Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ex-Chancellor Joel Klein Quietly Takes A Pension As He Criticized Teachers For Their Pension System. What A Hypocrite!

Our ex-Chancellor Joel Klein has already put in his retirement papers so that he can get his $34,000 pension. Yes, the same pension that last month he criticized as being too generous for teachers and hurts the schools. The Daily News broke the story in today's paper and also titled it "Height Of Hypocrisy".

Joel Klein taking the money when only weeks ago he stated that the teachers' defined benefit pension as being a budget buster and should be made less generous. is just hypocritical.

This is just another example of our ex-Chancellor following his "do as I say not what I do" program. Sure he deserved the pension but so do the teachers. How dare he tell teachers who worked the same amount of time he did as Chancellor and whom would get approximately $7,000 annually, as being too generous for the school system. What a hypocrite! Thee right thing to do was to refuse his pension until the NYC school system recovers from the devastating and recurring budget cuts that he imposed on the schools while protecting his non-educator buddies and their high priced consultants at Tweed.

Joel, you have done an excellent job in your "children last" program and the "education on the cheap" policy. Therefore, you justly deserve the pension and to further increase the budget problems for the NYC schools.


reality-based educator said...

It is amazing to me that so many in the media who laud Klein - like Morning Joe Scarborough and all the editorial page writers in NY - are not calling him out for hypocrisy.

But then again, since they're all full of s@#t too, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Doesn''t KLein ALSO get apension from the Feds for his lawerly duties...? So....he's a DOUBLE pensioner...

Anonymous said...

Pension plans do not work.

The entire private industry has given up on pension plans because they become to expensive in the long run. Pension plans for all public employees need to stop. The private industry typically has some sort of 401K match program to support retirement.

It is to late to change it for teachers and other public employees who already are employed but all new teachers should receive a 401K match program, not a pension plan.

Anonymous said...

"Private industry" increasingly ceases to exist in this country, except for slaves and the power elite and THEIR slaves. "Private industry" has been dismantled and destroyed in this country, MO-ron....THAT"S EXACTLY THE POINT WE'RE MAKING HERE...YOU BLOOMBERG LACKEY...."PRIVATE INDUSTRY" NEVER HAD IT SO FUCKING GOOD, YOU DOPE...THAT'S WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS TO US...THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WORLD TO SATIATE THE PLUTOCRACY...if teaching was such a "hot" profession 20 years ago...why didn't you get into FUCKING IDIOT ???

Chaz said...

Anon 8:08

While I agree with you on how clueless (or is in jeolous) Anon 10:38 by saying defined benefit plans don't work but you can be more civil in your disagreement.

Anonymous said...

And teachers found guilty under 3020-a get to keep their pensions. You might not like the Chancellor, but he was not found guilty of anything.
Sorry, your off base here Chaz. He deserves a pension like everyone else.