Sunday, December 10, 2017

The 300 Member Negotiating Committee Is Only A Fig Leaf.

Our union leadership is organizing a 300 member negotiating committee to help with the next contract that starts in November of 2018.  However, if past history is a lesson, the 300 member negotiating committee is simply a fig leaf as the real negotiations will be dictated by a select group of our union leadership who cares little about what the rank and file wants.

Anybody who believes that our union leadership will listen to the 300 member negotiating committee's recommendations, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn t sell you.  Moreover, when it comes to pay raises, the UFT will be subject to "collective bargaining" and since DC37 is presently negotiating with the City on a three year contract with very modest's a safe bet that whatever DC37 settles for will also be applicable to the UFT.  Finally, the State unions are getting 2% raises and that will also factor into the final contract the UFT negotiates with the City.

The bottom line, I expect a two or three year contract with modest raises of between 1.5% and 2% yearly and hopefully,  no "givebacks". Presently, the City has a surplus while the State has a budget deficit and can afford to give us higher rises but  won't.  I would be shocked if the total UFT contract raises exceed 4% for two years or 6% for three. Let's hope that the small raises will not have to be self funded by increased health care co pays or other "givebacks".


Anonymous said...

No givebacks sounds OK but what about the other issues?

Are you going to be part of the 300?

Anonymous said...


The UFT has decide to negotiate for a 1% per year pay raise in exchange for 12 observations
per year. Also a $500 signing bonus. Teachers, you should be happy you have a job. The city is broke and this is a contract is the best thing since sliced bread.

Chaz said...

Anon 1:57


Anonymous said...

The city is far from broke. We, including teachers are paying very high taxes.

55/25 said...

2:45 The city is broke? I don’t think so. It has a surplus now! Finance is its largest source of tax dollars and the stock market has been going through the roof. These are great conditions for the UFT to get us an above average contract, hopefully a long term one. The time is now!

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the money - get rid of staying late Monday and Tuesday. That's enough of a raise for me. Shit I'd give up two summer days to be done with those soul sapping bullshit hours. Those PD bastards are getting rich off it, while I have two classes of forty and three of thirty four. I had one lady tell us how horribly dressed we all were and berate us for close to two hours - the principal's sorority sister.

Anonymous said...

I do want a signing bonus, and the elimination of danielsons.

Anonymous said...

I'd MUCH rather have the PD then going back to the small group tutoring that we had to do during Monday and Tue. I too don't care about the money. i just want a sane evaluation system. The Danielson/4 observations is a nightmare and needs to go. Change that I will be a happy camper!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that the admins themselves would want less observations, less work for them? Agreed! Dump Danielson! Forced meetings and school parties need to go as well!

Anonymous said...


The city is not broke. You must either be mulgrew or Amy Arundell.

I would take no raise if it meant going back to an 8-220 day Monday to Friday.

These mondays and tuesdays screwed any teacher who commutes from the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

I want the defeatist attitude to end now! Rank and file stop crying and UNITE! We the UFT have so many important issues to discuss!

Being part of the 300 just could be a start to the changes we want to see!

Do not surrender before the fight has even started!

This is NOT the tradition of our union!

UFT stand up and stand strong now!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m willing to forgo any raises for 3-5 years in exchange for the following:

1. Right to retire and collect after 20 years of service (like uniformed services)

2. Seniority Transfer Rights

3. 2 observations/ year - and removal of Danielson MOTP and MOSL

Anonymous said...

Wow, if you don't know 2:45 is kidding then it's no wonder we get abused so much.

Anonymous said...

Love and kisses to 9:25!
Happy Holidays to all!

Anonymous said...

A Uft rep came to where I am assigned. He was asked about the contract.

It seems the Uft is only really concerned with more money.

They don’t want to change the Monday and tuesdays and don’t care how it has greatly impacted the membership.

This rep said ‘the only way that will change will be if we take less money’.

I would take less for better working conditions but since 65-70 Pct of teachers are under 35, that won’t happen.

FYI. I’m 38 and I feel like a dinosaur w these millennial liberal teachers who are anti union.

This rep also said the doe won’t release accurate atr data