Friday, February 11, 2011

Emperor Bloomberg Wants To Bring Back "The Bad Old Days" When Civil Service Was Controlled By Tammany Hall & Boss Tweed

One of the darkest periods in New York City history was when Tammany Hall controlled New York City where public jobs were given to those people based upon nepotism, prejudice, kickbacks, and outright corruption. In response in 1883 the Civil Service regulations were implemented to protect public workers from those disgusting practices. Now, 128 years later The Emperor, Mayor4Life, Michael Bloomberg wants to bring back these "bad old days" of Boss Tweed by attacking hard-won protections for Civil Servants. The Emperor makes no bones about eliminating seniority-based layoffs, pension rights, due process, and scale back civil service rights as he setup a task force, without Labor input that proposed everything he wants. By contrast the Citytime and ARIS fiascoes and the outrageous funding of highly paid consultants and their useless programs are ignored by the Emperor.

This is what happens when you buy your way to a third term and think that you can do anything you want. All the Emperor wants to do is be the new Boss Tweed and bring Tammany Hall polices back where public employees can be hired and fired at will and be removed for no reason at all.

It is time for the unions throughout New York State and New York City to band together to stop Bloomberg's media blitz and bashing of union workers by putting pressure on the legislature and fighting back by organizing their own media blitz by comparing Bloomberg's proposals to the "bad old days" before there were civil service protections.

What is the difference between Boss Tweed and Bloomberg when it comes to the Civil Service laws and public worker respect? Nothing, nothing at all!


Ms. Tsouris said...

I laugh at the irony of it all....a bitchy little pipsqueak millionaire of a mayor renames the Board of Education the Department of Education, takes it out of 110 Livingston Street, and puts it in a building called Tweed, who was one of the most notoriously corrupt party bosses. Why is everyone so upset and indignant now? I never expected anything but what we've gotten from this imperial mayor.

Cyned said...

Fed UP? me too!
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Anonymous said...
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Chaz said...

Unity Hack:

I don't know if you are really that stupid or just plain ignorant?

Probably both are true.