Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Paid Family Leave Starts Next Year For The United University Professionals, The First Publi Sector Union To Negotiate It In Their Contract.

The first paid family leave contract was negotiated by the United University Professional (UUP), which included a 2% annual raise for the six years of the contract.   The paid family leave negotiated by the union is more generous than the State's paid family leave for businesses.

The State required paid family leave consists of up to eight weeks and the employee gets 50% of his or her average weekly wage which is capped at $652.96, whichever is less.  The $652.96 value is 50% of the State's average weekly wage.  The State plan is fully funded by payroll deductions equal to 0.126% of an employee's weekly wage. The maximum annual contribution is capped at $85.56 for this year.

The UUP negotiated family leave contract is more generous.   UUP members will receive 55% of their weekly wages up to ten weeks of paid leave, starting in July of 2019.  This will increase to 67% of the employee's average weekly wage and 12 weeks of paid family leave by July of 2021.  The paid family benefit and salary increases, along with minor improvements for adjunct professors who, for pension purposes,  work at the universality will now count as a full day instead of the hours worked,. the contract was negotiated without the union giving any concessions or deductions..

Hopefully, our union can learn from the UUP contract and at least negotiate a similar family leave contract and a 2% annual raise without any "givebacks".  This  should be the minimum our union should accept from the City.


Anonymous said...

Our union will say the cupboard is bare and offer ten observations for all 22 Danielson's domains with a 50% increase in medical copays and the firing of all ATRS!

Anonymous said...

Really annoyed at "paid family leave"! If it is an option for teachers who want to pay into a plan that is OK.

If it turns into something we all have to pay for I am not for it at all!

Let teachers get decent raises and we can figure out our own family leave!!!

TJL said...

5:29, I agree in principle, but just for instance, AFLAC doesn't sell insurance for family leave (and the short-term disability is only available through an employer).

Similarly I'd love to have the option to get paid the value of our GHI health plan and buy my own on the free market, but at least as of right now a (true) free market for health care doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to CAR days?

Shady said...

The 2 issues I see:

1. United University Professionals are treated like professionals and are not being tortured.

2. Teachers are not treated like professionals and are being tortured which makes more teachers likely to take the paid family leave. A couple of my male teacher friends have already looked into getting pregnant to attempt to take time off.

Anonymous said...

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Arslan said...

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