Saturday, March 30, 2019

My Vote In The UFT Election

In the UFT election I voted for the person and not the caucus and that meant that I spent an hour  picking and choosing.  Here are my selections for the power positions on the ballot.

President:  Lydia Howrilka of the Solidarity Caucus

Lydia Howrilka  is a tireless worker and has made the Solidarity caucus relevant and no longer a one man show.  She was rubber roomed because she stood up for her rights and was discontinued before winning in Court and received a new position at another school.

By contrast, present UFT President Micheal Mulgrew is disconnected and arrogant.  He rather suck up to the Mayor and the Chancellor than give his members an adequate raise. The MORE candidate does not reflect UFT membership with MORE turning sharply left with it's Socialist/Communist social justice philosophy.

Executive Board: Arthur Goldstein and Micheal Shirtzer UNITY caucus and Johnathan Halabi New Action caucus. All three have demonstrated their ability to effectively advocate for the members and I'm proud to call them friends.

Secretary: Francesco Portelos Solidarity caucus.

Treasurer: James Calantjis Solidarity caucus.

I also voted for Janella Hinds  of UNITY for High School Academic Vice President and Michael Sill of UNITY for Assistant Secretary.  In addition, I voted for Jay Werner of Solidarity for Assistant Treasurer and Jia Lee of MORE for the Special Education position.

Obviously, for the useless and patronage delegate positions, I only selected the candidates I knew.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz, is there a way to report admins abusing per session. If you go to seethrougny you can see everyone's salary and per session. Some admins are clocking 20k extra in per session. what a fing one is watching this at all....Also how does someone get a job at the UFT or position. some of those idiots are making 150k with doe salary. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I was a teacher for 30 years. Every election I would urge people to vote for any one but Michael Mulgrew. No one would listen. They would complain about paper work, observation reports, harassment and disrespectful students.But they would continue to vote for Mulgrew. Now that I am retired I want people to vote for Michael Mulgrew. I want people to continue to suffer under his regime. Things have gotten much worse over the past several years. And with Micheal Mulgrew in charge the abuse of teachers will continue. So go ahead and vote for Michael Mulgrew. I am retired so I no longer care. In fact I want to see the abuse continue. I am retired.

Anonymous said...

Mike Sill?! Really!l?? The ATR representative ghost in the UFT machine. Nice guy but COMPLETELY incompetent. If you gave me 10k I wouldn’t vote for him. I now realize Amy wasn’t that bad.

Anonymous said...

Really? I don't like Mulgrew but Lydia is arrogant and a know it all. Is she even a tenured teacher? Please. And her buddy is a trouble maker.

Anonymous said...

let me be the first to congratulate Michael Mulgrew on his UFT victory.

Anonymous said...

This post does not reflect well upon the character of the author. He was wise to post anonymously so only he knows

Anonymous said...

Anyone voting for the Unity slate is voting for all the mishigas and betrayals from the union that Chaz is writing about.