Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Proof That The Graduation Rate Is Bogus.

Since the Bloomberg era the high school graduation rate has steadily increased from 50% in 2000 to 76% in the last school year.  Of course Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio has claimed that their education reforms are making more high school graduates college and career ready.  The truth is far different.  A recent study by the Center For An Urban Future showed that only 22% of CUNY Community College students graduate with an associates degree within three years. The lowest numbers were in the Bronx with only a 16% graduation rate. The report stated the following:

The disappointingly low community college graduation rate clearly demonstrates that the high school graduation rate  does not make the high school graduate ready for the adult world. The report includes the following paragraph that peopple should take notice.
 These low college completion rates are particularly troubling at a time when a college credential has become the floor to achieving economic success. Indeed, 20 of the 25 fastest-growing occupations in the city that pay over $50,000 annually require a college degree.7 Citywide, the average working adult with only a high school diploma earns 32 percent less annually than a worker with an associate’s degree ($27,259 a year versus $36,101) and less than half the earnings of a New Yorker with a bachelors degree ($54,939).

The poor community college graduation rate of 22% is an improvement from the 13% in 2008  but still that leaves 78% who don't graduate college in a reasonable time.  The three neighborhoods with the lowest percentage of Bachelor degrees are Mott Haven (9%), Brownsville (11%) and Soundeview (12%),  Manhattan has the highest percentage at 60% and the Bronx the lowest at 19%.

The bottom line with almost 8 out of 10 nyc high school graduates unprepared for higher education, one must question the high school graduation rate and the diploma mills that are many of our high schools.


waitingforsupport said...

This will help the USA become less of a leader in the world simply because educrats prefer fake news. Cutting off thy nose to spite thy face. Dumb azz. ..

Anonymous said...

This is a surprise? These grads can't read or write. Bring back Voc Ed schools. They make a lot more money than most college grads.

Anonymous said...

We're already planting the seeds into our third grader about becoming an electrician, plumber or carpenter. Both my wife and I are teachers. When people here about this, they either think its great or they give us a look of shock as if we're already taking the hope of higher education away from him as a third grader. I'd never deny giving my child any opportunity, but the truth is many of today's graduates are entering their 20's without book smarts or common everyday "hand smarts" if you will. They'd look awkward using a drill or using a hammer to drive in a nail. Heaven forbid they know how to put up a simple piece of drywall to some studs. Everyone is going to college. Most of the kids I teach go to Community Colleges and don't last much - a year or a year and a half wasted. Money down the drain. No skills whatsoever. They know how to text though and walk with their head down. If my child has "it" when the time comes and wants higher education, he'll get it. But as I said at the start of the post, I've put that seed into his head about electricians and all the other jobs that for some reason no one ever talks about anymore. The DOE would be wise to the same.

Anonymous said...

How can NYC students possibly be better off these days with clueless - and I do mean clueless - cupcake 22 year old teachers forced to teach classes that:
1. They know nill about since their license is in another discipline in many cases
2. The cupcake teachers have no classroom management experience consequently most class rooms are a noisy living hell filled with kids running a muck, slapping, talking loud, phone use and other while there is no repercussions with the clueless teacher
3. ATR teachers being held in the bull pen not utilizing due to political bs causing more students to underachieve.
4. Clueless DOE instead of taking care of their people they are harassing people. Da, DOE, a happy work force is a productive work force but DOE clueless.

Anonymous said...

The truth will always come out.
For example.When I first taught 30 years ago an a
student needs 65% right to earn a 65 on an Algebra
regents. Since Bloomberg a student needs 33% right
to earn a 65 on an Algebra regents. Now you can
guess your way to pass an Algebra regents. I'm suprised I
have to pass a student and the student can graduate not knowing 3rd
grade Math, just by passing the Algebra regents.

Anonymous said...

8:49 makes a good point. When I went to school, all my teachers were in the 30-60 age range. All of them. From KG to HS my average teacher was about 40ish. They knew their stuff and ran tight ships. In all that time I only had two teachers I would classify as hopeless or buffoons or even out-of-touch. I listened to their lectures, worked in workbooks, did their book reports, etc. Everything worked out fine. Of course I also had a dad at home who threatened to beat me into next week if I ever failed a class.

There was no talk of college in my poverty-stricken home. No special programs at school existed for poor, clueless white boys to get on a career track. No support. I never met with a guidance counselor. I went to college by accident, literally, and paid my way through multiple jobs. No scholarships, grants or loans.

Now I am a teacher, and have been for more than a decade, again by accident. It amazes me all the 22-25 year olds that pass through my school. They come in brainwashed by their liberal professors and lack basic content knowledge. They are all fired up by the Freedom Writers MYTH and think they will save the little brown ones from those older racist white teachers. Their arrogance is beyond the pale.

I ignore them, smile at them and pity them as they are chewed up by their students and have breakdowns because their magic isn't working. Teaching is a tough gig, and age and experience are definitely a plus, though not in the eyes of admins who only see dollar signs on their budget. We will be replaced by teaching robots in 20 years. South Korea already has them. Then the 22 year olds can make money cleaning our houses in our retirement.

Anonymous said...

8:49, you forgot to add that if the clueless cupcake 22 year old teachers would DARE to try and tell the students talking loud, running around the classroom, using a phone or anything else outside of sitting in their seat and taking notes (no more note taking---they get xeroxed sheets with the notes now!) to please sit down and take out their notebooks, put away the phones, be quiet, any normal classroom thing as veterans know it--they'd find themselves up on charges of verbal abuse or some such. That's how bad it it. You're putting warm bodies in front of out of control students and tying their hands to do anything about it---if they even knew how to do it. So what kind of sterling results can one expect? Students now know that if they keep up the disruptive routine in class, they won't have to listen to a lesson. They certainly won't pass any tests over the material (and the little cupcake teacher then decides they have to be "nice" and let them take tests over and stuff like that), and comes time to derive grades from no work or very low level work, then what? Grade honestly and get the wrath of the higher ups or fail those who deserve to fail?

And then we spew forth 18-20 (!) year olds who are illiterate, can't add past the number of digits on their hands, couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag and are probably high all day, touting them as "graduates" of a NYC high school. It's a no-brainer why they can't make it in college. It's almost cruel to put them in an atmosphere where their out of control classroom routines won't cut it---the prof will summarily toss them out of the room where they are talking, playing with their phone or otherwise disrupting the class. The bad habits they were allowed to develop in high school will not serve them well, so they drop out rather than try hard to better themselves. It isn't in them. This is the end result of liberal progressive educational practices--->FAILURE.

Anonymous said...

Principals like Dwarka also likes to change grades.

Anonymous said...

Fake news, fake grades, fake Regents Scoring charts, fake funding, fake grades. The swamp thrives on these delicacies of fraud. Thus, Politicians like Bloomberg, De Blasio and their ilk will to claim improved , but fake graduation rates. The main casualties from all this fraud are both civil society and the truth.

Anonymous said...