Saturday, December 16, 2017

Teacher Classroom Supplies Deduction Retained By The New Tax Plan.

The GOP tax plan, will probably be signed next week and become law for the 2018 year and beyond.  This is bad news for people who live in high tax states like New York since only $10, 000 can be deducted from local property raxes or State and Local income taxes.  In the NYC suburbs property taxes alone usually exceed $10,000 alone.  Many New Yorker's pay about 7% in State taxes and if a New York City resident, then add an extra 4%.  Its not uncommon for a New York City teacher who lives in the area to have over $20,000 of combined property and State and Local taxes.

However, there is one feature that the GOP tax plan remains unchanged, that is the $250 deduction given to teachers for classroom supplies.  While the average teacher spends $530 for their classroom and in high poverty areas its $672.  The teacher deduction at least helps to reduce the financial burden for teachers to supply classroom materials to their students.

While the GOP tax plan is an overall negative for education, at least the tax plan retains the teacher deduction for classroom supplies.


Anonymous said...

Very Important week coming up Chaz.
Hope everyone on here has their gifts ready for their administrators.

Morm : #7

Anonymous said...

We live in high tax states because we are run by democrats who create high cost social safety nets that encourage sloth and people sitting on their couches all day instead of working.

It is no surprise we pay so much in taxes when you see all the millions of welfare (and the fraudsters) lounging around in the parks, on the streets and everywhere else when the rest of us are at work.

I want to bring back the Captain smith rule: "Those who do not work shall not eat."

Then our taxes can go down.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, I teach adults who are working towards their GED. I work for the state-can I take the deduction?

Chaz said...

I believe you can since its for teachers as an occupation.