachers who are now ATRs and in the"rubber rooms" back in 2009.

Leadership Academy Principals:
Would you want these clueless in the classroom (some not even tenured teachers) principals determine if you are effective? How about having Iris Blige determining your fate? Get the message?

Replaceable Teaching Staff:
It is no secret that under Bloomberg and Klein they want to see a 100% turnover in the teaching staff so they cannot get a pension or retiree health benefits, since there is already a 50% turnover, it makes sense to start rating experienced teachers "ineffective" and terminate them before they are vested and cost the City money.

Michael Bloomberg's attack on teachers is simply part of his policy to save money and not what is best for the children. Anybody who believes differently is clueless indeed. For Bloomberg it is not about the children its about the money.


Anonymous said...

"Seniority" not "LIFO", right?


Anonymous said...

And what kind of phoney is Sharpton supporting Bloomberg's policies overall...with children of color being subjected to poor treatment when they are part of reorganized schools, AND teachers of color who will lose their jobs if LIFO is altered to KIng Bloomberg's liking...? He is one sleazy two-bit shyster...

Chaz said...


Really? I have heard both sides and even the pro union Civil Service newspaper,The Chief, use "last in first out".


Shyster? This word has anti-Semitic implications. Be care3ful using it.

Anonymous said...

I'm antisemetic against Sharpton...?

Anyway...Bloomberg knows that he can't snap his fingers and get LIFO changed. I think there's quite a fight to doing that...BUT...the more propoganda he creates against LIFO...the easier it'll be to get his way on the ATR situation...The more uninformed "civilians" on his side the better. Also, the bigger the excuse the UFT will have on caving on the ATR issue...sad...really sad...Also...Bloomberg knows he's bluffing on layoffs...he's not going to lay off his "pet" project...EVER...So he's bluffing on at least get the ATRS out now...and a mass purge over the next 5 years....voila....!These people are brilliant in their wickedness and deceit...

Anonymous said...

Marshall Bloomberg and the Misfits. The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. Cathie Black and the Anti-Semetics. Mulgrew and the Appeasers. Moskowitz and the Evils. Klein and the Korporates.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. I linked you here:!/pages/New-York-City-Teachers-Experience-Matters/114089568615636

Anonymous said...

Mayor Scumberg knows that if he gets the ATRS, he has game,set,'ll just take a little more time.

So, ultimately, our fate is in the hands of a Mr. Michael Mulgrew and company...only they can allow this to happen...what will they do?

Anonymous said...

Scumberg would rather close firehouses, starve the elderly, or maybe even kick in some of HIS cash before he lays off any of the newbie teachers. Not gonna happen, at least not en masse. These 15,000numbers he's using lately are laughable.

They are not going to be laid off. However, just like the bubble economies Wall St. produces to produce boom or bust cycles , creating market frenzy luring in the suckers, so do our "leaders" create propaganda bubbles to manipulate the masses. In this fascist oligarchy we suffer under now, our "leaders" have the corporate "press" as willing collaborators, so it's easy to create frenzied bubbles of opinion that make their fascist mandates more palatable and "juste" in the mind's eyes of the masses. The recent debacle in Washington lately where "our leaders" voted for repeal of Obamacare is an example. THAT was a complete manipulation since it was a meaningless waste of taxpayer dollars, and merely a propaganda ploy. There can't BE a repeal since Obama can veto that. It was a complete bullshit bubble. And that's what Bloomberg's doing here...blowing some fantasy bubble that LIFO can be abolished on the spot, with the crying young teachers bawling in the background, kicking and stomping, all the while creating an anti-union teacher bubble, that keeps expanding. With the UFT at least half in the bag with him, he's currently like a cat toying with a mouse. Look at the poor tabloid coverage on this LIFO issue. Is the reality of changing these laws, and the implications for all the other unions being clearly written about? Not really. Ultimately, he wants to catch and exterminate those tasty ATR critters...through the back door...That'll seal the deal...

Anonymous said...

NYSUT lawyers were just doubled up (they will cover cases for 2 arbitrators instead of just 1). Now, that is something to follow up on.
The is now overtly not putting resources into 3020-a and we all know why. Please do a story on this.

Anonymous said...

Chaz check out todays Daily News article as Bloomberg threatens to layoff 21,000 teachers. Read the comment especially one that claims the SCA has a 16 billion dollar budget. And 1 billion set for a virtual schools computor program. The info is available on the DOE website. Bet billions in corruption and fraud. Liu or Gonzalez to the rescue??