Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Proposed Contract.

It's no secret that many of the members are dissatisfied with the proposed UFT contract with the City but should they vote for it next week?  Of course my answer is NO!  However, lets look at the various aspects of the contract.

The Good:
The contract eventually gives us the retroactive pay for the 2009-10 years when Michael Bloomberg failed to follow the "City pattern".  The money owed to its members is significant.  For recent  retirees and members who retires before June 30, 2014 will get all their retroactive pay in one lump sum and have their pensions adjusted for the retroactive raises. All per session and coverage pay will be adjusted as well for the last two years.

The Bad:
All the retroactive raises are deferred and payments will start only in May of 2015 and end in October 2020.  Moreover, the two 4% raises that the union claims they are receiving is really two 3% raises.  See Steve Hiller's  analysis.  Additionally, the loan that we gave the City in not getting the "City pattern" does not include any interest as previously was done.  Further, the union agreed to a "0 raise" for eighteen months and a toatl raise less than the inflation rate. Moreover, the per session pay is only paid for the last two years.   Finally, the teacher evaluation system that requires termination for two "ineffective ratings" remain unchanged as well as no commitment to reduce class sizes.

:The Ugly:
Where do I start?  First, the UFT has agreed to a member "caste system" with diminished due process rights for ATRs and no "mutual consent".  Worse, are the 25% of the ATRs who were charged under 3020-a and found innocent of these termination charges.  The DOE has decided that they don't have to offer these "untouchables" an interview of "provisional appointment".  Shockingly, the union actually approved this attempt to punish the ATRs again.  Second, teachers who resign or are terminated will not get the retroactive raises or payments even when they worked in those years.  Finally, there is no change in the "fair student funding" that has resulted in principals hiring the "cheapest" and not the "best teachers" for their students.



Note:  Here is the updated version of Steve Hiller's analysis 
To see the table,  click the table picture and use view to make it even larger.


Philip Nobile said...

And let's not forget the fugly abandonment of members to the corruption of OSI and SCI investigators. The UFT allows these gumshoes to frame teachers. Then NYSUT lawyers frequently cave during 3020-a hearings and NEVER follow up with perjury complaints against lying principals and witnesses, thus allowing the DOE to continue their malicious prosecutions. Sadly, MORE, ICE, and other activists look the other way as well.

Anonymous said...

A total set up to dump teachers who are part if a "union". No other union would allow their members to be pushed out. Can you see sanitation workers being forced to retire or set up as their route closes and can't go to another route, becoming an ATR sanitation worker? What the hell is going on here? I'm not an ATR but I have about 17 years in. I will be making that top pay one day soon. What happens when I'm actually at 120K per year? A principal is going to take me? And if not, I get released if 2 bozos say I acted weird? I lose it all at that point? Is this correct? I'm supposed to vote yes to this? I have a wife, 3 children, a mortgage, etc like most of you. I wanna see the principal who signs off for me to lose it all. I'd like to see the look on his/her face when I type their name into Google and find their address and show up. It's going to get REAL UGLY!!! This is no joke, things can get outta hand.

Anonymous said...

Our only hope is to vote no on this contract.

The raise isn't what it appears

ATRs will be railroaded into sham 3020A hearings

Throw out Unity shills.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@12:26. If that's what is comes down to, so be it. I will tell you one thing. I wouldn't want to be the principal who signs off for a teacher to lose his or her job. I wouldn't be able to sleep. It's way to easy to seek revenge and at that point what would really matter if you're career is taken from you? These administrators better play this little game smart. There's no shortage of crazed people.

JJ said...

Chaz, we do not get the retro owed to us, if we choose to quit, move, get terminated, etc...That is not guaranteed. How is it possible, if we do any of those things, we don't get the money we already worked for? We have to be in service at time of payout. Also, notice per session got 0 in 09, 10, 11, 12, and then only got 40 cents in 13 and 14.

Anonymous said...

lmaooo I agree with you Anonymous 12:26!

Anonymous said...

I would never look down at sanitation workers, police officers or those working at the fire department.However, can someone explain how those city workers have more rights and protections than a NYC teacher ???
I can explain it OUR UNION SUCKS PERIOD.I am tired of all the bullsht from the media and politicians on how valuable teachers are and then in the next sentence HOW overpaid and underworked we are..look at the facts.... in the teaching profession as soon as you get close to top salary you are seen as INEFFECTIVE or better suited to be an ATR..the DOE and our useless UNION treat ATRs similar to when older folks are placed in nursing homes waiting to die..YES the ATR pool has become the nursing home for teachers who are not ready to die ...thank your union...

Anonymous said...

There's a few interesting comments in here that make sense. I'm not one for revenge, but it's clear that if people making 6 figures supporting their families and have 10 years to go till even thinking about retiring, somehow get "released"?? Wow, look out administrator X!

Anonymous said...

ask around: will the money to fund the "career ladder" (i.e., merit pay...oh, not really) come from the bill and melinda gates foundation? what will they demand as a return on this "investment"?
its not coming from the city.
so uft leadership: where will it come from? certainly the deal has been established for this funding.
mulgrew is a trip.

Another 53 year old ATR said...

To 134,
Are you paid by our union to go to every blog and advertise this contract? Without interest the only thing that can be compounded is a fracture, which is what will happen to our union. There will be 3 separate groups. 1 group will have more rights than the other 2 groups. In what universe is this not a give back? There is not one good thing in this contract. You can capitalize every letter and that doesn't change the facts.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 1:34 pm:

No givebacks?

The contract is allowing expedited 3020A proceedings against ATRs! From accusation to termination in 30 days! Why is our union setting them up?

Anonymous said...

Sad to think, but Mulgrew actually said at the delegate assembly that ATRs will benefit from this contract because they'll get speedy 3020A trials.......? Howie Schoor said the same thing a week later.

No more languishing around in the rubber room, from accusation to unemployment in a matter of days, but only for ATRs.

If you're not an ATR today, you will be! Vote NO!

What a maroon.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the in service thing always part of the contract? I remember last time my friend did not get money because she wasn't on payroll in September.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to this site by one of my teachers. We have a great relationship so if she's reading this, she will know who I am. I'm assuming the individual Chaz is responsible for this blog as I have just read through some of the articles. Entertaining and informative, yet somewhat shocking to read, especially for a principal like myself. Feels nice to write with anonymity. One thing I can truly say is that I made a terrible mistake this year. I hired plenty of first time teachers and inexperienced teachers to say the least. By January, one had left. By April, two more resigned for a total of three. One more is unfit and another will certainly not be coming back. Over the summer I will seek to hire seasoned teachers, not worrying about the price tag. I'd rather have the experience. Good luck to all and best wishes.

Chaz said...

Anon 10:40

Too bad most principals don't seem to care about the students and that's why people like me are being wasted in this useless rotation.

If your school is in Queens and you need a superior Earth Science teacher, then contact me on my email that's listed on my blog.

By the way if you read enough you will see who I am. I don't hide behind "chaz" its just my blogger name

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:34 must be teaching 3 years and thinks that he/she will never be an ATR. Ha!!!! What if your building becomes a co-location? Ha!!! You're naive and haven't been around long enough to know how unfair this contract is. Why do you get a different set of rules than an ATR? We have the same union, the same credentials to be now not the same to be fired?

NYC Educator said...

No givebacks? How is a two-tier due process system that targets ATRs not a giveback?

Another 53 year old ATR said...

Mulgrew, on yesterday's web Q and A, when asked about the ATRs said we were unfairly stereotyped as bad teachers. Then went on to say we will be placed. Then added" teaching is a difficult profession and we're here to help those find a way out into another profession"!
I guess only ATRs are going to get that "help".

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm starting an admin program next week. As teachers, we have no rights. The union is weak. This is the only way I'll be able to still have a job.