Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Great Loss To The Blogosphere. No More Perdido Street School

To my great shock and dismay I read that Perdido Street School is no longer a source of very important education news.  The author Reality Based Educator (RBE) has discontinued his blog and that is a great loss to the education blogosphere.

We bloggers are the voice of the educator and losing one of the best will create a void for the rest of us.  Like RBE, Arthur Goldstein aka nyc educator, encouraged me to start my own blog and it has made me a better and more informative  person.  Perdido Street School was one of the first blog posts I read every day and while I might not always agree with RBE's politics, I highly respect his opinion.  How he can update his blog twice or even three times a day is beyond me.  I have trouble enough updating my blog once every two days.

RBE, you will be greatly missed and we all hope that you reconsider and bless us with your insight and information that we all depend on.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic blog. I read it daily for years. It had tons of items available on no other blog.

It will be missed.