Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Courts Throw Out Charter Schools Weakened Teacher Certifiction Plan.

A New York State court ruled that the Success Academy Teacher Certification requirements would result in inexperienced and unqualified teachers to be in the classroom and enjoined the charter network to proceed with their teacher evaluation plan for next year.

The reason that the carter network wanted the weakened teacher certification plan was their inability to recruit and retain state certified teachers.  High teacher turnover is a major problem for charter schools as long hours, lack of "due process" and inferior benefits make teachers leave for the public schools.  Moreover, the charter schools have a difficult job in recruiting certified teachers in the first place.

Presently, only 15% of the teaching staff in charter schools can be uncertified, and the charter schools have a difficult time attracing certified teachers and that's why the charter schools wanted the weakened teacher certification system.

The court decision can be found Here.


Anonymous said...

The warts will be coming big time on moskowitch face now. The scorned woman will no doubt be working the phones now to see how she is going to recruit all these teachers!! This is great news and justifies the fact that the charter movement is dead.

Moskowitch should join the UFT and allow all her staff to join the UFT as well. This way, moskowitch can keep the warts in check, her schools will not only have teachers but they will have superior teachers - we the ones from the good ole UFT. Peace and thank you courts I just love the visual of moskowitch pulling the warts off the face and pulling her hair screaming as she is the biggest psycho path in education today - not my opinion but a general condenses of former teachers who actually "taught" at success charter scam schools.

Anonymous said...

Anony 1:02 p.m., I'd hardly say that the charter movement is dead.

According to a NY Post article of 6/1918, "...The demand for city charter schools has hit a record high with 79,000 applications for the upcoming school year.

That’s up from 73,000 last year and 54,000 in 2011, according to the New York City Charter School Center.

“With the number of applicants hitting another record high, there is no doubt that demand for public charter schools is growing,” said Charter Center CEO James Merriman.

An analysis found that 52,700 applicants ended up on waiting lists — up roughly 5,000 from the prior year..."

Exactly where is Mosky gonna find qualified teachers for this number of students, now that the courts have demanded tougher standards for them? I, for one, won't lose any sleep about it.

Anonymous said...

Courts should also throw these Charter Schools as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4 40
I hear your reply to the issue that the charter school movement is dead because the NY Post said so. I guess I was wrong because the NY Post is such a marvel of journalism ethics and the guiding light for us all.