Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Evidence That Mayor Bloomberg's & Chancellor Joel Klein's Education Policy Is A Failure. Look At The 2-Year College "Dropout Rate"!

There is a growing body of evidence that the Bloomberg/Klein/Walcott Administration has failed the New York City Public School students. The latest news is the publishing of the two year community college "dropout rate" of New York City students. According to the Wall Street Journal an astounding 51% of the New York City students "dropped out" and only 28% have attained either an Associate of Bachelor degree. Image, that a majority of New York City students entering the two year community colleges "dropped out"!

When you place the two year community college "dropout rate" with the increase in students needing "triple remediation" (22.6%) and the explosion of "credit recovery programs", many of these programs were bogus, that artificially raised the New York City graduation rate, it is very obvious that the New York City students are unprepared for the real world after high school. This is evident with the low "college readiness" grades and is really the reason that the majority of students entering the community colleges dropout.

Combine all the above statistics with the widening income/racial academic achievement gap and you can see the Administration's Education policy is all "smoke and mirrors". In other words, a bunch of lies.

In summary, the community college "dropout rate" is just the latest piece of evidence to show that the Bloomberg/Klein/Walcott Administration's effort to improve the New York City Public School System is a failure and a fraud "Children First"? Not in this reality.


Anonymous said...

You did not tell anything new about these two guys, and who they are. Bloomberg never created or added new value to anyone, all he did all his life have been to take from others by any means he can get away with.

Anonymous said...

obviously this data will be refuted by the DOE - they love love love data - but only the data that makes them look good that is all fabricated and false - to them the real data is irrelevant!

NY_I said...

Ah, the levels of hypocrisy and double standards.
Should a teacher stretch the truth with data, WATCH OUT
Should a teacher cover his/her own shortcomings with the way that Bloom/Klein/Walc conceal their shortcomings,

Anonymous said...

Without the contexts, communists, dictators, capitalists are just a bunch of meaningless names. Imagine what kind of person Bloomberg would be if he was placed in the position and context of Stalin who went through exile, assassination attempts, and other life-or-death situations?

veteran teacher said...

does anyone know what will happen with w2s etc? talking to arundell is depressing. you get the same non-answers now that you got in august about W2s, ratings, what will happen all year etc etc.

very depressing