Thursday, December 14, 2017

Safe Schools? Yeah Right! - Part 3.

 The Bill de Blasio/Carmen Farina narrative that our schools are safe has been shown to ring hollow.  Weapon confiscations have skyrocketed and staff and students feel more unsafe.  Previously I wrote posts about the school safety issue and you can find it Here and Here.

Now NY1  has an article about safety transfers and found that the official numbers were disturbing and the article believes it was severely under counted.  According to the article the top five schools that had the most safety transfers were as follows:

DeWitt Clinton..........................20
Life Science Secondary HS.........18
Bronx Leadership Academy........17
Abraham Lincoln.......................17
Health Opportunities HS............14 

Remember, to even apply for a safety transfer the student and or parent must actually file a police report.

But the transfer numbers provided to NY1 do not tell the whole story. In the 2015-2016 year, students had to produce a police report showing they were the victim of a crime just to request a transfer.

Therefore, many students who are bullied, subject to gang violence, or who have been physically or verbally assaulted, keep it to themselves and never report the danger to the school administration, police, or their parents.    

After the stabbing and death of a student at the Urban Assembly School For Wildlife Conservation High School in the Bronx.  Up to 30 student asked for a safety transfer at the school.  How many will actually get on.e?  According to the DOE, all of them, we will see if that turns out to  be true Since the school stabbing and killing happened in the 2017-18 school year, it was not included in the NY1 article.

Until Bill de Blasio and Carmen Farina confront the truth the schools are increasingly unsafe, students will be asking for safety transfers as they refuse to be bullied, subject to gang violence, and physically threatened with little corrective actions from school administration.


Anonymous said...

What about teacher safety transfers? Is this still part of the UFT contract?

Anonymous said...

There are many dangerous schools in NYC, especially in poor areas. Many teachers are getting assaulted. No one cares - bottom line. When someone gets killed the DOE rushes in and puts in metal detectors. Then the UFT comes out with some idiotic slogan against whatever is perceived to be the problem. I can't wait to stop paying dues - it's robbery, they do zilch for anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

a young girl was stabbed at the richard green cluster of stupid producing warehouses on barnes ave in the bronx a few years back. the next day the police set up a perimeter around campus using both police and towers. everyday after school many walking dumb would yell at the police some would throw things at the towers. my point is violence is something "these" fools live with and admire in society. they act like animals and they have (lack of role models) that just take and never give and we are supposed to change that how?

Anonymous said...

Just check out the lyrics and general tone of much of rap music...the business of America is business...children be damned.

Anonymous said...

I work at Bronx Leadership Academy High School. On Monday, our student was stabbed at the bus stop at school dismissal.We had metal detectors for a day.