Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In My Wonderful School I Have Painfully Found Out How Little The Administration Respects The ATR. To Them I Am Just A Tool!

When I was sent to this wonderful high school, I thought I had died and went to heaven. Welcoming teachers, nice administrators, and best of all students who wanted to learn. Yes, I was an ATR and I was used to cover classes when a teacher was out and while I yearned for my own classes which didn't happen this year, I still felt respected by everybody at the school. Furthermore, I was useful and I never was targeted by the Administration or felt disrespected as an ATR teacher until the proctoring schedule came out. I found out that below the surface of the administrative nicety, I realized how they felt about the ATR. I was given a proctoring schedule from hell that required me to proctor ten, yes, ten Regents assignments while still being asked to mark the Regents. By contrast, some of the teachers, where given one or no proctoring assignments whatsoever!

In one case a teacher who had his subject Regents on Wednesday of last week and finished marking by Friday, was given "zero" proctoring assignments this week despite having nothing to do but "assist" where needed. By contrast, I have three proctoring assignments this week, despite marking the Regents in between these proctoring assignments. Now, for tomorrow, I was given an additional proctoring assignment to do while I have not finished marking and won't until Thursday. As for the teacher who has not had even one proctoring assignment? He was not assigned a proctoring assignment despite having nothing to do.

Do I think the Administration is out to get me? The answer is certainly not. However, it shows me what the Administration simply thinks of the ATR as a "tool" to be used as they please and not as a subject teacher who should be better employed in marking Regents tests in a timely manner. It is too bad that the ATRs have been so demonized by Tweed that even school administrators feel that they are not like appointed teachers and they are given every job that no other teacher wants or likes. This attitude must change, the ATR is an experienced teacher that should have the same rights of all other teachers in the school and the Administration must be even-handed when they make decisions that turn out not only to be unfair to the teacher but reflects on them as well.


Anonymous said...

My view is that there shouldn't even be any ATRs. You are a teacher and should have been reappointed to another school. The ATRs were created to set up a pool of teachers who could more easily be termintated at a later date. But that has only remained a wet dream thus far to Bloomberg and Co. who have failed to eliminate seniority. In a sense, the DOE has tried to create a "separate but equal" class of teachers. But as we all know, separate is inherently unequal. I know several ATRs and they've all said it's not the same as being a bonafide member of a staff. You and all the ATRs deserve to be fully reinstated.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of you Chaz but I think this post is stretching the limits. I think you had nothing else to write about so you wrote whatever you could think of. Teachers are still being laid off and schools are still being closed, but you decided to write about/complain about proctoring too many exams. Ask any of the 4200 teachers in danger of losing their jobs if they would proctor ten exams. Every single one would jump at that chance if it meant saving their job.

Out of your 6 to 7 hour day are you actually complaining that you had to do work the entire time???? Really! Isn’t that your job? Did you think maybe the other teachers we packing up their classrooms for the year? Or even worse cleaning out their classrooms because they may be laid off? What about doing report cards or other paperwork? There are many activities that teachers with a class have to do that ATRs do not.

I am not bashing any ATR, I am bashing your huge ego Chaz.

This post shows you are a selfish individual. There are bigger things to worry about than how many exams you had to proctor. This is not abuse by administration this is selfishness by Chaz.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57

You started out with a valid point about the bigger picture of teacher layoffs. However, you lowered yourself to just attacking chaz about something that is obviously unfair and happens to many ATRs.

I suspect you are just chaz bashing and the comments are simply mean-spirited.

Same Sit Different Desk said...

The union agreed to this arrangement and demonization of ATR's goes on unabated. It's all a setup to get rid of older teachers, and another example of the rampant age discrimination in which the union remains complicit by its silence.

bookworm said...

Anon 5:57 - I am also an ATR and I have classes of my own for which I must plan lessons, make up tests, call parents and complete report cards. I get observed, sit in as the Generalist in IEP meetings, participate in PD/Data Inquiry, etc. Basically everything a "real" teacher does except I have no desk, no file cabinet, no place to hang my jacket or store my things, and no bathroom key. I just carry my stuff from room to room all day and beg keys from other teachers when I can't use the disgusting public bathroom on the first floor.

Chaz, welcome to my world. I taught 8th grade AIS for the whole year and had the groups abruptly taken away from me the day after the ELA was over - now those 2 periods are coverages and I had no chance to say goodbye to the kids or finish the book we were reading (with 3 chapters left). I can't go to graduation tomorrow because I have to stay back to cover for the teachers who ARE going.

Admin has told me all year long that they are SO happy with my work, and I know there are at least 2 vacancies coming up next year that I could fill. When I mentioned that I would love to take one of them, I was told that "we are trying to just hang on to the people who are already here, we aren't even thinking about adding new people" in spite of the fact that they will be adding at least 3 new sections next year due to a population increase (in our already 178% capacity building).

No biggie, though. When layoff notices come out I am gone anyway, as Reading teachers will likely be hit so hard as to be virtually eliminated. And I doubt we'll be called back.

Anonymous said...

"I suspect you are just chaz bashing and the comments are simply mean-spirited."

How mean-spirited is it to complain about covering 10 exams when 4200 teachers are about to be laid off? This was a selfish and insensitive post by Chaz.

Chaz said...

Anon 5:57

Of course we are all concerned about the 4,200 layoffs that Bloomberg threatens to do. However, I highly doubt that Bloomberg will actually layoff anybody since he lost the LIFO fight.

On the other hand if Bloomberg/Klein/Tweed did not cause the ATR crises in the first place we would not be discussing it now.

Unfairness needs to be exposed at all levels. Whether it is the $600 million dollar Citytime fraud under Mayor Bloomberg's watch. The threat to layoff 4,200 teachers while keeping a $3.2 billion dollar surplus in reserve. In this case the unfairness is at the school level and I have the right to expose it, even if it affects me personally.

Your attack on me is uncalled for and you obviously have an agenda that has nothing to do with my post.

Anonymous said...

If in this post Chaz perhaps didn't consider every angle, (such as an ATR not having to tend to the other duties a classroom teacher would have to) I think it should be weighed against all of the of the otherwise excellent work he has done in discussing the issues. The DOE would like nothing more than to have us fighting amongst ourselves. Let's not play into their hands. If we have any honest advice or criticism, we ought to keep it constructive. The real issue here is that whether you got an ATR assignment you could stomach, or you were worked like a coolie, the DOE with the complicity of the UFT, threw you into an educational limbo that potentially leaves your head on the chopping block if the ed deformers eliminate seniority, or are allowed to terminate you if you haven't found a job in a certain period of time. All ATRs have been fast-tracked for elimination. That's why the DOE gets people who settle a case to agree to come back as one. No matter how cushy the ATR assignment remember that. Most ATRs bounce around from school to school anyway. It's all a far cry from the days when you found yourself on the organization sheet. - Anonymous 5:43

NYC Educator said...

The argument that people should not complain about the treatment of ATRs at this time is simply preposterous. Were there any validity to it, the potential layoffs would be the only thing any of us could talk about.

I'm very sad to say there are plenty of other things going on, including disparate treatment of ATR teachers. Who on earth is more qualified to discuss it than a real live ATR teacher?

Some anonymous poster indulging in gratuitous personal attacks? I think not.

Anonymous said...

This blog is not about Education. It is about Chaz. He spent years of complaining about the 3020-a process and now that he is an ATR, well guess what he complains of.
Please remember if Chaz were acquitted, he would not be an ATR. So is the lack of respect by the administration justified? Is Chaz justified in complaining about too many exams to proctor? Hopefully, when the layoffs come, and they are coming, ATR's will go and then you can have something else to complain about. You should be lucky for what you have. Remember unity hack!

Disgusted Diva said...

Get lost, troll. Take yourself out from under the bridge and get a real job. Chaz is a decent person. Get over it. This is a form of age discrimination. How about the teacher I know who is getting harassed because they took off 18 days to deal with their child's neurological problems, surgery, and ensuing therapy?? You are a part of the cruelty that the DOE represents. You are nothing but reprehensible and disgusting. Bloomberg is nothing but a thug and a gangster. He should be arrested for his criminal behavior and for stealing now what must be billions of dollars from the DOE and the children of New York City.

Anonymous said...

This would be a boring blog if all we spoke were about were layoffs. We should post about anything regarding education. That's the point of the blog. In his post, Chaz was telling us about his experience at the new school. What's the big whoop? The ATR situation is very real and we need to know what's going on. As Anonymous 5:43 said, there shouldn't even be any ATRs.

I think the ATR's should get together and make a little noise at City Hall or better yet at the UFT headquarters.

Another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You ATRs complain to much. If you were good teachers you would a real position in a school.

Layoffs should start with the ATRs.

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong about complaining about the wrongful treatment by ones's employer? What is wrong is exacly that nothing further is being done about it.

Highly Effective King Clovis said...

I honestly don't know the situation of ATR's at my school. I think everyone, was fairly divvied enough proctoring assignments regardless of their status in my school. I know one ATR who has been out awhile since they had a stroke, and recently we received an email from this gentleman, telling how we would strive to come back soon to help mark the regents. Sad situation really.

It's unfortunate your school took liberty with your status to do as they saw fit. It's a sad statement of affairs, then again, this entire education system is one big sad mess.

What's even more sad is people coming on here posting anonymously for the sole purpose of creating dissent. If you have something to say, attach a name to it. To post anonymously shows you to be a spineless coward, who doesn't have the guts to back up your comments with some type of contact.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

NYC HS History Teacher,

You are wrong! All ATRs are abused!! Your administration just hides the abuse of ATRs from you.

Second, how is posting Anonymous (good or bad comments) any different than posting under “NYC HS History Teacher” or “Chaz”? If you had “guts” or weren’t a “spineless coward” you would post under your real name and so would Chaz. Would you prefer I post under “NOT an ATR”? You still wouldn’t know my name or which school I worked at. Don’t call someone out for positing under anonymous because I can make up a name just as easy as you did.

Chaz said...

I don't understand why yo keep on attacking me? If you do not like what I say then stop reading my blog.

Have I hurt you in some way? If so how? If not, then just go away since you contribute nothing but hatred in your comments.

I guess you are getting better, at least here is no profanity or name-calling of late.

Remember i can accept disagreements but personal attacks crosses the line.

Anonymous said...

I work with Chaz and I can tell you first hand that he is a dynamite teacher, loved by the kids and the staff that knows him. Until recently, he thought he was also respected by the administration. He has gone above and beyond what most classroom teachers do, tutoring, coming in on Saturday when no one else would, changing his schedule daily to suit the needs of the school etc. All he is saying is that he should be respected and treated like everyone else. Why should one guy have no assignments just because he is a regular teacher and Chaz get 10 because he is an ATR? That certainly is not fair.

As for being an ATR, any vindictive principal can bring any teacher up on charges for no reason. Chaz was acquitted--NOT GUILTY! If it wasn't for his age, he would be back in a classroom right now.

This fine teacher has been through enough. The bashing has got to stop now!

betruetothyself said...

is the name Anonymous one person or many. I hope it is many person cause apparently some comments from anonymous are just ill informed and myopic. i love free speech, but if you have not been directly affected by bloomberg's reign of terror or the days after, how can you truthfully comment. let's show respect and professionalism. no teacher created the black hole of the nycdoe. please let's forge an investigation that bloomie had bamboozled at the nycdoe

Anonymous said...

If your a victim of age discrimination, then why don't you sue the DOE? If you cannot prove it then don't complain. Last time I checked you can file a complaint with eeoc for free.
Put up or shut up.

Not An ATR But A Supporter said...

I'm not a lawyer but I've spoken to one about age discrimination. Since ATRs are getting paychecks, they cannot file for age discrimination. So, to the last commenter. Anyone can file a suit, but doing one without grounds to win is pointless

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:57

The disinformation and personal attacks on chaz is just disgusting.

Here is a person that writes about many different issues and now that he wrote on the problem of being an ATR, you attack him. If you go back into his posts, this is the first time that he mentioned the ATR issue this year, yet you fault him on being focused on the ATR issue.

What is your problem?

Anonymous said...

Not An ATR But A Supporter said,

You are incorrect. If opportunities are given to others and not to you based on age, race, sex, etc. that is discrimination and a lawsuit can be filed. The fact that an ATR is being paid in no way prevents them from filing a lawsuit. I encourage anyone who feels they are being unfairly discriminated against to file a lawsuit. My guess is that most people have no poof beyond their belief/feelings that unfair discrimination is occurring and that is why they don’t file lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:15

I don’t fault him for being focused on ATR issues, I fault him for complaining that he had to do too much work. Having to proctor 10 exams is NOT abuse. Everyone assumes that the administration had no reason to assign 10 exams and they did it just to be mean. I would love to hear from the administration of the building on why that decision was made. I would bet there is some reasonable explanation behind the decision.

If there are real abuses of ATRs occurring that is what I would like to hear about.

Highly Effective King Clovis said...

"Anonymous said...
NYC HS History Teacher,

You are wrong! All ATRs are abused!! Your administration just hides the abuse of ATRs from you."

Maybe they are maybe they are not. Then again, you don't work in my school, so how would you know? Or maybe you do, which wouldn't surprise me given your postings...

"Second, how is posting Anonymous (good or bad comments) any different than posting under “NYC HS History Teacher” or “Chaz”? If you had “guts” or weren’t a “spineless coward” you would post under your real name and so would Chaz. Would you prefer I post under “NOT an ATR”? You still wouldn’t know my name or which school I worked at. Don’t call someone out for positing under anonymous because I can make up a name just as easy as you did."

The difference is simple. Under the name "Anonymous" you could be any Anonymous person on here. Yeah, I know, is it that different to have a name? Well, yeah it is. Because there is an identity attached to, people see a name like mine and know ok, all these comments come from this person. But anyone can be anonymous, and it's just a growing problem with this society, that people feel free to write whatever drivel they can think of, without having to worry of people at least having an online sense of who they are.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the Title VII lawsuit against my principal and DoE for last two years, it is a very trying and difficult undertaking as I have not suffered from financial hardship even though DoE/principal fabricated charges against me. DoE has scores of lawyers who counsel school admins to operate in the legal gray zones in pushing out senior and or minority teachers. Discrimination lawsuit is mostly about intent, not many principals are stupid enough tp openly utter slurs in front of witnesses, even they do, DoE has many ways to control potential witnesses like what happened in my situation.
DoE is a system operating above the laws.

Rod said...

Atrs are screwed and the uft knows nothing? Now that Cuomo today got CSE for give backs..all teachers will soon be screwed. But if you're under 25years of age..no worry...you are are living under a rock.

Anonymous said...

EEOC, NYSDHR, NYCCHR are the biggest scams. They pretend to be there to curb discrimination, but their real function is to insulate and defeat any complaints, their records have shown to dismiss 96% of all complaints, if a complainant does not have a lawyer, his or her case is most likely sabotaged beyond recognition by EEOC when it goes through its door.
For every discrimination case withheld by the court, there must be over 100 similar incidents unheard and unknown to the public.

Norm Petterson said...

Be happy with what you have...I think I'll repeate that sentiment to my neighbor's kids as there toys are loaded onto a moving truck because of foreclosure. Be happy with what you have...your lucky to have a job, so just cash your checks quietly and humbly.
I think the wealthy would agree, we lower classes should be happy with waht we have. After all we are second class citizens, if we were any good we would have become wealthy by now. Accept your place serfs and bring the king his dinner.

Anonymous said...

Stop holding the rich responsible for all your issues.

Chaz said...

Anon 7:15

Thanks for the support However, i did write two other pieces on ATrs. One about a job fair where ATRs were not invited and another on how our union needs to stand up for the ATR. However, these posts pale in comparison to the many posts on Bloomberg, Walcott, Black, Tweed, and the DOE that Anonymous 5:57 fails to mention.

Anon 7:15 (5:57)

You insinuate something that is not there. I told you in my group I had a teacher who had no proctoring assignments and had finished marking last Thursday. While I was proctoring and marking on a continuous basis. To assume something different is just plain wrong.

You're futile attempt to turn the ridiculous comments and false accusations you made as relevant and real is seen through by the many people who read my posts.

Good night and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Do you say good riddance because it is time for your 2 month summer vacation?

Must be nice to be a teacher! Get a full time job!

Anonymous said...

This is why you can't trust teachers or their union.


Anonymous said...

If Mayor Scumberg can't even inform the ENTIRE city where he was during that horrendous snowstorm debacle,why should the UFT be transparent about pensions? Why doesn't Bloomberg give us a list of all of his offshore accounts, where he plops millions tax free?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:06. You're right. It *is* great to be a teacher. I'll think of that while I spend all of July in Cabo San Lucas.

Another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"why should the UFT be transparent about pensions? Why doesn't Bloomberg give us a list of all of his offshore accounts, where he plops millions tax free?"

The UFT should be transparent about the pension fund because it is NOT their money. It is the tax payers money and we have a right to know.

I agree that Bloomberg should no be hiding money in off shore accounts to aviod taxes(assuming he is which I do not know is true), but that is why I pay taxes that support the IRS. If he is hiding money to aviod taxes the IRS should be going after him. I do not need a list of his accounts. It is his private money NOT tax payers money.

I have the right to know about the $1.00 he earns as mayor. The rest of his money is his business.

Anonymous said...

It is severe disadvantage for anyone else to run against someone who only wants to get paid one dollar directly but who is capable to benefit billions of dollars indirectly for his company from his position as a mayor. It is clearly a conflict of interest there, but voters are dumb enough to be fooled and let him get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The laws only require the good faith to file Title VII (various discrimination) complaints, that is to say when someone believes in good faith to be subjected to one or more of 7 discriminations by his or her employer, then file for grievance. However, it is very difficult to prove an intent, one has to penetrate the barriers of eeoc, and other administrative agencies, litigate for 5 to 10 years, untold amount of money and effort to be heard by a jury, and for a decision by a judge.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't Bloomberg in power it would be another millionaire. You can;t run for high power positions without being independently wealthy.

Bloomberg, Cuomo, Obama, etc. Yes Bloomberg is the wealthiest but they are all in the highest tax bracket and very wealthy.

You attack Bloomberg but you really should be attacking the US system that allows only the wealthy to be elected to our highest offices.

Traveling ATR said...

I must remind people to stay on the message. Yes Bloomberg is a scumbag, yes, teachers have the summer off (they need it from the stress) and yes,teachers are a scapegoat for sleazy politicians and the news media they control. However, this is about the unfairness to ATRs, nothing else.