Friday, November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving WishesTo Some And The "Turkey Award" To Others.

It is the day after Thanksgiving and it is time to give thanks to the people and organizations that have helped me through some trying years and the ones that should disappear forever.

I gave thanks to:

  • My family who supported me throughout my ordeal.
  • The many teachers and bloggers who were on my side.
  • My Chapter Leader who is was always there and testified in my behalf.
  • The union who keeps telling me "we saved your job". First, when I was in the "rubber room" and second while I am an ATR. Thanks.
  • The many students that contacted me and wanted to testify in my behalf.
  • My NYSUT lawyer who always believed in my innocence.
On the other hand, my "Turkey Award" to those organizations and people who should disappear from education forever.

  • The DOE Office of Legal Services who failed time and again, to realize what a frivolous case they had but still managed to keep me incarcerated in thee "rubber room" for 1567 days.
  • The "scumbag teacher" who met with SCI secretly outside the school and lied to them. Thankfully, even the biased SCI investigator realized he was lying and he now finds himself as an ATR and ostracized by the other teachers who know the story.
  • The Mayor's poodle, Chancellor Dennis Walcott, who has not changed any of Joel Klein's failed and destructive education policies since taking over the position seven months ago.
  • The DOE and the Union leadership whom have allowed the ATR crises to exist in the first place.
  • The fraudulent DOE algorithm which is simply a sick joke for the weekly ATR.
I can only hope that our union does their job and realize that they need to include ATRs in their committee and make sure the "ATR Agreement" is enforced.


Anonymous said...

You should have never been rubber roomed in the first place but I am always partly relieved when someone gets through the 3020a process with their job.

Last year I stepped up to be the chapter leader at my school. The principal immediately went to work on trying to destroy two of my best friends. Every time I called the UFT for help with these cases, they either: a) did not answer the phone or return messages, b) acted like I was annoying them, c) let me know how hopeless everything was and that my teachers should look for new careers.

Then, over this past summer, the UFT called me everyday about a plaque they wanted to make commemorating the teachers at my school during the 9/11 attacks. My school is near ground zero and they wanted the names of all the teachers there that day. That is when I resigned. I did not want to have the label of UFT Chapter Leader when the UFT sees fit to care more about a stupid plaque than with their members' careers.

Anonymous said...

for some of those people who received the turkey awards, it sounds like 'what comes around, goes around' happened for quite a few of them.

Anonymous said...

The DOE clowns should be stuffed, baked and thrown to the wolves - kind of like what they are doing to us. How will we get our W2 forms - just those unimportant legal documents we need - bet they haven't figured that one out yet - just like they haven't figured out how to rate us - guess we all get the "s" and just like the union has no idea how we will be able to vote. Put all of these brains together and all you get is a bowl of mashed potatoes - hope the Bloomberg didn't choke on his wishbone.

Anonymous said...


Pissedoffteacher said...

I give thanks for getting to know you. The students whose lives you've touched give thanks for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

Money dictates and gravitates everything else in a capitalist system, that is the fountain of the youth for Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

They will mail us our w-2a I suppose.

Anonymous said...

They better bloody get us our w2 forms on time or they will get sued and fined.
Fuck the 1% and the bald pimp.

Angry Nogu

veteran teacher said...

Don't you guys feel at ease when Arundell gives us the 'we're looking into that matter' or my favorite 'we are discussing' when asked about W2s, ratings, being out of license etc etc

I laugh when you hear the city talk about how they care about the kids.